Chapter 83.1: The Ranked Carving Knife

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 83.1: The Ranked Carving Knife

“This ray has a paralysis effect, so its real name ought to be Paralysis Ray. Those ranked Soul King and below should be affected after being hit by the ray. How much it affects the soul master is dependant on the individual’s cultivation.”

“We’ve already tested it. When used on a Soul King, this Paralysis Ray is so effective that it can numb them for a second. This is on the precondition that the ray must hit a defenceless Soul King who is not protected by soul skills or soul tools. When used on a Soul Ancestor, the ray can numb them for more than two seconds, with the same precondition as before. Moreover, it can numb a soul master with three soul rings of the same rank for at least three to four seconds.”

“Honoured guests, please note that we tested the ray on assault-type soul masters. The effects will definitely be different when used on other types of soul masters.”

“The requirement to use this Paralysis Ray is low, but it’s extremely practical. It’s a quality product amongst Class 3 soul tools. The starting bid is a thousand golden soul...

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