Chapter 89.1: The Xuanwu's Awakening

Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

Chapter 89.1: The Xuanwu's Awakening

Justsky Academy realized that this wasn’t Shrek Academy’s strongest pair. Even so, they still represented Shrek Academy. As long as they could defeat them, that would make them the first team to defeat Shrek Academy in the last few thousand years! Such a victory and its glory would be invaluable to Justsky Academy’s.

This was why Justsky Academy had worked hard to prepare for this match. The circumstances motivating them and making them determined to win this match.

When Yu Mengdi saw that Shrek had only deployed two Soul Ancestors with four soul rings, she calmed down. From her point of view, they already had this match in the bag. It was a match with Soul Kings against Soul Ancestors, additionally. she had her powerful Angel soul. She had absolute confidence in her abilities!

Yu Mengdi flapped her wings, suddenly increasing her speed. Her movement reminiscent of a golden meteor as she shot straight at Xu Sanshi. Simultaneously, Yang Yifan, who clearly seemed to be well coordinated with her, also moved. His body flashed as he pounced towards Xu Sanshi from another direction. They acted as though they didn’t see Jiang Nannan at all, making it clear that their target was Xu Sanshi. From the looks of it, they wanted to end this match with just one attack.

Xu Sanshi didn’t panic even as the two powerhouses simultaneously attacked him. He slowed down and lowered his voice, “Nannan, you don’t have to interfere. Just wait for my signal.” The Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle in his hands as he spoke.

Yu Mengdi and Yang Yifan were extremely well-coordinated with each other. Yang Yifan’s dagger seemed to approach Xu Sanshi from the side at nearly the same time that Yu Mengdi landed right in front of him. The two of them instantly and simultaneously released their soul skills.

Yu Mengdi’s first soul ring was already glowing as she released her golden swords. Her second soul ring subsequently lit up as well, and her pair of golden swords immediately formed a perfect cross in the sky. She spread her wings out, releasing golden rays of light into the cross.

A beautiful and melodious singing voice rang out from the cross. Bright rays of golden light accompanied by a holy aura pressed in Xu Sanshi’s direction.

Yu Mengdi revealed how superior her Angel was with just this attack. Her first soul skill was a peculiar weapon-type skill called Divine Dualsword. After equipping this soul skill, any other soul skill she used would be released through her first soul skill.

Ordinary soul masters had to be very skilled in order to release stacked soul skills. The more soul skills that were stacked atop one another, the more difficult it was.. Not only did the user have to skillfully control the soul skills but the soul skills themselves also needed to coordinate with each other. This was a high-end technique even for Shrek's inner courtyard disciples. Yu Mengdi’s martial soul had the advantage of naturally being able to release at least one more soul skill along with her first soul skill.

Sacredglory Crucifix. That was the attack she was using now. It was an attack that possessed all the effects of a holy attack. It was not only a powerful attack but was also one that burned with a persistent holy flame. Her Angel really was the best martial soul to restrain evil soul masters.

Yang Yifan’s attack wasn’t weak either. As an agility-type soul master, his strength shone through in his powerful attacks. His second soul ring lit up as a two-meter long sword-shaped glow extended out from his dagger, piercing toward Xu Sanshi’s ribs like lightning.

Everyone had always paid attention to Shrek Academy during the tournament. They’d all watched Xu Sanshi’s previous matches, and his strong defensive abilities paired with his Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle had left a lasting impression on every single one of them.

This was why the pair had commenced their attack on a strong note in an attempt to destroy Xu Sanshi’s defense in the shortest time possible. Naturally, Jiang Nannan was of little importance to them, as she’d shown herself to be a mediocre contestant throughout the tournament.

Xu Sanshi didn’t seem to be panicking at all when faced with their attacks. Instead, he abruptly stopped in his tracks, quickly dispelling their attacks with a very simple move.

His fourth soul ring glowed, signaling that he had activated his Mysterious Underworld Displacement.

In the blink of an eye, Xu Sanshi switched positions with Yang Yifan. Yang Yifan was originally stabbing his dagger at Xu Sanshi but was now stabbing Yu Mengdi. On the other hand, Yu Mengdi’s Sacredglory Crucifix was falling straight on Yang Yifan.

It was in situations like this that the Mysterious Underworld Displacement could showcase its true power. The ability to change the course of any battle at the most crucial moment.

However, this wasn’t the first time Xu Sanshi had used this move in this tournament. How could his opponents not prepare for it when he had used this powerful soul skill numerous times?

Yu Mengdi had a disdainful look on her face when Xu Sanshi used the Mysterious Underworld Displacement. She raised the holy sword in her hands and the Sacredglory Crucifix flew past Yang Yifan’s head, heading straight for Jiang Nannan, who was now exposed after Xu Sanshi’s dodge. Yang Yifan didn’t withdraw his dagger either, but rather, seized the opportunity to flop on his back to avoid Yu Mengdi’s attack. The reflection from the dagger carved a crescent moon across the sky as he slashed towards Jiang Nannan, who was now behind him. The teamwork between them both could be said to be impeccable in every aspect, whether it was adapting to changes or their control over their techniques.

The joint attacks initially directed at Xu Sanshi were redirected to Jiang Nannan.

The only thing they found a little strange was that Jiang Nannan didn’t move an inch from where she was standing when faced with their joint attack. But it definitely wasn’t because she was shocked to the bone. Her gaze fell on Xu Sanshi at this moment, a mocking expression on her exquisitely stunning face. She seemed to be asking Xu Sanshi whether this was his way of protecting her.

Xu Sanshi had never expected their opponents to be so perfectly in sync with one another. Even though he had guessed that they would take countermeasures against the Mysterious Underworld Displacement, he assumed that they would at least be flustered since they were already attacking him. However, he’d had the tables turned on him as the pair managed to beat him at his own game.

The mockery in Jiang Nannan’s eyes seemed to light a fire within Xu Sanshi and his eyes immediately reddened.

“Scram!” A crazy roar burst forth from Xu Sanshi as he smashed the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle into the ground. A powerful black halo instantly extended from the shield, forming a dome that enveloped spanning more than ten square meters. As this occurred, a rumbling sound could be heard.

A powerful tremor sent Jiang Nannan’s body flying out of the dome and at the same time enveloped her opponents within the dome. Yang Yifan’s dagger failed to strike its target, but Yu Mengdi’s Sacredglory Crucifix was still emitting an intense golden light. It seemed as though it was about to break through the enclosure.

But it was also at this very moment that the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle in Xu Sanshi’s hands lit up the whole stage. A strange light started warping the surface of the shield. The feeling it exuded was one that resembled the movement of a human’s muscles. After that, the whole surface of the shield changed.

A dark green snake with red eyes appeared on the thick, intricately-designed shield. Following its appearance, the Mysterious Underworld Quake that was originally black suddenly turned dark green. An intense blast that sounded just like a huge explosion had occurred rang out in the enclosed area. The Sacredglory Crucifix that was originally going to break through the enclosure was swallowed up in the blink of an eye. And that wasn’t the end. Yang Yifan bore the brunt of the attack; his whole body shook violently till he fell on the ground.

Yu Mengdi was a Soul King and was much stronger than Yang Yifan. Even so, she lost her balance and fell from the sky. She crossed the Divine Dualswords in front of her chest and released her third soul skill. The angel wings on her back curled around her body protectively, turning into an oval light cocoon. Only then was she able to block that dark green light.

Offstage, Wang Yan’s mouth dropped open as he watched this scene. “T-this is…” he squeaked out.

Bei Bei smiled and said, “Although he doesn’t have an Ultimate martial soul, his martial soul far transcends regular martial souls. If there is one person amongst the seven of us who can compare to junior brother’s Ultimate martial soul, it’d be Sanshi. However, his martial soul is sealed and he can’t break the seal on his own without a strong stimulus. Luckily, he seems to have succeeded this time. But this means that definitely can’t participate in the next match. After all, he won’t be able to understand the true meaning of his martial soul before he gains seven soul rings.”

Surprised, Huo Yuhao asked, “Senior brother, just what is Big Brother Xu’s martial soul?”

Bei Bei’s eyes shone as he said, “The bloodline of a Godbeast, Xuanwu. His Godbeast bloodline is even purer than Senior Sister Xiaotao’s Evil Phoenix. Normally his martial soul is sealed and only ever bursts out when he’s in an extremely dangerous situation. This is when he is at his strongest and all of his soul skills will bear the Godbeast stigma.”

As opposed to the joy on the Shrek Academy’s end, the students from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy were staring blankly at the stage. Xiao Hongchen, who had been arrogant up till this point, also widened his eyes in shock. “No, this is impossible. How can he possibly have a Godbeast bloodline that’s comparable to mine? Aren’t Godbeast bloodlines supposed to be so diluted and rare that they’re about to disappear? Even in my case, it’d be impossible for me to have the aura of a Godbeast if not for my martial soul mutation. And this bloodline… is this Xuanwu?”

Having broken through the seal on his martial soul, Xu Sanshi flew across the stage and stood in front on Jiang Nannan again as he released his Xuanwu in front of him.

After breaking the seal on his martial soul, Xu Sanshi’s body had gone through some slight changes. He was taller and bigger than before; his physique similar to that of an adult’s. On top of that, there seemed to be a faint jade light coming from his short hair. His muscles had swelled up, giving him the aura of an immovable mountain as he stood there.

“I told you I’d protect you.” Xu Sanshi’s deep voice had dropped a few octaves and the somewhat frivolous feeling his voice used to have was now replaced with a magnetic charm.

Expecting to have to defend herself, Jiang Nannan’s third soul ring was originally shining but even she was shocked by such a sudden change. She never knew this shameless scoundrel was actually hiding such strength in him. Even though he was still a Soul Ancestor, the aura surrounding the present Xu Sanshi was far beyond his rank.

The effect of the Mysterious Underworld Quake had just completely disappeared. Yang Yifan, who had actually collapsed to the ground, was completely dazed. At this moment, he couldn’t crawl up no matter how hard he tried.

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