Chapter 96.2: A Battle Between Titled Douluos

Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

Chapter 96.2: A Battle Between Titled Douluos

Two yellow, three purple, four black. A total of nine rings appeared on his body. Following the rhythm of the soul rings, the frightening aura of a Titled Douluo burst forth ceaselessly.

The earth-shaking sensation became stronger and stronger. It seemed to have been influenced by Cheng Gang’s martial soul. This was the pressure of a Titled Douluo. A Titled Douluo who could cause mass destruction! Because of the presence of Titled Douluo, a soul engineer had always been unable to surpass a soul master.

As he howled, Cheng Gang stepped forward abruptly. At the same time, the earth in front of him undulated and rose more than 10 meters tall like a tidal wave. Following that, the plot of earth that rose up started to slam down on Elder Xuan.

This wasn’t any earth-type power, but a pure force. Cheng Gang wasn’t even using a soul skill right now.

Elder Xuan snorted, and stepped forward with his right leg too.


Just that simple step caused a huge impact, as if a meteorite had crashed or an earth dragon had risen from the ground. The earth that Cheng Gang had lifted was instantaneously crushed. Not only that, but the frightening force was converted into a fan-shaped yellow shockwave that was conducted towards Cheng Gang’s feet.

Cheng Gang could only feel a wave of irresistible force being transmitted to him from beneath his feet. When he wanted to use a soul skill, he discovered to his shock that his soul power had been repressed. After that, he was heaved into the air.

As Elder Xuan stomped with his right foot, he appeared in front of Cheng Gang in a flash.

“The forte of the Ant Emperor is its strength. Let this old man see how strong you are.” As he spoke, Elder Xuan’s hand was already pressing on Cheng Gang’s shoulder.

From the moment he leapt from the ground to the instant that he pressed on Cheng Gang’s shoulder, only a brief period of time had passed. However, Cheng Gang felt that this brief period of time was as long as a century.

When Elder Xuan’s figure flashed, Cheng Gang must have had thought of at least five ways to escape his opponent’s control. However, he was unable to perform any of them. As they were pulled closer, a startling pressure was exerted on him. He was stifled by this pressure, and could not even use a single soul skill. He froze in mid-air.

Since he had become a Titled Douluo, and even since he had become a soul master, he had never experienced such a situation in all his years!

Cheng Gang was completely out of sorts now. He had never thought that someone so powerful existed in this world. It was also at this point that the frightful momentum disappeared. Both Cheng Gang and Elder Xuan landed on the earth again. Elder Xuan’s huge hand was still pressing on Cheng Gang’s shoulder.

“Come. I will not use my soul power, but only my pure strength. Whatever you have to do, I will let you off if you can shrug my hand off your shoulder.” Elder Xuan looked at Cheng Gang in disdain.

As a Titled Douluo, Cheng Gang was normally an arrogant person. Furthermore, the strong suit of his martial soul was its strength!

An ant might be minute, but it was able to lift heavy objects up to hundred times its weight. Moreover, Cheng Gang’s soul skills were targeted towards increasing his strength still further. He could be considered a pure strength-type Titled Douluo. His opponent’s soul power was immense, and he knew that he could not resist it, but he did not believe that he could not match up in terms of strength.

Therefore, Cheng Gang expended all his strength and used all the soul skills he had which could increase his own strength. He struggled mightily.

The frightening strength caused the earth beneath him to crack, and fissures extended through the earth for several thousand meters around them. It was as if an earth dragon was really going to rise from the ground.

However, the hand that was pressing on his shoulder was very strong. No matter how hard he tried, he could not shrug it off.

Cheng Gang’s veins were already popping out. He had already tried his best, but he was still unable to free himself.

No, that’s impossible. That’s impossible. Cheng Gang was unwilling to believe it no matter what. As a Titled Douluo, he could not even struggle against this opponent of his who had yet to even unleash his martial soul, and who was not even using his soul power right now. This was unthinkable.

His confidence was slowly being crushed, and his dignity was gradually being degraded. He struggled less and less as time passed. Eventually, there was only a look of dejection left on Cheng Gang’s face.

Elder Xuan picked his brows and asked, “Can you do it?”

Cheng Gang shook his head helplessly.

Elder Xuan retracted his right hand, “This is a lesson to you. As a Titled Douluo, you need to possess the ego and pride that belongs to a Titled Douluo. As someone with nine rings, you went to bully those two kids with only two or three rings. This is a humiliation for you. I don’t want your life either. Forget this matter after you’ve slapped yourself a hundred times. I also don’t want to dirty my hands by beating you up.”

Cheng Gang’s body shivered. He’d rather die than slap himself. However, everyone was scared of death. He was not an exception either. In Star Luo Empire, he possessed great authority. How could he be willing to die? In front of this elderly man, he had no other choice, as he was helpless against him. He was filled with regret now! As he had been blinded by greed, how could he have thought of the pride and ego of a Titled Douluo? However, it was too late for regrets now.

“Piak—” He slapped himself hard, “Piak, piak, piak…”

As he saw Cheng Gang slapping himself, Elder Xuan counted every slap seriously. After more than 10 slaps, Cheng Gang’s face had already swelled up. With Elder Xuan around to scrutinize him, he did not dare to let himself off lightly.

As Cheng Gang slapped himself, Elder Xuan’s face became much more appeased. He had finally done something for those little fellows.

It did not take long for Cheng Gang to slap himself a hundred times. Very soon, Cheng Gang had completed this humiliating task. Right now, his cheeks were already swollen like two huge peaches. Blood flowed down from the edges of his lips continuously.

Elder Xuan nodded and said, “Enough. Scram now.”

“Elder, are you an Ultimate Douluo?” Cheng Gang asked in a blur. The physical pain that he felt was not comparable to the agony he felt in his heart.

A long time ago, Cheng Gang already knew that there were huge gaps between the cultivations of Titled Douluo. But after he became a Titled Douluo, he reckoned that his own abilities were very powerful and forgot this. When he was slapping himself earlier, he had become much clearer in his mind too.

Every major level of a soul master was divided into ten different ranks. When the lowest soul scholar reached Rank 10, he could become a soul master after obtaining a soul ring. Because of that soul ring, a soul master was much more powerful than a soul scholar. In the soul master level, every increase in rank would increase one’s soul power by at least 10%. At the stage of a soul grandmaster, the gaps between the ranks would become even greater.

However, the gap in soul power between Titled Douluo was the greatest. This was after 90 ranks.

Only after obtaining a soul ring could one’s soul power transcend Rank 90 and reach Rank 91 through the power of the soul ring. Between Rank 91 and 92, there was a twofold increase in soul power.

Of course, the powers of a soul master could not just be determined using soul power. The strength of one’s soul skill, the effectiveness of the soul rings on one’s body and even differences in soul bones could make up for the differences in cultivation between two different people. Hence, a Rank 92 soul master might not find it particularly easy to defeat a Rank 91 soul master.

However, there was definitely a gap in soul power. Every time one’s cultivation increased a rank, the difference would increase too. When Rank 95 was reached, there would be a huge bottleneck. A Rank 95 Transcendent Titled Douluo possessed a cultivation that could resist 10 lower ranked Titled Douluo. If a Titled Douluo’s cultivation could reach Rank 99, he would be recognized as an Ultimate Douluo.

In the entire history of the Douluo Continent, there had been very few Ultimate Douluo. The period of time when there was the greatest concentration of Ultimate Douluo was during the generation of Tang San of the Tang Sect. Not only did Ultimate Douluo appear then, but Tang San and his wife, as well as their rivals, even became Gods.

However, very few Ultimate Douluo had appeared on the Douluo Continent since then.

“I’m not.” Elder Xuan shook his head and denied Cheng Gang’s words.

“You are not? Can you tell me your title then?” Cheng Gang continued to ask indignantly.

Elder Xuan twisted his mouth and said, “How did you reply to those little fellows? I shall reply you in the same way. You are still not fit to ask what my title is. You don’t have the right to. Scram now.” As he said that, he kicked Cheng Gang in the torso. Cheng Gang felt as if he was flying above the clouds as he was kicked out. But this kick wasn’t important. When he controlled his body to cushion his landing on the ground, the slovenly elder had already disappeared.

While his face was flushed, his heart was cold at this point.

He shook his head and wiped the blood off his lips. Cheng Gang muttered bitterly, “I am a frog in a well. I am really a frog in well! After I became a Titled Douluo, I thought that I was the most outstanding. But I didn’t expect that I’d be nothing against someone who is truly powerful. Shrek Academy, what a Shrek Academy! I have to shut myself in and cultivate again.”

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong did not know that Elder Xuan had avenged them. After eating, they went to visit Xiao Xiao.

However, the two of them only remained at the entrance of the room to take a look at her situation. They did so because it was not too appropriate for them to enter, given the situation inside.

Xiao Xiao’s room door wasn’t shut and was half-opened. From the opening of the door, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong could see a burly figure sitting at the bedside. This person was meticulously feeding Xiao Xiao porridge with a small spoon.

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