Chapter 92.1: The Decisive 3v3 Battle!

Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

Chapter 92.1: The Decisive 3v3 Battle!

There were three people and three hurricanes of fighting intent.

Bei Bei, Huo Yuhao, and Wang Dong took large strides up to the tournament stage.

They couldn’t forget the fallen Xu Sanshi, nor the heavily injured Xiao Xiao, or the fully-drained He Caitou.

Everything had been done for Shrek’s glory. At the same time, this was glory that belonged to the Tang Sect! Other than Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan, who’d taken part in the first match, the remaining five people who went out belonged to both Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. The latter was the sect that had been forgotten by countless people, yet had contributed much to the world of soul masters. It was the Tang Sect that had tried to desperately fight against a crazy tide, the Tang Sect that had been flourishing for a period of time.

Bei Bei was the oldest among the seven, as well as the senior brother of the Tang Sect. As a result of this, he had to think about things much more than other poeple.

The opportunity to come to this tournament was originally meant to be a form of tempering for the preparatory team to become the main team in the future. However, they were able to fully stimulate their potential after being forced into the heart of the struggle. Bei Bei deeply believed that everyone present would receive unimaginable benefits as long as they were able to clench their teeth and persist. Ordinary learning and cultivation would be completely unable to stimulate their minds and potential in the way that this had.

Furthermore, he regarded the title of ‘Shrek’s Seven Monsters’ as a very important thing. How could he just receive it without doing anything? The true core of the first generation was Tang San, and the Seven Monsters from that generation had all become members of the Tang Sect. Since this match had an extraordinary amount of significance to Shrek Academy, how could it not be the same for the Tang Sect?

We’ll definitely succeed. This was the only thought that was in Bei Bei’s mind right now. The scene of him meeting Tang Ya for the first time had inexplicably appeared in his mind.

The Tang Ya at that time looked so helpless, and her eyes looked so hazy. However, Bei Bei had also seen an unforgettably firm and stubborn look in her eyes.

The current Tang Ya was normally a merry person, but only Bei Bei knew how heavy the burdens within the depths of her heart were. Only Bei Bei knew that the hard work that Tang Ya normally put in was no less than what Huo Yuhao did. The limitations of her natural talents were the reason why she was unable to compete with the other students who had extraordinary talents. Tang Ya had never complained about anything, but in reality, the arrogance that came from her belonging to the Tang Sect had never decreased.

Bei Bei had never told this to Tang Ya, but although he was only fifteen years old, he reckoned that he was a man who could hold up the heavens for her. Since he had chosen Tang Ya, he would do everything he could for the reemergence of the Tang Sect. Moreover, there were even deeper reasons for this. The dedication he gave to the Tang Sect wasn’t just for Tang Ya alone.

Four of Justsky Academy’s seven official team members had already stepped out, and the remaining members were naturally Ye Wuqing and the other two members he led. This was also the first time that Ye Wuqing had stepped onto the tournament stage.

Ye Wuqing wasn’t especially tall, but he was extremely well-shaped. His well-fitting set of warrior robes showed that his body wasn’t too different from that of an ordinary person, nor was he especially handsome. His only defining feature was his face, which had never revealed any emotions. Even his eyes were indifferent, making it seem as though everything that had just occurred hadn’t affected him at all.

Nobody could be born with a disposition like this. The amount of information that Wang Yan had on Ye Wuqing was sparse to the point where it could be called pitiful. After all, Justsky Academy had never posed anything resembling a threat to Shrek Academy’s original official team.

A man and a woman stood beside Ye Wuqing. The man had a somewhat ugly face, a drooping nose, a pair of small eyes, thick lips, and a below-average height. Even his hair was somewhat thinly spread. The fact that he was able to participate in this tournament meant that he was twenty at most, but he looked much older than his actual age.

His name was Shangguan Can, and he was an auxiliary control-type tool soul master. Among the students of Justsky Academy who had participated in the first round of the elimination tournament, he was the one who had left the deepest impression on Wang Yan. His capabilities in the field of auxiliary control could be seen from this fact.

The female student standing beside Ye Wuqing was much prettier. Her long, fire-red hair was draped over her shoulders, and her charming features could even be considered pleasant. Although she wasn’t an absolute beauty like Jiang Nannan, she was still filled with the aura of youth. Her body was extremely well-developed, giving a feeling of desire to all onlookers.

She was called Yan’er, and she was an assault-type battle soul master who specialised in long-range attacks. She was somewhat similar to the wielder of the Purpleflower Bow, Tang Xiaolei, in terms of abilities, but she didn’t have the explosive power that the latter had. However, she was much better than him in a drawn-out fight.

Shangguan Can and Yan’er were both four-ringed Soul Ancestors, but their cultivations had reached Rank 46. On the other hand, Ye Wuqing was a Rank 58 assault-type Soul King.

Although they hadn’t sent out the strongest possible lineup of three Soul Kings, Ye Wuqing was still able to leave this group for the last match. In terms of willpower and the conviction to win, they were not inferior to Shrek Academy .

This was a chance for Justsky Academy to make history. If they were able to become the first academy to defeat Shrek Academy, which had been undefeated for several thousand years, the glory they would gain would be able to let the seven members of Justsky Academy be respected for their entire lives.

Both parties walked over to the center of the tournament stage, then looked each other in the eye. Since both team leaders knew who their counterparts were, Bei Bei didn’t speak up. On the other hand, the first person to speak up was actually Ye Wuqing.

“Shrek is still Shrek. Although I don’t know why Shrek Academy would send you guys to participate in this tournament, you have used your strength to win our respect. Even if you lose, you will not lose any face for Shrek Academy. I am called Ye Wuqing, and I am the team leader of Justsky Academy.”

“I’m called Bei Bei,” Bei Bei said indifferently, “As for victory or defeat, we’ll just have to see after the match.”

Ye Wuqing nodded his head lightly. “It’s precisely because of the respect we have for you that we will be going all-out. You have the glory that belongs to Shrek Academy, and we similarly have the glory that belongs to Justsky Academy. We will definitely win this match.”

The corner of Bei Bei’s mouth twitched. “You speak a lot of nonsense.”

Ye Wuqing’s cold eyes flickered for a bit. He extended his right thumb, then slowly turned it downwards.

However, Bei Bei started to laugh. “It’s always people like you who act like everyone owes you money so that other people don’t actually know that you’re trying to pull one out. I’ll quickly send you off the stage to save you the trouble of being embarrassed. It’s not embarrassing to have constipation, really.”

Xu Sanshi was a perverted person, but he was far from Bei Bei’s level at trash-talking, let alone a person like Ye Wuqing, who bitterly cultivated all day long.

Ye Wuqing’s calm face started to flush red, and the facial muscles of his two teammates twitched as they tried to not laugh. Clearly, they didn’t like Ye Wuqing’s eternally expressionless face either.

The referee interrupted the two parties who were quibbling with each other before the match. “Get back. Prepare for the match.”

Ye Wuqing pointed his finger at Bei Bei, then moved backwards.

Bei Bei muttered to himself, “I just hate people who point fingers at me the most. I’ll definitely break it later.”

Both parties retreated, quickly reaching the ends of the newly repaired tournament stage. The fighting intent of all six competing students was burning like a fierce blaze, and the smell of gunpowder had already filled the battlefield before the match had even started. This was a match that neither party could afford to lose.

Wang Yan, who was originally planning to forfeit the match, was currently clenching his fists. He prayed in his heart unceasingly: Kids, you’ve already gotten to this point. You’re already the best. However, you must win this match! You are the pride of Shrek.

A Soul King and two Soul Ancestors were facing a team of a Soul Ancestor, a Soul Elder, and a Soul Grandmaster.

There was a large disparity between both parties, but Shrek’s Seven Monsters hadn’t been at a disadvantage during their previous matches with similar situations. Who would dare to say that they wouldn’t be able to create a miracle during this match?

Right, they needed a miracle to have a chance of winning. However, the monsters of Shrek Academy were always good at creating miracles.

The referee gave at Shrek Academy’s trio a deep look, then took a deep breath and shouted, “Match, start!”

The tens of thousands of people in in Star Luo Plaza were all focused on this single thing. The audience had even forgotten how to blink, so scared were they that they would miss a single thing.

This match was simply too exciting. They had already forgotten the glory of Shrek Academy; right now, only the staunch and unyielding Shrek existed in their minds.

Over on the city walls, even the Emperor couldn’t help but press his hands into his chair as he watched intently. Would a miracle truly occur? According to the investigations he had conducted, Shrek Academy stood no chance of winning this match. However, they had already used their actions to prove that their Soul Ancestors wouldn’t be afraid of any Soul Kings, to the extent that even a two-ringed Soul Grandmaster had dared to forcefully clash with a Soul King. Just how valiant was this?!

Following the declaration of the start of the match, both parties released their respective martial souls.

Accompanied by a wave of lightning, dragon scales began to cover half of Bei Bei’s body as he released his Tyrannical Blue Lightning Dragon. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong then released their martial souls while holding hands in a very natural manner.

However, the blood-red soul rings didn’t appear as per the audience’s anticipations. What appeared was actually white--the white that represented a ten year soul ring.

Currently, there were only two simple white soul rings around Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s bodies.

“This, this can’t be possible, right?”

The sudden and enormous contrast between the extremely powerful hundred thousand year soul rings and the extremely weak ten year soul rings threw Ye Wuqing’s trio into a daze for a moment. The audience had also flown into an uproar. Even if the two-ringed Xiao Xiao had appeared in the previous match, a student from Shrek Academy would never only have two white soul rings!

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