Chapter 104: I got you now, you bastard! (1)

Ju-Heon's eyes opened wide.

He was hearing the suspicious voices of artifacts coming from Yoo Jaeha's restoration room.

It was not just one artifact. There were quite a few of them chatting inside the room.

Most of them were mumbling like the rope where he could not understand, but there were some voices that were clear as Anubis's voice.

[This is how you make money while lying down!]

Ju-Heon's face turned vicious after hearing that familiar voice.

‘That bastard.’

Ju-Heon started to walk toward the restoration room. However, the excited voices inside continued to chat away even as Ju-Heon got closer.

The voices were very loud. The decibel was usually low even though they usually chatted, but something must have happened inside to get them excited.

Wow, even Rafael and that bastard Robin Hood are sponsoring!

Confucius sent more money!

We're rich! We're number 1 right now!

[See, I told you we’d make money in our sleep if you listened to me!]

But at that moment!


“What the hell are you guys doing?”

Ju-Heon charged into the room with a vicious blizzard around him.
The inside of the room that had been full of cheers had turned into pandemonium.

It made sense as Ju-Heon's Dominance, as he charged into the room, went beyond a level any of them could ever imagine.


The chaotic Dominance was vicious and rough enough to destroy every artifact inside the room.

Because of that…


The artifacts that had been gathered together on the bed started to run away in shock.
Most of them were tool-types such as ink, fountain pen, or knife so they flailed around before falling off the bed while the ones who were capable of transforming ran away to hide inside trash cans or the closet.

Yoo Jaeha who was munching on a chicken leg and enjoying a break ran over in shock.

“C, Captain-nim? Did something happen?”
“Did something happen? It looks like these shitheads gather together and pull some bullshit whenever you're not here.”
“Excuse me?!”

But the only thing left inside the room was Yoo Jaeha's regular art tools.

Yoo Jaeha’s restoration artifact must have been an accomplice with the others as it had gone into hiding long ago.

However, Ju-Heon viciously started to speak to the artifacts.

“So, you shitheads used my novel for your benefit?”

He heard some mumbling as soon as he said that.

What the hell, how did he find out?

I don’t know, just feign ignorance. There’s no way a human would know anything.

Humans can’t understand us anyway.

The veins on Ju-Heon's neck started to show as his Dominance exploded.

“Get your asses out now while I'm speaking nicely!”

Mommy, I'm going to die like this!

The scared artifacts quickly gathered to the center of the room.

It was shameful to listen to a human, but Ju-Heon’s Dominance was transcending anything they could ever dream of.

Yoo Jaeha was so amazed that he stopped eating after seeing the artifacts quickly gather together with movements that could usually only be seen in the military.

He was always getting beaten up by the artifacts but apparently they were capable of acting like this too.

But Ju-Heon looked like a scary ghost as he started to speak to the numerous artifacts.

“Who is responsible for this? Which of you shitheads started all of this?”

The artifacts all peeked toward a direction as if they all agreed on it in advance. But they were looking at artifacts Ju-Heon would have never expected, the Gold axe Silver axe!

Ju-Heon was shocked.

‘Gold axe Silver axe? Those twin bastards?’

However, the two artifacts were shocked and quickly looked elsewhere as if to say they were not responsible.

The bastard among the artifacts who was trying to run away was caught.

And as expected……

[Y, yes. It was me. So what?! What about it?!]

It was Xu Fu's artifact, the high-grade artifact used to awaken the Herb of Eternal Youth.

Ju-Heon started to frown at the bastard who was acting as if he had been wronged.

“You damn worm, how dare you act like you did nothing wrong.”

[Ugh, ugh.]

The worm was ruthlessly stepped on by Ju-Heon.

“Furthermore, hey worm. Why are you in Japan? You should be with the Herb of Eternal Youth the farmers are growing.”

This was the situation. He had already fused Xu Fu’s artifact inside the Herb of Eternal Youth's pot.
This bastard needed to stick to the Herb of Eternal Youth and do his job for the Herb of Eternal Youth to continue bearing fruit.

But the worm that should be in the New York penthouse with the farmers was in Japan, doing what?

The worm screamed from under Ju-Heon's foot as if he had a lot to say as well.

[Why else?! You damn human bastard! You make me work but don’t pay me at all! I'm not running away because you are my partner, but this is exploitation, you bastard!]

“What bullshit are you talking about? We're giving you the precious pearls that number 1 is making. They should have been giving them to you in bulk once a week.”

[Shut up! You scammer!]

The worm got angry for some reason.

[Those pearls are all fake! Don’t think I don't know that, you bastard!]

Ju-Heon peeked toward Yoo Jaeha after hearing that.

‘Were you found out?’ It was an annoyed gaze.

Yoo Jaeha who understood the meaning behind his gaze smiled bitterly.

“Of course I was found out! Those pearls disappear after a while!”

This was the situation. Yoo Jaeha who had high Fit with art-type artifacts was able to draw out the Venus's artifact's hidden ability, ‘Pearl Creation’.

However, Yoo Jaeha’s base disposition was in scamming…

So everything that was created like that disappeared after a while.

They were all fake goods.

That was why he had expected it to not last very long when he promised to pay the worm with the pearls.

But Ju-Heon clicked his tongue, as if to why he got caught so quickly.

He would have had a lot of money if Jaeha managed to drag it out a little longer.

The worm was huffing.

[Anyway, I had to do this to make money since you don't pay me, you bastard! Pay me!]

“Shut up. And hand over all the money you made.”

[I refuse, you bastard! It’s my money!]

“Oh? Looks like all of you need to be exploded together as a group to return to yours senses?”

The other artifacts gasped and looked toward the worm after Ju-Heon said he would hold them all responsible.

The worm tried to ignore them, but the other artifacts shouted at the worm in fear.

Just hand it over! Hand it over!

Tell him you were wrong!

The worm sniffled and started to glow.

[You cheap and terrible devil-like bastard!]

Something amazing started to happen at the same time.


An exorbitant amount of gold, silver, jewels, and items that seemed as if they would have significant historical value started to pour out.


The artifacts around the world seemed to have sent over their master’s goods.

“H, holy crap, what is all this?!”

The money had dollars, yens, pounds, and other currencies while the items were enough to start a museum of his own.
All of this seemed to be worth over hundred billion won!

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue in shock.

‘How much did these shitheads take from the other artifacts?’

“Wow, shit, the whole room is filled!”

Yoo Jaeha gasped while Ju-Heon started to smirk.

‘I thought things useless to humans would come out since he was charging the artifacts.’

But would you look at this?

Not only that… There were many items Ju-Heon had never seen before. Weird powders, liquids, ores, and even food that artifacts would probably enjoy.

They were all unique things that could not be found on Earth.

Were they maybe ingredients for tombs?

‘Do these bastards create tombs using manual labor?’

It didn’t matter.

‘Anyway, it should be interesting to sell these things.’

Something among the things Ju-Heon had never seen before caught his eyes.


It was a small orb that seemed to have Toombglyphs on it. It was giving off a strong aura and seemed to be quite precious.

"What is this?”

All of the artifacts unexpectedly flinched.

They seemed scared that an important secret of the artifacts would be revealed to a human.

Why did that bastard have to get that thing……!

That should have been hard to find so how did this bastard……!

[D, don’t touch it! It is something very important for artifacts!]

Ju-Heon, who naturally did not miss the change in atmosphere, smiled wickedly.

“Oho? Really? What is it?”

A few minutes later…

There was a bloodied worm squirming on the ground. The artifacts nearby were going, ‘Self-destruct. Self-destruct.’
‘What a cruel human bastard!’

They were shaking in fear.

Ju-Heon who turned the worm this way calmly asked again.

“So, you're saying that this orb-like lump of aura is an artifact’s core?”

[Y, yes sir. That is the truth.]

“No wonder I felt the aura of an artifact on it.”

Yes. The orb was an ‘artifact’s core.’

It was similar to an artifact’s soul. It was the thing that gave it life.

The worm was squirming as it revealed one of the artifacts’ secrets.

[You are able to take it out of any destroyed artifact’s body, sir. ……But that one seems to only be a C-Grade soul……]

Ju-Heon was amazed.

Was it because it was in the shape of a lump of aura instead of a tool?

Even he could not tell it was C-Grade by looking at it.

‘Mm, either way, I guess there are cores inside artifacts.’

This was quite precious information. He should be able to take the core out and use it for his benefit.

At that moment… He heard Yoo Jaeha start to scream.

“Aaaah, what the hell?! Captain-nim!”
“What is it?”
“You're getting flooded with love calls. You're getting mail from Pandora and numerous countries.”

Ju-Heon scoffed at him.

“I know. I'm getting a ton of calls every day. They’re probably trying to get their hands on the artifact from one of the 7 Great Tombs. It’s obvious they're trying to at least get information about the artifact since they don't know what it is.”
“Ah…… Now that you mention it, it felt like some people were keeping an eye on our place as well, what are you planning on doing? It’ll be difficult to contract with Nero like this…”

He still needed to do that literary battle or whatever to make Nero submit and contract with him.

‘Well, a promise with a stupid item… I could just ignore it and sell it off, but……’

Ju-Heon was concerned about the message he saw when he gained Nero.

[You have earned one of the seven Majesty's keys.]

That was what the message windows had said. But Ju-Heon had been confused after seeing that.

The fact that there were seven of them must mean that they were talking about the 7 Great Tombs, and the keys were probably the artifacts from these 7 Great Tombs.

But Majesty?

‘Artifacts have royalty too?’

Well, it didn’t matter. The only thing he was certain about was that Nero would call out artifacts he’s connected with while running wild in this literary battle or whatever. He was an Emperor who loved to boast, so he’d call out his servant artifacts or whatever.

‘I can swipe all of those as well.’

But the dangers of having it stolen would increase with so many eyes on him.

‘But it’s not my style to hide around…’

“Hmm, it is annoying so I do need to get these hyenas away from me……”

Yoo Jaeha smiled wickedly after hearing that.

“Captain-nim, I have a pretty good idea.”
“I’ll beat you up if you say some bullshit again.”
“Aww come on, it’s for real this time! It'll be ‘a kill two birds with one stone’ type where you can make a lot of money and take care of the hyenas at the same time!”
“Oh? Okay, then tell me about it.”

Yoo Jaeha then started to smile like a scammer Ju-Heon had seen in the past.

“Let’s sell a fake to them.”

Ju-Heon snorted.

“Sounds interesting, but your fakes disappear after a day. There's no way they would fall for……”
“No! That’s only if I copy the abilities as well. Copying just the appearance will make it last a long time.”
“Copy just the appearance? Then what about the contents?”

Yoo Jaeha smirked and started to shake the orb around.

Yoo Jaeha who had learned about the artifact orb's abilities had used his head.

“We copy just the outer shell of this laurel wreath and throw this core inside to create a fake artifact from the 7 Great Tombs that won't disappear. They might know what it looks like because of the people who saw it, but they won't know what's inside.”

Ju-Heon could contract with the real Nero's artifact while the others were all distracted by the fake.
‘Then I can quickly aim for the next of the 7 Great Tombs as well.’

Ju-Heon started to chuckle at his subordinate who was showing that he was growing.

‘How fitting of the future Monarch of Fraud.’

However, Ju-Heon was the boss of that scammer.

“Fine. Then let’s keep all of the artifact users who gather for it imprisoned inside an artifact. Then it should be easier to loot the next tomb without anyone bothering me, right?”

The sharp Jaeha quickly started to run his mouth.
“Wow, this sir is trying to imprison perfectly fine people! Anyway, please give me a ton of incentives if it succeeds.”

Ju-Heon quickly started to write a post in the artifact forum that had been created since Pandora's party.

The message was simple!

[I am selling the artifact I gained from Kyoto's tomb.]

These scammers shamelessly added on as well.

[Ah, this artifact seems to be Julius Caesar's artifact. The bidding will start from $500,000,000!]

‘Now let’s see how many people bite the bait.’

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