Thunder God's Reincarnation

Thunder God's Reincarnation

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Kim Dohun
He was able to repeatedly reincarnate due to the effect of the Nine Lives Reincarnation Spell, which allowed him to have nine lives. After defeating the Hell-Blood Demon who drove the entire murim to chaos, the patriarchs of the Seven Great Clans betrayed him and killed him. Following that, he was reincarnated for the ninth time as Baek Mu-Gun. Now, his last journey across murim begins. 
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286 Chapters
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Kim Dohun/Rokmedia


Original work copyright ⓒKim Dohun / Rokmedia

Editor: Invictum & Oz

Korean Original Status: Completed @ 286 chapters

Launch Date: 1st June 2023

Release rate: 5 chapters a week with an occasional 6th chapter

9 Reviews
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a year ago
Not recommended
First I'll start with a disclaimer. I've only read up to chapter 9. That being said I think I have a good grasp of the novel. The story is pretty well written and isn't cringy or annoying. The mc isn't some Know nothing Gary Sue, nor are the side characters too 1 dimensional. However, I do feel like the story suffers from three things. Inciting emotions, building tension, and describing an immersive picture. These issues make the story boring and uninteresting to read through. I'll start by explaining how the story struggles to incite emotions and build tension. As soon as the story begins the mc is in a life-or-death struggle. Even so, the story dryly explains what's going on without any descriptions of what he's feeling and his thoughts on the situation. I mean this guy lived 7 previous lives yet he's naive enough to trust strangers, so what if they were just fighting together? It wasn't at all immersive there was no description of how anything or anyone looked nor the landscape not even that of the mc. Anyway this is just my personal opinion and I could have just come to a conclusion too soon so please let me know.

a year ago
Looks good so far. As a completed Korean wuxia story, the quality of both this translation as well as the original text should be up to par with a basic recommendation.

Speaking to the content of the webnovel, It seems that the world is a classic Murim low-wuxia. The MC has been betrayed by the current leaders of the Murim, and his goal is to take revenge in a new body.

This entire premise and execution seems very generic, but thats not necessarily a bad thing (RMJI being a famous example of an amazing generic story). Given the short length of the entire webnovel, I would recommend at least giving it a try if anything in the premise seems enjoyable to you.

a year ago
Not recommended
As of writing this review, I've read all of the currently released free chapters (22), and I feel that I've been able to get a good grasp on the overall feel of the novel. In short, the novel is a glorified self pleasuring session.

While the translation quality is excellent as expected of wuxiaworld, the writing and pacing is just awful. The vast majority of each chapter is spent talking about how excellent the first the martial arts of the protagonist are, or how amazing his management/social skills are compared to his peers and elders. After a certain point I employed speed run strategies where I read the initial paragraphs, skipped the majority of the middle paragraphs, and then read the last 2 paragraphs and there was nothing lost in the story telling because it was all filler.

While there is no female lead, based on the some of the other characters so far (namely the little brother and his first group of subordinates) I can't imagine that any character that isn't the protagonist will be worth remembering. If you love reading your typical chinese webnovel where everything the MC does/says is the best thing since sliced bread, and nothing in the world can really pose a challenge then this is the story for you as any. Unfortunately I like my authors to at least pretend that their protagonist will face difficulties along the way.

Who knows? Maybe the story will morph into a masterpiece later down the line, but with only 286 chapters I doubt there will be any major improvements in the writing.

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Nekogami is Here!!

a year ago

Time to Say Goodbye to the Thunder God!

3 months ago

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