Chapter 94.2: The Ice Empress Awakens

Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

Chapter 94.2: The Ice Empress Awakens

Huo Yuhao had never used this skill in the past; to use this soul skill, one had to at least be a Soul King. This was also the skill with the highest attack power among the four soul skills that the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion had given him.

After adjusting all of the remaining soul power in Huo Yuhao’s body and using her own origin to protect his body, the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion used a weakened version of the Ice Empress’ Wrath.

Had it been the original version of the Ice Empress’ Wrath, even Titled Duoluo would have felt the wrath of the Frost Seal immediately. Then, only the Ice Empress would’ve been able to remove the seal. However, her Wrath could barely even deal with Ye Wuqing, who only had a little soul power left and was limited by The Golden Road and whose martial soul had yet to fully recover. Before the consciousness of the Ice Empress returned to Huo Yuhao’s body, it was greatly aggrieved, and already thought to urge Huo Yuhao to quickly enhance his strength once it returned.

Unfortunately, at this moment, Huo Yuhao had passed out. Had he been conscious, he would surely have protested; after all, he was barely thirteen years old!

Huo Yuhao’s hard work ensured that Bei Bei’s sacrifice was not wasted. Justsky Academy’s strongest member, Ye Wuqing had finally been beaten, and was out of the competition.

In terms of numbers, Shrek Academy had three people left, while their opponent’s team only had Shangguan Can left. However, could Shrek Academy really win?

Wang Dong had already rushed out when Huo Yuhao was unconscious, and Shangguan Can also stopped recovering his soul power with the Milk Bottle. A sinister smile crept over Shangguan Can’s face as he watched Wang Dong, looking confident of winning.

Previously, when Huo Yuhao’s soul power had been completely sucked away, Wang Dong had been unable to even utilize his martial soul. Now, he looked like a helpless child. Certainly, Wang Dong was unable to make Shangguan Can feel threatened.

“In the end, I’m still the one who has to put an end to this competition.” Shangguan Can said as he walked slowly towards Wang Dong, Soulsucking Bell in hand. Wang Dong—who’d been running as fast as possible towards Huo Yuhao—stopped in his tracks.

Behind Wang Dong lay a long-unconscious Bei Bei, whose chest was still bleeding. In front of Wang Dong, Huo Yuhao lay similarly unconscious, with his lips pulled tensely together. Seeing this, the look in Wang Dong’s eyes turned fierce.

“I suggest you bring the two of them down, and then leave yourself. You can only pass two rounds; I’m a four-ringed Soul Ancestor, you don’t stand a chance.” Shangguan Can said, sniggering at Wang Dong.

Wang Dong responded coldly, “You’re just a auxiliary-type Soul Ancestor. What makes you so sure you can beat me?”

“Even though I’m an auxiliary-type soul master, I’m still a Soul Ancestor! Notwithstanding how much more soul power I have compared to you, just this Soulsucking Bell in my hand would be sufficient to defeat you. Hurry up kid, I don’t want to waste anymore time with you.”

Shangguan Can got increasingly excited as he spoke, as his heart beat faster and faster.

When he left the competition with the ultimate victory, Shangguan Can would have made history, and his name would surely be written into the annals of Justsky Academy’s history. After this, his title would have to include the fact that he was the first to defeat Shrek Academy in the Elite Continental Soul Master Academy Tournament. Regardless of the standards of the team from Shrek Academy, they were still representatives of Shrek.

I won, I won. It’s truly unexpected that I would ultimately win this competition. Shangguan Can could hardly hide the joy in his heart, and was smiling uncontrollably as he thought about his impending victory.

“Senior Brother Bei Bei once said, don’t assume victory prematurely.” Wang Dong said as he took long strides towards Shangguan Can.

Shangguan Can could have activated his fourth soul skill at this moment and controlled Wang Dong’s spirit, but he wasn’t in a hurry at all. Shrek Academy’s members always put up such a strong front, and that only made him more determined to crush their persistence.

“It’s futile, do you still not understand that, kid? Your soul power is so depleted now that even your martial soul probably can’t release any power. How are you going to fight me? Just give up quickly, then I won’t hurt you.” Shangguan Can said with a smile. What he wanted to see most was Shrek Academy’s members bowing down in front of him.

Wang Dong walked even faster, and said coldly, “Are you certain that my martial soul is incapable of releasing any power?”

Both parties were now within forty meters of each other.

Shangguan Can seemed speechless for a moment, before he retorted, “So what if you can still release power from your Martial Soul? I’m sure the best you can do is just release your martial soul. I can feel the weakness in your soul. Stop acting brave; from your martial soul, it seems that the battle style that you specialise in is focused on releasing energy, which is one of the styles that requires the most soul power from us soul masters. You obviously can’t release any soul skills now, so stop pretending, it’s useless.”

Wang Dong took a deep breath, the look in his eyes growing colder. “Who told you that you can’t be defeated without soul skills?” A flash of light passed through his body as he spoke, and a layer of black light seemed to flash past, but not a single Soul Ring appeared. A simple and unsophisticated jet-black hammer appeared in his hand. The hammer was enveloped by a ball of black light. Once the hammer appeared, a strong, thick feeling arose.

Shangguan Can gasped with astonishment, saying, “You Shreks are all freaks, but you don’t stand a chance.” He didn’t dare to hesitate any longer, and started to shake the Soulsucking Bell in his hand forcefully as he spoke. He also activated his fourth soul skill, Spiritual Control, on Wang Dong. Multiple rings flew towards Wang Dong.

A mocking smile appeared on Wang Dong’s upturned lips, and he continued charging forward, ignoring the the spirit-controlling halos that surrounded his body.

At that moment, a light appeared between Wang Dong’s eyebrows, and the ball of golden light expanded at an astonishing speed, growing to a radius of about ten meters, emitting a blinding light.

Shangguan Can screamed, his mouth spewing fresh blood. He felt like his brain was about to split open, and the Soulsucking Bell in his hand was shattered to pieces.

The hammer in Wang Dong’s hand flew out of his hand at this moment, drawing a beautiful and strong arc in the air as it flew straight towards Shangguan Can’s chest.

A figure appeared in front of Shangguan Can’s body just in time. The strong body blocked the path of the hammer, and a “ping” sound could be heard as the hammer hit the body. The figure stepped two steps back to steady himself from the impact of the hammer, and remarked breathlessly, “What a strong force.”

The black light converged, and before anyone could see the hammer that was about to emerge from the black light, it disappeared.

Wang Dong’s body shook a little, but he stood his ground.

Wasn’t that the Soul Sage judge who just blocked the attack for Shangguan Can? The judge’s appearance meant that this competition had finally ended.

“They really won.” Wang Yan watched, dumbstruck, as Wang Dong limped towards Huo Yuhao, his lips trembling. Wang Yan was rendered speechless. He could never have guessed that this team made up of four Soul Ancestors, one Soul Elder and two Soul Grandmasters could have defeated a strong team of three Soul Kings and four Soul Ancestors.

Yes, even Shrek couldn’t believe it.

He Caitou was also stupefied. When he had lost the round, he had thought that it was the end. After all, the opposing team had still had a Rank 58 Soul King that had not entered the arena.

Yet, a miracle happened again. Although Shrek Academy paid for their victory with blood, they did not lose the glory that belonged to the Shrek Academy. They won match--Shrek Academy had emerged victorious again!

The whole match could only be described as immensely tragic. From the first round, Xu Sanshi was already badly injured. Although he later exaggerated his injuries, Bei Bei had verified that the source of his injury was genuine.

In the second round, He Caitou had used all his power, and Xiao Xiao had sustained major injuries--even her martial soul was crushed by her opponent. If not for the fact that she was born with two Martial Souls, this would have been a blow serious enough to force her departure from the competition.

The third round didn’t end any better, with Bei Bei unconscious after severe injuries, and Huo Yuhao on the ground, exhausted. Shockingly, the final victory was achieved by Wang Dong, whose soul power had already been completely depleted.

In the three rounds of this match, it could be said that every one of Shrek’s Seven Monsters had tried their very best, and utilised every possible trick they had up their sleeves. They had won through sheer perseverance and will, despite being a much weaker team than their opponent, gaining the final victory.

This victory was hard-earned, but to the Shrek Academy team and Shrek’s Seven Monsters, it was undoubtedly glorious. An unparalleled glory.

Tears started to course uncontrollably down Wang Yan’s cheeks as he struggled to understand how Wang Dong had summoned a second Martial Soul, and the power with which Huo Yuhao had vanquished his opponent.

The only thought that occupied his head was victory. They had achieved the final victory. Shrek had won.

Victory for Shrek Academy in the Elite Continental Soul Master Academy Tournament hadn’t been so difficult for at least a few thousand years. This competition had certainly been difficult, but in Wang Yan’s heart, this was more meaningful than an easy victory by Shrek Academy’s regular members. He could see seven stars gradually rising. In the near future, these Seven Monsters would definitely become strong pillars of Shrek Academy.

Far away, beyond the Imperial City and the battlements, the Star Luo Emperor had already taken off his crown.

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