Chapter 85.2: Twin Mistresses of Fire and Ice, Thousandstrike Lance

Book 12: The Strength of the Preparatory Team

Chapter 85.2: Twin Mistresses of Fire and Ice, Thousandstrike Lance

“It’s Wang Dong. What’s the matter?” The black-haired brawny man roared, a savage glint in his eyes. He raised his right hand, causing a powerful golden light to shoot out from his palm. Right after that, nine consecutive rings of light instantly rose from his feet.

If a soul master were to see the colors of his nine soul rings, he would definitely have fainted. His nine soul rings were actually as pitch-black as ink. Furthermore, the black emanating from his soul rings seemed to be different from ordinary ten thousand year soul rings; they gave off a profound and mighty aura.

Nine ten thousand year soul rings?

The short-haired man’s sixth soul ring lit up, and he quickly sketched out a few golden lines in front of him, forming what seemed to be a pattern.

“Wait a moment.” The long-haired man raised his hand and grabbed the short-haired man, suppressing the latter’s aura.

“Big brother, Little Dong might be in danger.” The short-haired man let out a low roar, somewhat discontent.

His long-haired counterpart shook his head. “It’s fine. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with him. My senses are never wrong. We can’t overtly interfere in Little Dong’s growth.”

The short-haired man was unresigned, as if he were a fierce tiger protecting its young, “No. I can’t be careless. Why don’t we go over to Shrek Academy and follow him? We’ll be able to avoid most of our problems then. If anything does happen, I won’t be able to withstand the consequences.”

The long-haired man shook his head slightly. “You! The more you care about him, the more trouble you’ll cause. Let’s do it this way: let’s get the sect to send a few people to protect him from the shadows. Second brother, when will your short-tempered personality ever change?”

“Hmph! What’s there to change? Ever since… whatever, I’m not going to talk anymore. Just whose fault was it that we didn’t have the ability? Let’s drink, drink.” As he spoke, he raised an enormous cup of fine liquor and downed it all in one gulp.

The long-haired man shook his head helplessly as he watched his sibling. “You!”

The short-haired man put his wine cup down. The valiant look on his face had turned into one of worry. “Big brother, is he really fine?”

The long-haired man put his own wine cup on the small table beside him and moved his arms a bit. Immediately, a series of pops and cracks echoed from his body.

“I know what you’re thinking. Let’s do it this way: as long as you can beat me, I won’t care about you; I’ll let you do whatever you want. How about it?”

“Nope… you’re just trying to use me to get your kicks. I’m not going to be fooled by you.” The short-haired man said resentfully.

“Come, let’s do it once?” The long-haired man replied mischievously.

“Big brother, I feel like you should go find a woman. There are truly many good women out there. Can you not look at me like that?”

Star Luo City.

Shrek Academy was all gathered together at dawn. Today, the second match of the Continental Advanced Academy Soul Duelling Tournament’s round-robin section would be commencing.

Dai Yueheng, Ma Xiaotao, and Ling Luochen were still recovering from their injuries. At the very least, Ling Luochen would still need a few days to recover from her injuries.

Along with the rest of Shrek Academy who were fully equipped with the soul tools they had bought yesterday, Wang Yan walked straight towards Star Luo Plaza.

He had already given the suitable soul tools to the members of Shrek Academy, with the obvious exception of the Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife. He had personally helped fill Huo Yuhao’s Class 4 Milk Bottle before giving it to him.

Their opponents for today were already determined, but the tournament format had to be chosen through by lots. Wang Yan prayed that they wouldn’t get a 1v1 fight--after all, that was the most unfavourable format for Shrek Academy. This was because their opponents would have a Soul King. In a 1v1 fight, a Soul King would completely suppress their team, thereby drastically reducing their chances of winning. Star Luo Plaza was as fervent as always, and this was especially true when the members of Shrek Academy stepped out from the soldier-protected contestant’s passageway. The crowd immediately flew into an uproar.

Shrek Academy’s previous two matches had left an extremely deep impression in the minds of the audience. Just how would Shrek Academy surprise them again? All of them wanted to know the answer to this question.

Wang Yan had given them an introduction to the opponents they would be facing today during breakfast. Unlike their previous matches, they would be facing a soul academy today. The Thousand Spirits Advanced Soul Academy originated from the Dou Ling Empire, and it was an extremely famous academy within the empire itself. It was ranked in the top three most outstanding academies within the Dou Ling Empire, and it had provided a large number of outstanding talents for the empire.

Huo Yuhao maintained an indifferent look on his face as he walked into the resting area, surrounded by his companions. He had to continue assuming the airs of an expert until he was exposed, after all.

He had fully recovered his spiritual power through yesterday’s cultivation. Moreover, his energies were now at their peak condition due to the Haodong Power.

Two fights. They had to persist for two fights, at which time Ling Luochen would return. Their following matches in the round-robin tournament would be much more relaxed with a Soul King overseeing them. After all, a Soul King was already a pinnacle existence within the Continental Advanced Academy Soul Duelling Tournament.

The only academy with a so-called ‘special privilege’ within the entire tournament was undoubtedly Shrek Academy. They were still participating in the first match of the day, and this had been chosen by Shrek themselves.

8 a.m. It was now time for the match to start. The Emperor of the Star Luo Empire sat above the city walls, intending to spectate the match. There was no doubt about it--he was most interested in Shrek’s performance.

The referee walked to the centre of the tournament stage, then used a sound-amplifying soul tool to loudly announce, “Both parties, enter the waiting area. Team leaders, please take the stage to conduct the lot-drawing.”

The members of Shrek Academy rose to their feet and entered the waiting area clad in dark green. Wang Yan nodded to Bei Bei, who glanced at Xu Sanshi before climbing up to the stage with large strides.

His counterpart from the Thousand Spirits Soul Academy was also a male who looked around twenty or so. This person had a slim body and a stern face, giving the impression that he was a javelin. He remained expressionless as he faced Bei Bei.

Lot drawing, start!

Everyone present was interested in the results of the lot-drawing. Any match that Shrek Academy participated in would be extremely interesting, regardless of which format was chosen. Right now, the audience only wished for their opponents to last a little longer, so they could watch an even more interesting fight.

Wang Yan’s prayers worked--the result of the lot-drawing was what he wanted most.

“Shrek Academy vs Thousand Spirits Academy, team fight.” the referee loudly announced the result of the lot.

The team fight was without a doubt the format that contained the most intense and comprehensive fights that tested the overall strength of both teams. The leaders from both teams had no objections to this.

“Both teams, take the field.” The referee’s voice boomed.

He Caitou, Xu Sanshi, Jiang Nannan, Xiao Xiao, Huo Yuhao, and Wang Dong all rose to their feet. One by one, they ascended to the stage under Wang Yan’s supporting gaze.

Wang Yan had prepared most for the team fight in the morning. He already had all their strategies in place, and all Shrek needed to do was execute them.

Both parties stood opposite each other on the stage. Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi stood at the very front, while Jiang Nannan and He Caitou stood behind them. This was followed by Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao flanking Huo Yuhao, who stood in between them.

Huo Yuhao placed his hands in front of his stomach and closed his eyes, as if he was just taking a rest. On the contrary, the students from the Thousand Spirits Soul Academy were all staring at him.

Every single academy had conducted an analysis on Huo Yuhao’s strength after the first day’s elimination round. Although nobody thought that he was a terrifying existence who was able to possess six hundred thousand year soul rings, they had high expectations of him.

After all, the duo’s Golden Road Amidst Withering Resplendence had left an extremely deep impression on their hearts. They had won with a single strike!

Huo Yuhao didn’t look old from the outside; he was fourteen or fifteen at most. However, the other academies had taken him to be a Soul King, or even a Soul Emperor-ranked expert.

The javelin-like leader of the Thousand Spirits Soul Academy was now focused on Huo Yuhao. Flickering through his eyes was not fear, but a strong will to fight. Shrek Academy’s team formation was much more ordinary compared to the curved formation they had taken during their first team fight. However, their opponents had assumed a somewhat unexpected formation.

The leader of the Thousand Spirits Soul Academy didn’t stand at the very front of his team; instead, four people did. This was somewhat unexpected, but their formation consisted of four people standing in front. These four were all tall and brawny male students, forming what seemed to be a wall as they stood there.

Their javelin-like leader stood behind the four, while two young girls stood behind him.

These two girls were very easily differentiated--one of them was red-haired, while the other was blue-haired, making them rather eye-catching. All seven of them looked to be around twenty-or-so years old, and the formation they had taken made it seem as though they were an invulnerable fortress.

Huo Yuhao quickly thought back to Wang Yan’s introduction of the Thousand Spirits Soul Academy. Every single academy had a main force and a batch of reserve students, and Wang Yan was able to accurately determine the seven members of the Thousand Spirits Soul Academy’s main team after careful observation. Today, the seven people who came out were identical to Wang Yan’s predictions.

Wang Yan had delivered an extremely thorough analysis on the enemy team, even talking about their individual specialties.

The Thousand Spirits Soul Academy’s current formation could be easily described using a single sentence: The four shields form an invulnerable fortress, while the Twin Mistresses of Fire and Ice attack alongside the Thousandstrike Lance.

The four students standing at the very front of the enemy team were called Yang Ming, Song Hu, Bai Chen, and Ye Mao. According to Wang Yan’s deductions, the four of them had come from the same place. In other words, they came from the same sect. This was because they shared an identical martial soul--the defense-type Spirit Rhinoceros’ Shield, an upper-middle tier defensive martial soul.

On the other hand, the stern javelin-like leader of the Thousand Spirits Soul Academy’s team was called Shen Ce. He was the true core and the main attacker of the team, and his Thousandstrike Lance allowed him to specialise in both long and short-range attacks.

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