Chapter 103: Annoying, everything is annoying! (4)

Ju-Heon and Yoo Jaeha disappeared with a flash of light.

They had left the tomb with Nero's artifact.

The tomb lost power and started to crumble once its master had left.

Was that the reason? Julian, the artifact user ranked third on Pandora’s warning list, became anxious as an earthquake happened.
There was a simple reason for it.

‘Wait, he swiped the artifact without even clearing the tomb?’

This was an abnormal tomb clearance.

No, this couldn't even be called clearing it at all.

It made sense an exit did not appear as the tomb wasn’t cleared!

‘Damn it.’

It truly meant that Ju-Heon just swiped the artifact and escaped.

Julian who had instantly gotten stuck after coming into the tomb for no reason got a headache.
‘I need to hurry up and get out.’

However, Julian could not ignore the numerous people who had fainted on the ground.

‘I have no choice.’

He took out a wine bottle.

[Golden Horned King and Silver Horned King’s Purple Gold Red Gourd (Gourd-shaped bottle) SS-Grade: Divine-Grade]

“Alright, suck them in without hurting them.”

This was an artifact from the Journey to the West that Ju-Heon would be extremely greedy for if he saw it.

Of course, it could not go against Julian’s Dominance and saved the people without any complaints.


It had sucked up all of the unconscious people.

Julian then used Zhuge Kongming's artifact to find a path and escape. But he couldn’t help but click his tongue at the fact that Ju-Heon got away.

‘Seo Ju-Heon, I came here because I was concerned, but…’

Honestly speaking, Julian was planning on withdrawing from here.


‘The way he blasted his way through the entrance when nobody else could…that man is stronger than I thought.’

Julian was subconsciously chasing after Ju-Heon.

As someone with the ability to analyze artifact users, his eyes could clearly see it.

He could see the level of the artifact users.

If a number system was to be used, the average artifact users would get 40 - 50 points, while the people he saw in Pandora would average in the mid-to-late 80.

But Ju-Heon was over 90 points.

There was no way he could not be concerned.

He had never seen someone record that high of a level.
‘Well, it’s not like there weren’t anybody who was close to 90, but……’

The reason he had planned on working with Chairman Kwon was because he thought there would be a good amount of give and take since Chairman Kwon’s points were much higher than average, at 91.

Even if it was only a small difference, Ju-Heon was stronger than Chairman Kwon?

It was understandable that it caught his interest. It was similar to how the athletes in the Olympic world ranking would pay attention to their talented rivals.

That wasn’t the only thing…

‘There was also the thing about how he seemed to know a lot about my sister……and how he tried to stop me from working for Chairman Kwon.’

There were many reasons that man caught his attention.

‘Most importantly, that crow’s protection is concerning.’

The aura of the crow surrounding Ju-Heon was not normal.

It felt like an Evil God, a predator who preyed on its fellow artifacts. It’s nature was clearly different from the other artifacts.


‘It was the scent of the predatory artifact I smelled on my sister’s corpse.’

Could Ju-Heon be related to his sister’s death?

But at that moment…

“Ugh, aren't you that famous strategist?”

The members of the other excavation teams, who were brought out of the wine bottle after he came out of the tomb, recognized him. However, they found it odd that Julian had saved them.

“Why would you save us who are your rivals……”
“And you should have known how to clear this tomb, so why did you withdraw earlier?”

‘Why else?’ Julian was able to tell what this tomb's trial would be even without going in thanks to Zhuge Kongming's artifact. He naturally knew how to clear it as well.

That method was so loathsome that he was planning on withdrawing.

"What? Even the Arabs couldn't get it? Seo Ju-Heon took it?!”

Austin Rockefeller who heard the situation from his secretary was going nuts.

‘That bastard.’

Austin had quite a bit of hate for Ju-Heon after being choked by that damn rope and losing both the artifact of evangelism and van Gogh's painting to Ju-Heon.

That was why he had coordinated with the radical Arab terrorists for this excavation.

The usually rational Austin started to shout into his phone.

“That’s different from what we discussed! And why the hell did they have to lose it to him?! I even told them how to clear the tomb, those retards!”

It wasn’t enough that they lost one of the 7 Great Tombs’ artifacts to Seo Ju-Heon, what else happened?

“And then they were rescued by the Zhuge Kongming or whatever bastard? What the hell did they do right to come out of that tomb alive?! They should have just died inside!”

‘Those chumps weren’t worth the money.’

“That Ali or whatever. I'm sure that man didn't send good people. It was a total scam of a deal.”

He was extremely angry. And although Austin didn't know this, the person he made a deal with this time was unfortunately the religious leader who would become the Monarch of Evangelism in the future.

He was the Avesta Sacred Text's original owner. Ju-Heon had that artifact now, but he was a strong artifact user who had become one of the Four Emperors. That person was stealthily building his forces in the desert.
“You got that? Deliver this message to him properly. Tell him that I will tell the US about the existence of his organization if he scams us like this again. Tell him to take care of Seo Ju-Heon and bring back the artifact they lost today if he doesn’t want that to happen!”

He then ended the call.

He had a headache for many different reasons. He was already busy enough gathering artifacts to create a talented artifact user as his eldest sister had ordered.

‘But the Holtens are suddenly provoking us for no reason.’

He started to grind his teeth.
“We had to spend a ton of money on Nostradamus to tell us how to clear this tomb too!”

That was the case. Austin Rockefeller had gone to the future < Monarch of Fate > who was a part of Pandora. He had learned the method of clearing the Sloth tomb from the seer who uses Nostradamus's artifact.

‘He said the tomb could be cleared if you made 100 humans blow themselves up!’

That was why Austin had given bomb artifacts to the excavation team members he hired this time. He was planning on making them blow themselves up.

Of course, he kept the information about the bomb artifacts a secret as they would never agree to do such a thing.

Nostradamus was correct about how to clear the tomb. Julian’s Zhuge Kongming’s artifact analyzed that was the way to clear the tomb as well.

Of course, it only had about a 70% chance of success.

That was why Austin who had spent a ton of money for this was grinding his teeth.

“Seo Ju-Heon that bastard, he destroyed the entrance and then swiped the artifact away as well?”
“That’s not all sir. According to the surviving excavation team members, Seo Ju-Heon was not harmed at all.”

His former Russian secretary had run away after the party because she was afraid of Ju-Heon. Austin started to sneer after hearing his new secretary's comment.

“He probably gave Nostradamus a ton of money as well. He cleared it by making 100 people blow up.”

But the secretary shook her head.

“No, only two people went inside. But they were still able to easily take the artifact without any harm……”

Rockefeller questioned his ears.

“What? Only two people? And they took it easily?”
“Yes sir.”
“They ignored the trial?”
“That seems to be the case.”

He was completely flabbergasted.

“Are you joking? Tomb Excavation teams consist of at least twenty to thirty people at minimum! And how could he take it without even clearing the trial…!”
“He seems to have used a special skill we are not aware of, but……all the other excavation teams seem to be shocked as well.”

Rockefeller didn't care about the other excavation teams, but he started to lose it.

"What the hell did Nostradamus say?! That bastard didn't tell Seo Ju-Heon a different way of clearing the tomb, did he?!”
“N, no sir! That sir seems to be shocked as well…”

He became tired.

“Ah, whatever! What was the artifact in the tomb?! That is the most important thing!”

Austin bit down on his lips as if he was extremely antsy.

‘Nostradamus said an extremely great historical figure would come out of there.’

The artifacts based on more famous people would be more useful. That was why both he and the rest of the world were curious as to who it was.
“So, who was it?!”

The secretary became flustered.

“Umm, it does seem to be a great historical figure from Rome……but nobody knows who it is.”

Austin exploded.

“How the hell can they go inside the tomb but not even figure that out?!”

That was the most important thing.

“What if it is someone like Julius Caesar or Constantine?! We need to know that to decide whether to give up on it, negotiate for it, or steal it!”

Nostradamus was able to prophesize how to clear the tomb but could not figure out the identity of the artifact.

“That is why Pandora is trying their best to contact Seo Ju-Heon to figure out the identity of the artifact after learning that he took it, but……”

Probably Pandora as well as the leaders of different countries and people like Chairman Kwon were all desperately trying to contact Ju-Heon right now.

This artifact had come out from one of the 7 Great Tombs and they were all focused on the fact that it was a great historical figure.

‘I'm sure it is not a normal artifact. I must get it.’

“Tell them to use the Pandora system artifact to quickly locate the next tomb. We can't let him take the next one too.”
“What about you, young master?”
“……I will try to contact Seo Ju-Heon. I’ll see if he is willing to sell the artifact.”

The secretary nodded her head and left but Austin was still grinding his teeth as if he felt humiliated.

“Damn it. ……Do I really have to contact him first?”

[As expected, the Roman buildings all over Kyoto have disappeared once the tomb has disappeared.]
[Pandora believes that the tomb has been cleared but the location of the artifact is currently unknown……]

Ju-Heon who had arrived in a Kyoto hotel was laughing while watching the news on TV. He was certain everybody would be running around wondering what the hell happened.

The way he cleared the tomb with a petty trick was something nobody else knew about.

“It’s already too late even if you guys want to figure it out, you bastards.”

Ju-Heon was sitting on the chair with a mischievous expression.

‘Should I mess with them using a different method next time?’

Well, he was calling it messing with them, but it would be a great disaster for the people on the receiving end.

But honestly speaking, right now… That was not what Ju-Heon found to be the most important. That was why Ju-Heon called out the rope and waved a pile of papers in front of it.

This was none other than < The Slutty Secretary >.

“Okay. Explain what happened.”

Yes. The thing Ju-Heon was most curious about right now was how this had spread to the artifacts.

He was curious as to what kind of network the artifacts had, but most importantly, Ju-Heon wanted to know the culprit.

‘It’s definitely one of my artifacts.’

Of his fifty artifacts, the rope was the only potential suspect on his mind.

That was why Ju-Heon started to frown toward the rope.

“Okay, tell me. Why did this spread among the artifacts? I also want to know how artifacts are able to share text with each other. Did you do it?”

That wasn’t the only issue. Nero had told him something else.

He said that The Slutty Secretary was only available for purchase.

That meant that someone had spread the manuscript without his consent and was getting all the benefits from it!

How could he not be angry?

But the rope just seemed to like Ju-Heon who had just come out of the shower as it rubbed its body on Ju-Heon's leg and tried to act cute.

Master, let’s play. Let’s play.

Violent Dominance shot out from Ju-Heon at that moment.


The shocked rope seemed to be saying something in fear.

[##&#&#, #$(#$*#(]

Of course, Ju-Heon could not understand the rope that was still only a B-Grade artifact.

But Anubis who was lying on the ground sighed after hearing what the rope was saying.

[Hahaha, so crazy.]

It must have understood the rope as they were both artifacts.

Ju-Heon, who realized this, asked Anubis a question.

“What is it saying?”

[Hmph, I have no reason to tell you……]

“Let’s see, where is a good place to test out the self-destruct……”

[Damn it, it said it just praised its master! That you wrote the thing! That it was well-written! That it was very entertaining!]

“Oh. That's why it spread the manuscript to all the artifacts?”

The rope quickly said something else.

[No, I only showed it to master’s artifacts! Only showed it to them! Is what it said!]

“What? My artifacts?”

[#$(##(! #($(!]
[We all sat in one room and read it together! We didn’t spread it! Is what it said!]

“Hmm. So that’s how it was.”

Ju-Heon had a pretty good idea about what happened.

It seemed that on the day his novel was written… His artifacts had gathered around and read the manuscript together.
They were like children reading a comic book together.

Ju-Heon’s artifacts were usually gathered together in Yoo Jaeha's restoration room, so the rope probably took the manuscript there.

Anyway, Ju-Heon nodded his head and threw something to Anubis.

"Thanks for the translation. Hey doggie. Here’s a reward.”

The thing that he threw to Anubis was a dog bone that Yoo Jaeha had bought.

Anubis exploded as if he felt humiliated, but Ju-Heon who threw the bone felt that this situation was odd.

‘All the rope did was show it off to my artifacts.’

He could overlook showing it to his artifacts as they were all his.

But that meant that the culprit that spread the novel to the entire artifact community was still out there.

Who was it that dared to illegally distribute his work?

It was at that moment.

Alright, I've made billions now!

The reaction to the novel is great! Wow, it’s so easy to make money!

Ju-Heon's eyes opened wide.

He was hearing the suspicious voices of artifacts coming from Yoo Jaeha's restoration room.

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