Chapter 90.2: The Desperate Super Fusion Cannon

Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

Chapter 90.2: The Desperate Super Fusion Cannon

At this moment, the lightning-like bolt of yellow light was just about to arrive. However, He Caitou wasn’t finished with his energy-charging yet. He simply couldn’t move, nor could he dodge the attack that was coming towards him. On the other hand, Xue Lang had crossed over fifty metres in his wild charge; he would enter his attacking range within one more breath of time.

At this exact moment, the young, two-ringed girl stepped out, unbeknownst to Tang Xiaolei or Xue Lang.

A large, pitch-black cauldron appeared not far away from He Caitou’s body without any prior warning. The instant that yellow arrow of light was about to hit He Caitou, the cauldron took the initiative to let out a rumble. Its enormous body obstructed the arrow at an angle, as though it had grown a pair of eyes.

A dazzling burst of sparks and an ear-piercing boom erupted from the large cauldron, an astonishing gorge having been cut into its surface. After that, the yellow arrow of light was deflected slightly, practically scraping past He Caitou’s shoulder as it flew towards the protective barrier.

“Skree—” A shrill whistle rang out. More astonishingly, a small hole had actually appeared on the protective barrier formed by a hundred and eight soul masters, causing it to ring with a weird sound. Although it was instantly repaired, that yellow arrow had completely disappeared. However, the hole had clearly existed; the penetrative power of Tang Xiaolei’s arrows could be seen from that.

“Eeh! What accurate judgement.” Tang Xiaolei was slightly astonished as he looked at Xiao Xiao. He couldn’t help but squint his eyes as he saw her flickering second soul ring, the purple glint in his eyes brightening up even more.

Right, this had been Xiao Xiao’s own ability to judge. Huo Yuhao definitely couldn’t spend a large amount of his spiritual power to help them out because of the third match he had to partake in, so this was all caused by Xiao Xiao herself. That was a wonderful feeling for her. Although her eyes couldn’t keep up with the speed of Tang Xiaolei’s arrow, she was able to instantaneously activate her Cauldron Sweep to forcefully change the direction of that arrow.

However, Tang Xiaolei had already drawn his Purpleflower Bow for the second time. His arrow was still yellow this time, but it gave off a completely different feeling.

Earlier, he had used the swift Speed Arrow. However, his current arrow was filled with a crazy force of oppression.

Xue Lang had crossed another ten or so metres at this moment, but his speed was still increasing,

“Wuuu--” A mournful tune suddenly rang out. It was evidently somewhat sharp and piercing, but Tang Xiaolei and Xue Lang felt their minds jolt when they heard it. At the same time, they slowed down for an instant.

One shouldn’t underestimate the effects of this instantaneous decrease in their speed. This exact instant made Xue Lang, who was already ready to attack Xiao Xiao and He Caitou, jump into the air, while delaying Tang Xiaolei’s arrow for another moment. Thus, it was able to win more time for He Caitou.

Just what was that? A soul tool? Tang Xiaolei and Xue Lang were drawn towards the long flute in Xiao Xiao’s hands.

No, that clearly wasn’t a soul tool. The two soul rings surrounding Xiao Xiao had changed into a single one.

In that instant, every single person from the audience and the other representative teams finally understood why Shrek ACademy would send out a weak, young girl to the Continental Advanced Academy Soul Duelling Tournament. This was because this young girl was actually a twin-souled soul master who had infinite potential! Could any of the academies present here even bring out a twin-souled soul master?

So what if she only had two soul rings? The fact that she had twin martial souls signified that she had a boundless future. For a brief period of time, nobody dared to underestimate Xiao Xiao anymore; their gazes on her even became fervent. This was especially so for the teachers in charge of the various teams. They all had a single thought: ‘How good would it be if she was in our academy!’

After Xue Lang was slowed down for a moment, he didn’t immediately speed up to close the final twenty metres that were separating the two parties. Instead, he angled his body downwards as though he was swallowing a man whole.

This was coordination, the coordination between him and Tang Xiaolei. This was because Tang Xiaolei’s second arrow had finally arrived at this moment.

The sharp whistle coming from this arrow was much more intense than the previous one. Furthermore, it wasn’t just a beam of light like the previous one, but a ball of light that was as large as a watermelon.

If anyone present was able to clearly see the yellow arrow in flight, that person would immediately see that it was a crystal-yellow arrow which was rapidly rotating in mid-air.

This was Tang Xiaolei’s second soul skill, Destruction Arrow; a spiralling arrow.

Its penetrative power wasn’t as high as the previous arrow, but its destructive power far surpassed it. This was especially so due to the extremely astonishing explosive force that came along with it.

Nobody would ever have thought that Xiao Xiao would actually abandon He Caitou and rush out. No, she couldn’t be considered to be abandoning him. Instead, she used her body to block He Caitou and rushed towards Xue Lang.

The black cauldron that had previously appeared was now gone. Three rays of black light shone from Xiao Xiao’s body as she charged forward, forming a horn formation.

Although she was a twin-souled soul master who possessed infinite potential, she was currently still a two-ringed Soul Grandmaster! She was still extremely weak in front of Tang Xiaolei and Xue Lang. However, she still decided to charge forward without turning back.

He Caitou’s eyes instantly turned red. Before Xiao Xiao had rushed out, she softly whispered to him, “Senior brother He, I can only do this much. I’ll depend on you for everything else.”

He Caitou was the physically largest person among Shrek’s Seven Monsters, while Xiao Xiao was the smallest. One could imagine how he was feeling, seeing that a little girl was standing in front of him to face a Soul King and a Soul Ancestor. At that exact instant, the image of the little girl he had never paid special attention to was now branded in the softest parts of his heart. He would never forget her resolute eyes when she looked at him, and her small, tender cute face.

Xiao Xiao!

He Caitou clenched his teeth, using all of his strength to release his soul power. His blood vessels suffered an intense blow due to the overly quick release of his soul power into the super energy-gathering soul cannon, and tiny beads of blood started to seep from the surface of his skin. His veins were completely revealed on his forehead, and it seemed as though his body could explode from his own soul power at any time.

Xiao Xiao’s small face looked somewhat chilly, but her eyes were filled with a raging will to fight. Even if she clearly knew that any of the two opponents in front of her could easily defeat her, or even pulverise her if they wished to, she still decided to charge forward without turning back.

Shrek’s glory didn’t just belong to their seniors; it similarly belonged to her, to Huo Yuhao, and to Wang Dong. It belonged to the weakest trio as well.

Huo Yuhao had contributed enough as the team leader during the previous matches, and even Wang Dong had contributed by releasing the Golden Road alongside him. The only person who hadn’t done anything was her; she had never contributed anything to the team before. She was only a background figure in the eyes of the others--that was what Xiao Xiao felt in her heart.

This was especially so when Bei Bei sent her out along with He Caitou. This feeling in Xiao Xiao’s heart intensified even further; she was being used to lure her opponent’s most powerful forces away and waste them. Xiao Xiao had always been filled with arrogance as a twin-souled soul master, and so she had already decided to do whatever she could in this match, regardless of whether she would lose or not.

Thus, she rushed out at this crucial moment. The feeling of prediction in her heart had become increasingly powerful, and she discovered that she could even sense the time needed for He Caitou to finish charging up his super energy-gathering soul cannon. Furthermore, she knew that she had to fight for more time for him to finish charging it.

The downward-slanting Xue Lang felt palpitations in his heart as he saw Xiao Xiao rush towards him.

The young girl in front of him was clearly much weaker than him, but her charming face seemed to be radiating with light. By charging recklessly like that, did she not want her life? Was Tang Xiaolei’s arrow so easily blocked? Was she mad?

At this exact moment, Xue Lang was actually considerate towards Xiao Xiao. The young lady in front of him was not only pretty, but her staunch attitude and bravery had already infected him to the point where he had no plans of taking the initiative to attack.

“Xiao Xiao!” Below the stage, Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong, Bei Bei, and Teacher Wang couldn’t help but cry out. This was originally a match that they had planned to throw! However, Xiao Xiao had no plans on giving up.

As the Destruction Arrow neared, even Tang Xiaolei himself was infected by Xiao Xiao’s fearlessness in the face of death. However, he couldn’t retrieve an arrow that he had fired. Moreover, this was an issue that was related to Justsky Academy’s glory. Thus, he had to clench his teeth and release his attack no matter what. But, his eyes subconsciously drifted towards the referee.

Right, the referee. The referee had already charged over, and he wasn’t even thirty metres away from the area where both parties would collide. However, even a seven-ringed Soul Sage couldn’t instantaneously teleport thirty metres!

At this exact instant, Xiao Xiao’s eyes lit up. An intense white light suddenly rose from her body, and her two yellow soul rings blossomed with beautiful light, as though they were burning. The three cauldrons in front of her merged together, then flew straight towards Xue Lang.

This was Xiao Xiao’s most powerful attack: National Treasure, Cauldron’s Quaking Tremble.

Xue Lang’s movements were sluggish, to the extent that he was somewhat late when releasing his skill.

An enormous might that completely surpassed his imaginations suddenly blossomed outwards as the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron’s Cauldron’s quaking tremble was completely focused on him; he was temporarily paralyzed.

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