Chapter 83.3: The Ranked Carving Knife

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 83.3: The Ranked Carving Knife

“A carving knife is a necessity for a soul engineer. Moreover, a good carving knife is the most important thing that a high-ranking soul engineer can have. Distinguished guests, the carving knife you see in front of you can’t be described using the word ‘simple’ alone. Calling it an exceptional carving knife wouldn’t be an exaggeration at all. Firstly, let me give a quick explanation. There’s a ranking for carving knives within the world of soul engineers, and the top-ranking ones are all in the hands of the best soul engineers in the world. I’m sure that everyone here has heard of the term ‘ranked carving knife’. It’s a term used to describe carving knives that have reached the leaderboard.”

“Our Douluo Continent’s Carving Knife Leaderboard lists the top hundred carving knives in the world. Regretfully, over two-thirds of those knives belong to the Sun Moon Empire. This is one of the main reasons why there are so many, and so powerful, soul engineers in the Sun Moon Empire. And the item you see before you is one of the hundred carving knives on the Leaderboard. In other words, it’s one of the ranked carving knives that I’ve just spoken about.”

The crowd below the stage immediately flew into an uproar the moment Qing Ya uttered the words ‘ranked carving knife’. The previous sighs of dissatisfaction immediately vanished, and He Caitou closed his eyes helplessly.

If Qing Ya hadn’t explained everything, he had been planning to keep everything to himself. As one of Fan Yu’s disciples, he had noticed a few abnormalities regarding this carving knife after making a close observation. Moreover, as a soul engineer himself, his desire for a ranked carving knife would never be lacking. There were only two ranked carving knives within Shrek Academy, which respectively belonged to Dean Xian Lin’er and Fan Yu.

Right now, a ranked carving knife had just appeared before them. This had an extremely important significance to them, and even Shrek Academy as a whole.

Although Wang Yan didn’t know much about carving knives, he was instantly excited after hearing the words ‘ranked carving knife’. He understood that this was something that he had to bring back to Shrek Academy no matter what. Even if it had a high price, the academy would still reward him for it. Out of the precious things that the academy was looking for, a ranked carving knife had been ranked among the top for a long time! This was especially true for the Soul Tool Department, for even Vice-Dean Qian Duoduo wasn’t able to use a ranked carving knife.

The fervent atmosphere below the stage instantly caused a brilliant smile to appear on Qing Ya’s charming face. She wasn’t impatient at all--after waiting for a full five minutes, the participants of the auction gradually calmed down.

“Auctioness Qing Ya. What’re you still waiting for? Quickly start the bidding.” There were already a few people who couldn’t hold in their excitement anymore.

Qing Ya smiled, “Distinguished guests, please do not be so impatient. I’m sure that everyone here knows that our Starlight Auction has always been sincere and honest to all of our customers. We have always guaranteed the quality of all goods that are sold within our auctions, and we will never allow a faulty or problematic good to be given to our distinguished guests. Because of this, I would like everyone to allow me to finish speaking.”

Whilst speaking, Qing Ya looked regretfully at the ancient carving knife in front of her and sighed lightly. “If this were an ordinary ranked carving knife, it would never have appeared here. Distinguished guests, I’m sure that you are all aware of this. A ranked carving knife is one of the most valuable items within the world of soul engineers. It’s even more valuable than certain precious materials. The reason why this ranked carving knife has appeared as the last item in today’s Class 4 auction is because it has a particular problem.”

“It’s ranked 99th on the Carving Knife Leaderboard, but with its strength, it shouldn’t be ranked that low. In fact, it should be within the top 30. However, the main reason why it’s ranked so low is because it’s a cursed carving knife.”

He Caitou suddenly cried out, “Is that the Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife that counter-devours its owners?”

Shrek Academy was seated in the first row of the auction, and his voice wasn’t soft either. Qing Ya was naturally able to hear his words, and a trace of astonishment immediately appeared on her charming face whereupon she answered, “We actually have a knowledgeable guest. Correct, this carving knife is the 99th ranked Soul-Devouring Carving Knife that’s known as the Vicious Knife.”

“This Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife has had over three thousand years of history. Three thousand years ago, it appeared in the Sun Moon Empire. Its creator was an absolutely exceptional soul engineer who supposedly became a Class 9 soul engineer. Furthermore, he wasn’t just a soul engineer, but a soul master as well; a terrifying evil soul master. Three thousand years ago, he brought about a storm of carnage and terror to the continent.”

At that point, the participants in the auction quietened down. The expressions of many people turned grave as well.

“The Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife was created by that evil soul master during his later years. According to the stories, he encountered a mortal enemy not long after creating this carving knife. He was a genius in his generation, but also a monster. He subsequently fell, but didn’t carry the Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife by his side when he died. Following the passage of time, this vicious knife ended up in the mortal world.”

“When our Starlight Auction made an investigation into its past, we found that this vicious knife has had a total of thirty-seven owners. However, every single one of these thirty-seven people have died violently. Of which, nine of them became evil soul masters. According to the legends, this Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife contains a trace of that talented evil soul master’s soul. Because of that, it steers its owners toward the path of evil. If you are not strong-willed, you will not be able to use it. Furthermore, it absolutely cannot be used frequently. Thus, it fell and fell in the rankings until it finally reached a spot where it couldn’t fall any further. Due to its previous glory, it has never been stricken from the Carving Knife Leaderboard. People who like it have always been hoping that it can finally find a true master, but we hope that its owner possesses the attribute of Light. This way, it’ll be very hard for him to be corrupted. Naturally, we don’t have a complete understanding of this carving knife. Thus, we advise that our distinguished guests be cautious when purchasing this item. We can guarantee that as long as you don’t pour soul power into it, you won’t be counter-devoured. Furthermore, with its status as a ranked carving knife, turning it into an heirloom is quite good.”

After listening to Qing Ya’s long explanation, everyone present finally understood why a ranked carving knife had appeared in a Class 4 auction. Many participants who were originally eager to buy it were now silent.

This Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife would absolutely not have an excessively low value due to its status as a ranked carving knife. However, no matter how good it was, it couldn’t be compared to one’s life! If a person bought such a precious item and didn’t use it, wouldn’t it be a waste? In the end, this was just a Class 4 auction, and many of the participants weren’t very rich. Because of this, hesitation began to appear in their hearts.

He Caitou sighed and shook his head, “You can’t buy this vicious knife. I’ve heard my teacher talk about it before. The counter-devouring of this vicious knife isn’t as simple as what that auctioneer said. You should be able to see this from what happened to the owners who didn’t die. After all, it’s a ranked carving knife! If we buy it and bring it back, will we be able to resist not using it? If I’m not mistaken, my teacher said that soul tools produced by this Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife will have two additional effects, making them terrifying existences. It’s truly a pity.”

Nobody would take their own lives as a joke. When He Caitou finished speaking, Wang Yan revealed a disappointed look in his eyes. He was already prepared to give up on the Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife.

“The starting price of the Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife is one hundred thousand gold soul coins, and each increase cannot be lower than five thousand gold soul coins. We can start the auction now.” Qing Ya spoke with a smile on her face. In reality, she wasn’t excited at all. She was able to tell with her nearly ten years of experience as an auctioneer that the Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife would be left unsold yet again.

In reality, the Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife had appeared in one of the Starlight Auction’s top-ranked auctions shortly after the organization had obtained it. Its starting price wasn’t a hundred thousand, but three hundred thousand. It had been acquired by chance, and it was still a ranked carving knife no matter what was said!

However, who could’ve predicted that its infamy was so widespread? Even the high-ranking guests of the Starlight Auction weren’t willing to possess it, even as an heirloom. Just who would dare to keep it with the dangers of an evil soul master’s soul residing within it?

The Vicious Soul-Devouring Knife had a history that could only be described using the word ‘savage’. None of its previous owners, including its creators, had been able to live for more than ten years after coming into possession of it. Because of this, it had spent a large majority of its three thousand years of existence lying unused.

Helpless, the Starlight Auction’s owner could only let it appear often within various auctions. Furthermore, he promised to give a commission of 1% to the auctioneer who was able to sell it off. However, things turned out contrary to the way he wished. The Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife had appeared in several tens of auctions, but nobody had been willing to buy it. Due to this, its price fell and fell yet again until it was near the price that the auction had purchased it for.

If it’s not going to sell, so be it. Qing Ya hadn’t had too much hope in the first place.

A somewhat young voice suddenly rang out from the seating area at this moment, “One hundred thousand gold soul coins.”

A sign containing the number 333 was suddenly raised.

Qing Ya was left dumbstruck. This was the first time that a person had bid on the Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife! She was completely overjoyed after a brief moment of astonishment. It had to be known that the 1% commision of its price of a hundred thousand gold soul coins was one thousand gold soul coins! Even if a person squandered his money, it would be enough for that person to survive for a few years. It was already quite good for Qing Ya to be able to obtain tens to hundreds of gold soul coins during each auction she hosted. After all, she was only a purple-ranked auctioneer. If she was able to sell the Ominous Soul-Devouring Knife, she could be promoted to a black, or even higher ranked auctioneer.

Qing Ya even forgot to speak for a brief moment due to the exuberance she felt.

“I’m bidding one hundred thousand gold soul coins.” That young voice rang out once again.

“Ah! Okay, guest number 333 has bid one hundred thousand gold soul coins. Are there any more guests who wish to bid?” Qing Ya came to her senses and spoke hurriedly. Furthermore, the hope she felt spiked dramatically. If one person was willing to bid for it, why wouldn’t there be a second? Even if the bid was increased by five thousand, she would take away fifty more gold soul coins.

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