Chapter 98.2: A Top-ranked Auction

Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

Chapter 98.2: A Top-ranked Auction

Qing Ya apologised, “When you came to the auction last time, you used Shrek Academy’s account to settle the bill. Thus, we naturally guessed at your origins. After making a few inquiries, we were able to find where you were. Our Starlight Auction is hosting a top-ranked auction tonight, and an auction like this will only be held once or twice a year. Only our most respected honorable guests receive an invitation from us to attend. Last time, we didn’t know that you came from the continent’s number one academy--Shrek Academy--and thus we mistakenly neglected you. Our auction’s boss has asked me to deliver this invitation card to you. If all of you have some free time tonight, you are welcome to participate in our auction. I believe that there will definitely be a few interesting things at tonight’s auction.”

As she spoke, she placed an invitation card on the table. Then, she held her smile as she bowed and said, “Then, I won’t disturb all of you anymore. Once again, I apologise.” With that, she slowly moved backwards and closed the door after her.

Wang Yan squinted his eyes as he saw the beautiful, golden invitation letter, “This Starlight Auction is impressive. Eleven invitation letters, and not one less. They were even able to ignore the Star Luo Empire’s blockade around this hotel to deliver this letter. They’re truly skilled!”

Dai Yueheng took an invitation letter and glanced over it. “It’s actually a top-ranked auction. That auctioneer wasn’t wrong--an auction like this is only held once or twice a year. In the past, even I didn’t have the qualifications to participate in it. Only my dad, the members of the royal family, large businessmen, and top-ranked soul masters and engineers were allowed to participate in them. There definitely won’t be a lack of good things sold there, but they’re extremely expensive. The Starlight Auction should just be trying to establish a good relationship with our academy; they shouldn’t have any ulterior motives. Teacher Wang, what do you think about this?”

Wang Yan looked briefly at everyone, and saw a hopeful light in all of their eyes. They were indeed the most outstanding soul masters among their peers, but they were still a bunch of kids. They were similarly interested in new things. Moreover, a top-ranked auction like this couldn’t be easily entered!

“Okay. Since everyone’s been competing all this while, we should relax for a bit. However, we should keep our eyes open and our mouths shut to avoid trouble. Tomorrow’s match is of the utmost importance. Once the auction ends, we’ll immediately head back to the hotel to rest.”

“Long live Teacher Wang!” Xiao Xiao was the first person to jump to her feet. Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong, and the others all had excited expressions on their faces.

They had been filled with curiosity the last time they had gone to the Starlight Auction. Moreover, the last auction they had attended was merely a low-ranked one which only sold a single soul tool. The auction they were about to attend was different; it was a top-ranked one. What kinds of goods would appear in it? They contrarily had no hopes of obtaining anything from this auction, and wished to participate merely to gain some knowledge.

Wang Yan chided them with a smile, “You rascals! Get your minds back to the topic at hand. I’m going to organise our strategy for tomorrow’s match.”

The strategic planning they underwent didn’t take too much time. After that, they returned to their respective rooms to cultivate all the way till dinner time, when they switched into a set of ordinary clothes. With the invitation letters from the Starlight Auction in hand, the eleven of them went back to the auction house, with Wang Yan leading them.

Astonishingly, auctioneer Qing Ya was already waiting for them by the entrance. Clothed in a black cheongsam, she looked even more elegant and noble under the night lights. Her charming face was filled with a warm smile.

Wang Yan met her gaze, then nodded slightly. “Hello, auctioneer Qing Ya. We meet again.”

Qing Ya had a delighted look on her face as she said, “Distinguished guests, welcome.”

“How did you know that we’d definitely come?” Wang Yan asked.

Qing Ya shook her head. “I didn’t, but I was tasked to receive all of you. Regardless of whether you turned up, I would’ve waited here until the auction formally started. Guests, please follow Qing Ya.”

With that, she shot a sweet smile towards Wang Yan and elegantly led them forward.

Xu Sanshi, who was standing behind them, whispered to Bei Bei with a quiet laughing, “If this lady auctioneer smiles at Teacher Wang a few more times, I’m afraid that his soul will be taken away by her. She truly has a very mature charm!”

Bei Bei glanced at him. “Stupid.”

As the two of them spoke, they had already entered the Starlight Auction.

The interior of the Starlight Auction was identical to their previous visit. There was no information about today’s top-ranked auction that had spread to the public. Led by Qing Ya, they walked towards its inner parts, quickly passing by the auction hall they had entered last time.

After reaching the end of the corridor, two young ladies who were clad in golden cheongsams walked up to them. They bowed in Wang Yan’s direction and greeted him, then exchanged a few words with Qing Ya. After that, a girl turned toward the wall and pressed on it with her right hand.

Immediately, a bizarre scene occurred. Wave-like ripples started to appear on the wall, and a few layers of light gradually stabilised on it.

As the girl pressed her hand on the wall, a pattern of light swept horizontally across it. After that, the wall slowly split into two with a buzz, revealing a path within.

Unlike the dazzling gold outside, this path was pure white. It didn’t have the coldness of white, but a unique feeling that was filled with softness and realism.

The floor, roof, and walls were tiled with a semi translucent white jade, below which could be seen faintly hidden patterns. However, these hidden patterns couldn’t be seen clearly. Yet, this room was clearly much more refined than the outside passage.

The soft, white light permeated the corridor from all directions, while the two sides of the room had halos of blue light that converged to form a line.

Qing Ya explained softly, “This is the Number One auction that we use to conduct top-ranked auctions. Only our most distinguished guests will be invited here to partake in an auction. I’m only here because of you distinguished guests. Otherwise, there’s no way that I’d have the qualifications to enter this place with my auctioneer rank.”

Wang Yan didn’t bat an eyelid as he said, “Looking at what you’re wearing now, it seems like you’ve been promoted!”

Qing Ya smiled. “I also have to thank all of you for that. I was able to accumulate enough merits to become a black-ranked auctioneer by selling the Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife last time. Everyone, please come inside.” With that, she slowly led the way. Two girls in golden cheongsams, who looked to be around eighteen or nineteen, came up to greet them.

After walking a short distance forward, doors started to appear on either side of the walls. Qing Ya took them into one that was numbered seven.

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