Thumbs Up, Level Up

Thumbs Up, Level Up

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I am Um Ji-Cheok.
An ordinary Hunter Assistant from South Korea.
One day, the system spoke to me.
"Become a GodTube Influencer? I have to gather Likes to level up?"
Grandpa, is this why you gave me this name? Likes are my life!
[Will you purchase the skill [Heavenly Demon’s Single Lightning Flash] with your Likes?]
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306 Chapters
Licensed From
biglight/Golem Factory


Original work copyright ⓒ biglight / Golem Factory

Translated by: bubly

Edited by: retired penguin

24 Reviews
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2 years ago
Hımm its still too early for an acure review. But i am a sucker for this type of genre so i am %100 sure that i am gonna read it regardless. It looks like orv but a lot of novel took some parts from it and i am not aganist it.

Gods watching us concept isnt new but if it written well we can see some insteresting things.

Comedic tone wasnt that appealing to me. I like serious works more but i am in a need to laugh at this moment of my life so i will give it a go. Will come and edit this review after 50, 100, 150...chapters. adios

Edit after 50 chapter: altought some of the chapters are full of filler it has a comedic tone and it is far from being cliche. Love the secret spam store(forgot the name lol)

2 years ago
Tldr; its good enough and interesting enough to give it a shot so far. I am enjoying it.

It’s another gate/dungeon light novel, like thousands of other ones. The MC gets a stronk ability that makes him different, like thousands of other ones.

There’s a level up system. Like thousands of other ones. But what makes this novel worth reading?


-MC has a good enough attitude and motivation, loves his family, but can be vengeful if he feels he needs to. Isn’t overly righteous, feels like a decent guy. A good enough MC so far

-supporting characters are pretty well written. They have reasons for what they’re doing, their own personalities, and don’t irritate me, which is a win so far.

-really no female lead so far, which is kind of nice. Im sure it’ll come, since it is a korean/gate/system novel, but right now it seems to care more about setting up a genuinely good story than trying to force a romance subplot, which can be super annoying if its not well written.

Story: pretty generic premise, but building in an interesting direction. It seems to be setting up some genuinely unique story lines, and is doing it in a satisfactory way, at least for me. Some, I’ve noticed, has said its kind of overloading them with info, or doing too much at once/rushing it… I honestly don’t feel that way right now. It seems to be a pretty natural progression so far, but we’ll see how it turns out in the coming chapters.

System: its interesting enough. A like system, and can buy skills and stuff, with hints that there’s more to it. Its good enough so far that it adds to the story. We’ll see if it continues to add to it, or if it becomes a liability later.

But yea, my opinion is that its worth a chance, and is an enjoyable experience so far. Hopefully it exceeds my expectations in the future

2 years ago
Not recommended
Can't say nothing for sure since it's only in the beginning, but here is my review:

The novel is well detailed, but till now (chap 20) everything is pretty average and in some parts it looks a bit rushed? It still is the beginning, but there's too much to process already. I can only wait and see how it will proceed along the novel.

The troupes that TULU have are my favorites ones: People after the protagonist (not romantically but still sus), brothercom dinamic. Maybe more, but waiting to see. It's the only reason I'm reading :'

I can see a lot of mixes from popular novels in here, so I hope the author knows how to make everything work out.

It for sure won't be a novel for everyone. I probably won't recommend this novel to anyone. If there was a rate "meh" I would use it to describe this novel right now.

If possible, I'll update in case of my opinion changing.

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