Chapter 89.2: The Xuanwu's Awakening

Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

Chapter 89.2: The Xuanwu's Awakening

Xu Sanshi let out a roar towards the sky, causing the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle in his hands to shine with a jade light. The light resonated with his body, enlarging his entire body to the point where his jacket began to rupture due to his sturdy muscles. An intense dark green light burst forth, causing the air within the tournament stage to turn viscous. Following that, his third soul ring lit up. The current him was no longer like a soul master, but a savage soul beast.

His third soul skill, Mysterious Underworld Force, caused the strength of his body to instantly double after being amplified by his Xuanwu bloodline. Furthermore, the Mysterious Underworld Force he activated within his current state didn’t just strengthen his own body; it even affected a very large area around him. The wave-like viscosity that made it seem as though one was trapped within a wave was precisely because his Mysterious Underworld Force had instantly gathered a large amount of the water elements around him.

Yang Yifan momentarily lost all of his combat strength, but Yu Mengdi didn’t. She immediately felt that something was wrong after the effects of the Mysterious Underworld Quake dissipated. This wasn’t the strength that a four-ringed Soul Ancestor should possess, and this was especially evident after she witnessed the enormous changes that had occurred to Xu Sanshi’s body. Although she didn’t fully understand what was going on, she made a prompt decision and immediately chose the correct answer to the situation--and that was to attack!

She needed to give Yang Yifan a moment to recover. The original self-confidence she possessed had already been greatly reduced, and she couldn’t guarantee the outcome of this battle if her opponents were working together.

With her Divine Dualswords held above her head, her third soul ring lit up. A golden flare of light quickly rose above her body, and the image of a six-winged Angel faintly appeared behind her. Her body was instantly dyed gold following the appearance of this Angel--this was her third soul skill, Angelic Protection. This would double the attack power of her next attack.

Right after that, her fifth soul ring lit up. The black soul ring that represented the strength of ten thousand years instantly lit up, causing the distant audience to involuntarily hold in their breaths and widen their eyes. This was the first appearance of a ten thousand year soul skill during this tournament, and everybody wanted to see just how strong it would be.

“Angelic… Godsealing Slash!” A charming voice rang out from Yu Mengdi’s voice. This wasn’t just a simple calling out of one’s own skill. Every single one of the words she called out contained different musical notes, and her Divine Dualswords emitted a clear buzzing with each note. When she yelled out the word ‘slash’, the Divine Dualswords merged into one and formed a sharp sword light ten meters long and three meters wide that slashed towards Xu Sanshi.

The referee on the stage immediately charged over quickly the moment he saw this attack. He absolutely did not think that Xu Sanshi would be able to take this blow.

Yu Mengdi’s attack could be said to be a fusion of her first, third, and fifth soul skills. Combined with the strength of her Angel soul, the might of this attack of hers was comparable to that of a Soul Emperor’s! An attack like this could only be released by the very strongest of Soul Kings, even in an academy like Shrek Academy.

The pressure caused by Xu Sanshi’s awakened Xuanwu made Yu Mengdi unhesitantly use her full power. No matter what, Justsky Academy wouldn’t just give up this extremely rare chance to beat Shrek Academy.

“Nannan, I’ll give you three seconds. Is that enough?” Wielding the Mysterious Underworld Shield that had already evolved into the Xuanwu Shield, Xu Sanshi revealed no fear at all as he faced the enormous pressure in front of him.

“That’s enough.” Jiang Nannan said in a low voice.

As he spoke, Xu Sanshi lifted his shield. After that, everybody could see his first three soul rings light up. More astonishingly, these three soul rings instantly merged together and formed a black soul ring that emitted a brilliant light.

The dark green snake on the Xuanwu Shield seemed to awaken. It raised its tongue slightly, and a red light began to blossom from its eyes as an enormous image of a turtle-snake rose behind Xu Sanshi’s back.

This was the fusion of a godbeast bloodline and multiple soul rings.

The three soul skills that Xu Sanshi was currently using were respectively, the Mysterious Underworld Quake, Mysterious Underworld Shield, and Mysterious Underworld Force.

At this moment, his three soul skills fused into one, releasing the awesome might of a ten thousand year soul skill. However, if one were close enough to see Xu Sanshi, who was currently surrounded by jade-green light, they would discover that his face had turned incomparably white the instant his three soul skills had fused together.

The black light wreathing the Xuanwu Shield instantly enlarged to the point where it had a diameter of three meters. The enormous shield slanted forwards, blocking the might of the Angelic Godsealing Slash.

The instant the two ten thousand year soul skills collided, an ear piercing groan spread throughout the entire tournament stage. The outer protective barrier emitted a piercing bright light, causing the distant spectators to be momentarily unable to see what was going on on the stage.

Yu Mengdi would never have thought that she would encounter a situation like this. The instant her Angelic Godsealing Slash landed on the Xuanwu Shield, she felt as if her attack had been swallowed by a vast sea. After that, a violent boom rang out. Furthermore, her soul power had been greatly weakened, while her third soul skill instantly vanished.

A low roar suddenly spread throughout the entire arena at this moment. This roar that resembled the awakening of a godbeast covered an entire half of the tournament stage, and everyone--including the referee, who was a seven-ringed Soul Sage--felt their minds go blank from that terrifying roar. Their bodies seemed to have been swallowed by the most viscous swamp, rendering them unable to move.

“Nannan, now.” Xu Sanshi’s somewhat hoarse voice rang out by Jiang Nannan’s ear.

At this moment, Jiang Nannan’s body vanished. Covered by the intense light generated by the collision between the Xuanwu Shield and the Angelic Godsealing Slash, nobody was able to see how she vanished, nor how she appeared behind Yu Mengdi.

Jiang Nannan had appeared right behind Yu Mengdi. She gently leapt up, then landed a kick on Yu Mengdi’s lower back.

Xu Sanshi had fused three of his soul skills into a ten thousand year one--the Xuanwu Roar. At this moment, Yu Mengdi was still paralysed as a result of that souls skill, causing her to be unable to resist Jiang Nannan. Xu Sanshi’s estimation of her strength was very accurate. Three seconds, she couldn’t do anything for three seconds. Even the good-hearted referee was delayed for a full second by his Xuanwu Roar before he was able to return to his senses.

After being kicked in the back by Jiang Nannan, Yu Mengdi’s body was immediately thrown forward in the shape of a crescent. In battle, Jiang Nannan wasn’t as kind as she looked on the outside. With her right hand pulling on Yu Mengdi’s hair, Jiang Nannan locked her legs onto her neck. After that, she flipped around in midair, causing Yu Mengdi’s body to fly out weightlessly and fiercely collide with the distant protective barrier before sliding to the ground and off the tournament stage. This entire process took only three seconds, and Yu Mengdi felt her entire body ache when she came to her senses. However, she was now below the stage. Furthermore, some of her important veins had been crushed, and the intense bursts of dizziness and nausea resulting from that caused her to remain on the ground for a long while before she was able to recover.

There was no need to even talk about Yang Yifan. Without even needing Jiang Nannan to make a move against him, Xu Sanshi had already walked up to him and kicked him straight off the tournament stage like a burlap sack. Even Yu Mengdi had been dazed for three seconds; after he was slammed into the ground by the Mysterious Underworld Quake, he didn’t get back up. That was fairly tragic.

In reality, even if Xu Sanshi were able to unseal the Strength of the Xuanwu, he wouldn’t be a match for Yu Mengdi in a one-on-one fight. After all, he lacked means of attacking. Furthermore, his soul power and potential would be drained at an astonishing rate after releasing the Strength of the Xuanwu. As an agility-type soul master however, Jiang Nannan was able to coordinate perfectly with him. Xu Sanshi’s incomparably powerful defensive abilities perfectly complemented her speed and close-combat abilities.

In a situation where anyone with a discerning eye was able to tell that they weren’t in a favourable position, they were actually able to pull off an unexpected first victory for Shrek Academy.

“We’ve won.” Xu Sanshi’s body trembled slightly, and the dark green light on his body faded away. At this moment, Jiang Nannan finally discovered that his face was as pale as a sheet of paper, and his body was tottering. Blood was even seeping from his mouth and nose.

Although he had released the Strength of the Xuanwu, how could Yu Mengdi’s Angelic Godsealing Slash that was comparable to an attack released by a Soul Emperor be so easily blocked? After forcefully blocking that attack, Xu Sanshi had suffered heavy injuries. His body was swaying from side to side, and he was about to collapse on the ground.

Jiang Nannan subconsciously took a few steps forward and supported him by the arm.

“You… how are you?” Jiang Nannan whispered.

Xu Sanshi looked her in the face. Although he had an ugly expression on his face, his eyes were still filled with happiness, “I’m feeling very good. I’ll always be happy fighting with you. If anyone wants to hurt you, they’ll have to step over my dead body. Nannan, do you know? If it weren’t for you, I would never have been able to break through the seal on my martial soul and release its true power.”

At this point, his chest started to undulate violently. After letting out another muffled groan and spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood, his body fell straight towards Jiang Nannan.

Startled, Jiang Nannan hurriedly helped him up. Xu Sanshi wasn’t much taller than her, and so she could only put his arm over her shoulder and walk back to the waiting area.

Below the stage, Shrek Academy was already in great jubilation. They had won their first match. This meant that they had taken a sturdy step forward through an impossible pass. Only Bei Bei’s mouth twitched for a moment as he whispered, “This cheap person really won’t give up on a single chance!”

A certain someone who was placing his entire weight on a soft and fragrant-smelling person felt his nose itch. He felt his eyebrows move slightly, and he resisted a sneeze.

“The first round of the 2-2-3 match goes to Shrek Academy.” When the referee announced the results of the competition, his voice contained a few traces of astonishment.

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