Chapter 83.2: The Ranked Carving Knife

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 83.2: The Ranked Carving Knife

“Furthermore, you’re a control-type soul master. During a team fight, you can stay behind the team the whole time and recover your soul power using the Milk Bottle. However, you might encounter a situation where you receive too much soul power while using this Class 4 Milk Bottle. Will your body be able to endure it? After all, it’ll be a huge surge of soul power.”

Huo Yuhao’s heart trembled and he immediately responded, “That won’t be a problem.” A Class 4 Milk Bottle wasn’t something to be taken lightly but he still had his fusion partner! When he and Wang Dong fought with each other, they could produce Haodong Power in their bodies. And if they were to use this Milk Bottle after releasing the Golden Road, wouldn’t that immediately replenish their depleted soul energy? This Milk Bottle was truly a good replenishing soul tool for them.

As the two of them were talking, the price of the Class 4 Milk Bottle had already reached eleven thousand gold soul coins.

One would never have to worry about selling a Milk Bottle during an auction; this was true regardless of what class the Milk Bottle was. This was because it was simply too practical. It could even be said to be essential for a high-ranking soul engineer. And now, even soul masters were very willing to use them. Although a Milk Bottle would appear at practically every single auction, the difficulty involved in its creation made it so that its supply would never catch up to demand. Naturally, its price would increase more and more as time went on, to the extent that Milk Bottles were now one of the most demanded soul tools on the market.

Wang Yan was just able to listen into their conversation when He Caitou had spoken earlier. As they chatted with each other, Huo Yuhao subconsciously glanced at Wang Yan, who nodded back at him.

Earlier, Wang Yan had already spent nearly seventy thousand gold soul coins. This wasn’t a small number. Nobody knew how much money the academy had allowed him to take along with him.

Bei Bei whispered, “Teacher Wang, do you have enough money? If you don’t, I have some too. This Milk Bottle is quite good, and all of us can use it. Also, it isn’t as if we can’t use it at all during a fight.”

Wang Yan smiled. “Don’t worry, I don’t really have to spend any money. I have the credit certificate that the academy issued. No matter how much money we spend, the academy will naturally settle the bill for us.”

Bei Bei’s eyes lit up, “The academy actually issued a credit certificate for us?”

A credit certificate wasn’t money, but a guarantee that was based off trust that could be used to claim money from an organisation. Naturally, only credit issued by pinnacle existences would be effective and held in high regard. For example, the imperial families of the various academies and top-ranked academies. Only pinnacle existences like these would issue credit certificates with no limits on them. Undoubtedly, Shrek Academy was one of these existences.

The fact that Shrek Academy had given them a credit certificate for their trip this time around signified the absolute trust the academy had in them. This was because the credit certificate they possessed had no upper limit on it; this meant that the academy would have to foot the bill no matter what they bought. The Starlight Auction would just have to settle its payments with Shrek Academy to complete its transactions.

“Twenty thousand.” Wang Yan placed a bid, once again using a high bid to crush the spirits of the other participants in the hall.

Wang Yan had made his move many a time earlier, and he had crushed everyone else using pure wealth practically every single time. Because of this, the others weren’t willing to let prices reach excessively high levels. Once he made a move, a large majority of the other bidders immediately dropped out of the bidding.

Naturally, there were some people who were feeling unresigned. After all, this Class 4 Milk Bottle had a true price of twenty thousand gold soul coins or so.

“Twenty-one thousand.” A low voice rang out from the back.

Wang Yan replied with an unflinching face, “Twenty-five thousand.”

At this moment, the entire hall quieted down again.

After this round of bidding, Qing Ya’s gaze toward Wang Yan started to change from a regular, professional one to a more intense one. After all, nobody wouldn’t like a person with money. Moreover, Wang Yan’s voice wasn’t too loud. Although he wore a mask, the aura of a scholar still leaked out from him.

“Twenty-five thousand going once, twenty-five thousand going twice, twenty-five thousand going thrice. Done!”

Qing Ya’s hammering speed was extraordinarily quick, as if she wanted to leave a good impression on Wang Yan. They had obtained the Milk Bottle.

This time around, Huo Yuhao was somewhat excited. He was truly curious about this soul tool that could replenish his soul power.

After pushing the cart down the stage, Qing Ya walked to the very front of the auction stage. Her charming face was now slightly flushed, and she said in a much quieter voice, “Distinguished guests, our mystery gift is about to take the stage. This is also the final item we are auctioning tonight. This wasn’t supposed to appear here originally, but with the permission of our chief auctioneer, we have decided to reveal this item to thank our various distinguished guests for supporting our Starlight Auction. Although it is extremely valuable, I trust that every single person here will be able to tell its true worth. Now, I would like our ceremonial lady to push our mystery gift onto the stage.”

A push cart once again ascended the stage from the side. Unlike the previous items, this push cart wasn’t just bigger; the cloth on it was actually changed to a conspicuous red one.

All matters conducted within the Starlight Auction were differentiated by color, with gold being the most honorable color. After that would be red, the color of a hundred thousand year soul ring.

From this, it could be seen that this mystery gift was extremely extraordinary.

It was quickly pushed to the centre of the stage, beside Qing Ya.

From the general outline of the cloth covering it, this item didn’t look too small.

Huo Yuhao squinted his eyes, quietly releasing his Spiritual Detection. After obtaining Imitation, his Spiritual Detection had become even more covert. As long as he willed it, he could completely conceal all of his soul rings so they would not appear during the activation of any of his soul skills.

However, as Huo Yuhao quietly swept his spiritual power across the red cloth and the item within it, his body suddenly trembled violently. He quickly covered his eyes with his hands, and his entire body started to spasm.

He Caitou and Bei Bei were both startled, and the two both blurted out in unison, “Yuhao, what’s happened to you?”

Huo Yuhao paused for a few seconds before coming back to his senses. When he pulled his hands down, however, He Caitou and Bei Bei could clearly see the glint in his eyes.

“What a sharp feeling.”

When he had scanned the red cloth using his Spiritual Detection to find out what the item inside was, he had felt an indescribable sense of sharpness. That sharpness had instantly torn through his Spiritual Detection, going so far as to pierce through even his spiritual origin. This had scared Huo Yuhao to the point where he had quickly cancelled his soul skill. Although this was the case, his soul skills were still channelled through his Spirit Eyes. As a result, they were still greatly irritated, to the point where tears started flowing from his eyes.

Qing Ya had already started her introduction on the stage of the 12th Hall.

“Everyone here must really want to know what our mystery gift is. It’s getting late already, and Qing Ya doesn’t want to spoil the climax. This mystery gift is very ordinary, but it’s also a soul engineer’s most inseparable friend; every soul engineer must have one of these. However, the last item we’re auctioning is completely different. It isn’t a soul tool--which is why I said that it shouldn’t have been here in the first place. However, it’s too closely related to a soul engineer. Before I remove this cloth, let me say one last thing: this item’s rarity and value is enough for it to be auctioned off in one of our Starlight Auction’s top-ranked auctions. Everyone, please take a look.”

Everyone’s gazes were drawn towards the stage the moment Qing Ya lifted the cloth from the cart. However, the dazzling or exceptionally brilliant item that they were expecting didn’t appear. What appeared in its place was an item that couldn’t be any more ordinary. It was just as Qing Ya had said--this was an item that any soul engineer would be familiar with, as well as something they couldn’t go without.

The reason behind the tall cloth covering the cart wasn’t due to the size of the item itself. Instead, it was because the item was placed on a showcase, and the mass covered by the cloth was naturally the showcase itself. The item itself was very small, around half a foot long or so, and was as thick as a finger. It seemed to grow narrower and narrower from the bottom to the top, and the very top of the item was an extremely sharp-pointed tip. On the other hand, its bottom was a half-inch wide blade. It had a simple, dark look to it, and faintly discernible carvings could be seen on it. They emitted a faintly ancient, yet gloomy aura.

A large number of participants let out dissatisfied sighs. Clearly, they didn’t think that this mystery gift had surprised them at all. However, the pupils of a small number of people were rapidly contracting. The appearance of this item had astonished them.

A carving knife. Right, this was a carving knife that a soul engineer could use to carve a core formation. Both ends of a carving knife were useful to a soul engineer, who could use them differently while carving different core formations. Soul engineers couldn’t lack a carving knife; this was a basic requirement to carve a soul tool.

Huo Yuhao also had a carving knife, given to him by Fan Yu. It was a relatively decent carving knife, made out of a hard metal that made it sharp, sturdy, and stable. It was very suitable for him to use it. Fan Yu had also told him that he would help him find another, more outstanding carving knife after he became a Class 4 soul engineer. After all, the higher the rank a soul engineer was, the more precious and tough the metals he would use. If a soul engineer’s carving knife wasn’t good enough, how would he be able to carve a core formation? Furthermore, a good carving knife could let a soul engineer achieve twice the results with half the effort while creating a soul tool.

Huo Yuhao and He Caitou were both stunned upon seeing this carving knife. At the very least, they weren’t able to tell where its outstanding points were on the surface. However, Huo Yuhao placed a great deal of trust in his earlier feeling. The sharp sensation that had pierced through even his Spiritual Detection was definitely not fake, and this carving knife was definitely not normal.

Qing Ya’s voice rang out from the crowd of dissatisfied voices, “In all likelihood, a few of our distinguished guests have been deceived by its outer appearance. Then, I can only tell you with much regret that you are all wrong. Missing this mystery gift will be your life’s greatest regret. Now, let me introduce to you all this seemingly ordinary carving knife that is definitely not ordinary.”

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