Chapter 93.3: Breaking Through the Prison, Domain of Perpetual Ice

Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

Chapter 93.3: Breaking Through the Prison, Domain of Perpetual Ice

That’s right, this soul skill only amplified his left hand. If his Golden Left Hand unleashed another Golden Leaf, its power would double. The Golden Left Hand was also immensely powerful, and held a strong defensive ability.

Bei Bei had already used all his energy to unleash his Vigorous Thunderbolt. But even so, he couldn’t electrocute his opponent with the Golden Left Hand suppressing him. His opponent had completely overpowered him with his fourth soul skill powered by his Rank 58 soul power.

“Bastard!” Bei Bei roared out and unleashed his third soul skill -- Thunderous Fury, the powerful thousand-year soul skill.

A Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon soul master would be in a berserk state for a set period of time when the Thunderous Fury was activated. The power of the user’s thunder would double, while his or her soul power would increase by half of what it originally was.

One could say that Bei Bei was only the strongest when he used his Thunderous Fury.

His power that had previously been suppressed stabilized in a flash. The terrifying thunderbolt also broke through the Golden Left Hand’s control and spread over Ye Wuqing. However, it was at this moment that Bei Bei saw the cold look in Ye Wuqing’s eye, which caused him to curse out in his heart.

Without the slightest hint of hesitation, Bei Bei continuously released his second soul skill, Vigorous Thunderbolt. His tremendous thunderbolts immediately turned into a thick electrical net that shrouded his whole body.

Ye Wuqing protected himself within the electrical net with a light shield made of his dense white soul power. Even though he was rapidly depleting his soul power, he didn’t face a direct attack from the Vigorous Thunderbolt in the end. This was the disparity in soul power. If both parties were at the same level of cultivation, it would definitely be impossible for him to do this.

Ye Wuqing hadn’t done anything else all this while. What was he waiting for? He was waiting for his Golden Leaf.

His first soul skill, Leaf Blade, was in sync with his third soul skill, Leaf Formation. With him delaying Bei Bei with his left hand, how could Bei Bei still dodge with the Tang Sect’s Secret Technique, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track?

The Vigorous Thunderbolt could only block those sharp leaf blades for just a moment even after having its power amplified by the Thunderous Fury. This further reflected the disparity between a Soul King and a Soul Ancestor.

However, Bei Bei was equally as outstanding. He could actually respond to his opponent under such disadvantageous circumstances. His Thunderous Dragon Claw erupted again and, amplified with the effects of his Thunderous Fury, forcibly shocked Ye Wuqing away. He wrung his body around at the same time and faced the Golden Leaf Formation. The audience then saw a huge clump of silver threads shoot out from his chest, encompassing a large surface area. It was so large that it could actually envelop a large part of the Golden Leaf Formation.

A chain of clanks rang out. Ye Wuqing’s Golden Leaves broken into pieces before his eyes. It was truly an unbelievable sight to him. Not only that, but Bei Bei suddenly transformed into a being that resembled Guanyin with a thousand hands while he was blocking the Golden Leaf Formation. Numerous hidden weapons resembling throwing knives, darts and flying needles flew out. He didn’t even need to look as he did so, aiming with frightening precision. Not only did that attack deal with Ye Wuqing, but it also enveloped Shangguan Can, who was standing far off. Shangguan Can had just stood up a moment ago, but this attack scared him so much that he didn’t even have time to ring his Soul Absorbing Bell.

That’s right. These were the Tang Sect’s Hidden Weapons. Even if the Tang Sect had declined, who would dare to say that Tang Sect’s Hidden Weapons were useless, for they had once been popular on the continent.

Ye Wuqing rapidly swung his Golden Left Hand out, and his second soul ring shone. Golden leaves rapidly fell to the ground and exploded into intense balls of light, forming a huge golden storm. It neutralised all those hidden weapons, but it also made him miss the chance to flank Bei Bei.

Bei Bei didn’t relax either. In the end, he didn’t destroy all the golden leaves. Two golden rays of light flashed past his body. One grazed his right shoulder, sending a string of sparks in its wake. The dragon scales on his right shoulder were much thicker when he was in his Thunderous Fury state, so the attack was unable to slice them open.

However, another golden leaf flitted across his chest and left a small gash about half a meter long in its wake. Blood splashed out and dyed Bei Bei’s lapel red in the blink of an eye. The sharp golden leaf had cut his pectoral muscles and caused his flesh to roll back, making for an extremely horrifying sight.

Ye Wuqing finally didn’t hold back anymore. His opponent was only a Soul Ancestor, but he was much more troublesome than he had imagined.

The whole aura around Ye Wuqing changed when his fifth black soul ring lit up. He slowly raised his Golden Left Hand and waved his hand at the sky. Looking at him, it looked as though he wanted to tear through the sky. Specks of golden light shone on that black soul ring. The small golden specks of light rapidly floated out and encompassed his body, forming a golden light canopy.

There were only tens of leaves in the previous Leaf Formation, but now there were hundreds or even thousands of Golden Leaves. The leaves rapidly whirled around with his body as their center. The whole stage immediately sparkled with a brilliant golden light.

This was the difference between a ten thousand year soul skill and a thousand year soul skill. Ye Wuqing once again showed everyone how terrifying a ten thousand year soul skill was, with this being the second time one had appeared in this year’s tournament.

At this moment, Bei Bei turned around with much difficulty, since he’d just sustained injuries. Now, he had to face Ye Wuqing’s terrifying Golden Leaf that was just like a tornado.

Ye Wuqing coldly said, “This is my fifth soul skill -- Golden Leaf Dance. You guys better admit defeat if you don’t want to turn into pieces of meat.”

Shangguan Can had already stood up, and was standing not too far behind Ye Wuqing. He didn’t even try to ring the Soul Absorbing Bell as a look of victory appeared on his face.

Justsky Academy was about to triumph over Shrek Academy. He was one of the very last participants remaining on stage who was about to bear witness to this very moment. How could he not feel excited?

Bei Bei pursed his lips and raised his right hand, gesturing at Ye Wuqing with the index finger of his dragon claw. His signature refined smile appeared on his face. “Don’t think you’ve won.”

Ye Wuqing realised that he really couldn’t control himself in front of this fellow. He hated how the other party appeared to be gentle and refined, yet spouted foul words at him.

The terrifying Golden Leaf Dance ascended and engulfed Bei Bei like a powerful golden current. He was so experienced that he knew both Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong were spent, and had consumed too much of their soul power. As long as he got rid of Bei Bei, it would definitely be possible for him to triumph over those two.

Shangguan Can also seized the opportunity and took up a small Milk Bottle as he stood there, replenishing his soul power. His Milk Bottle was a bracelet, and didn’t seem to be as meticulous as the one Huo Yuhao had, but its recovery speed wasn’t slow at all. It was very clear that he wasn’t going to be careless even if victory was in their hands.

A hint of despair appeared on Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s faces. Even if they used the Golden Road Amidst Withering Resplendence, it would be impossible for them to stop everything that was happening before their eyes. It was impossible for their opponent not to dodge, and when they did dodge, their skill would be ineffective. Could they still interrupt that completed Golden Leaf Dance?

“Little junior brother, get ready to back me up.” Bei Bei still didn’t back away as he faced the Golden Leaf Dance. The smile and gentleness in his eyes gradually became domineering.

Bei Bei naturally kept his true abilities under lock and key. After all, he was called the Gemini of the outer courtyard, and had been unofficially declared as the next generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters along with Xu Sanshi.

A violent roar rang out from Bei Bei’s mouth. Soon after, the lightning surrounding his body turned gold and shone brightly, forming a golden eye-catching ball above his head.

Soon after, dragon scales rapidly extended from Bei Bei’s right shoulder while he was still in his Thunderous Fury state. They covered his whole body in the blink of an eye, and the aura around him completely changed. He now had a lofty, tyrannical and an indescribably powerful and kingly aura around him.

Bei Bei’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon was powerful martial soul. However, the current Bei Bei was already miles ahead of what he had been before. Even Huo Yuhao didn’t think he could suppress that horribly tyrannical aura.

The Skydream Iceworm and the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion seemed to speak up in Huo Yuhao’s mind at the same time. “Golden Holy Dragon.”

Bei Bei’s vigor had reached its peak. He stepped out with his left foot and shouted, “Tyrant King, Thunderous Domain!”

Below the stage, Wang Yan had already buried his face in his hands. He felt depressed as he thought, Just how many things are these little ones hiding from me?!

Golden light that resembled a whirlwind of angry waves burst forth. Since the golden light was made out of rays of lightning, a golden color filled the air and fully covered a 20-meter radius around him.

What was even scarier was that the angry golden waves soared and created a tremendous attractive force under Bei Bei’s control, absorbing and tearing the Golden Leaf Dance to pieces.

The skills both parties used were golden. Every piece of Golden Leaf turned to fine dust in this explosive golden battle. They instantly vanished in a puff of smoke.

Bei Bei clasped his hands in front of his chest and made the hand movements for Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon that Huo Yuhao was very familiar with. He then pushed his hands out in front of him, and that golden Thunderous Domain surged towards Ye Wuqing, enveloping him in the process.

Ye Wuqing also bellowed out, and golden rays of light shone from him. The intense rumble coming from him formed a continuous golden storm, contending with Bei Bei’s Thunderous Domain.

However, the power of Bei Bei’s ability had far surpassed his judgement. His Thunderous Domain gradually forced its way over to Ye Wuqing till it was right in front of him.

“Little junior brother, now!” Bei Bei roared out and stomped with his right leg. His Thunderous Domain rushed forth, but gradually weakened till it disappeared at the same time. Ye Wuqing’s whole body was enveloped within it, completely covered with golden lightning. He was paralysed.

Huo Yuhao naturally understood what his senior brother meant. He immediately turned around and was about to hug Wang Dong when he heard a clear jingle ring out at the same time. He subconsciously stopped what he was about to do and looked over from the corner of his eye. The scene that graced his eyes took him back by surprise.

Shangguan Can, who’d previously been replenishing his soul power with a Milk Bottle, appeared once again. He rang his Soulsucking Bell again, but what was different from before was that his expression had become tremendously serious and dignified. That was definitely not an expression a person who would normally be reluctant to succumb to others would have.

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