Chapter 82.2: The Future Developments and Dangers of a Soul Master

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 82.2: The Future Developments and Dangers of a Soul Master

Perhaps the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy may already have exceeded Shrek in this field. We can only chase after them in full pursuit, relying on the ten thousand years of Shrek Academy’s roots to do so. Shrek will never lose to anyone.

Just as Wang Yan was pondering to himself, a person suddenly spoke up. The first person to finish his pondering was Bei Bei.

“I agree with what Teacher Wang said. I’m willing to try working with a soul tool.” Bei Bei’s voice was very steadfast; he was never someone who hesitated much. His warm countenance couldn’t conceal his strong heart, and he was a person who did his all after setting his mind to something, just like when he had entered the Tang Sect for Tang Ya’s sake.

Sensing the astonished gazes of his fellow teammates, Bei Bei said in a low voice, “Out of the seven people here, five of us belong to the Tang Sect--that is, everyone besides Sanshi and Nannan. Everyone knows about the history of the Tang Sect. Previously, we were the most glorious of existences on the entire continent. At that time, the glory of the Tang Sect was even greater than that of Shrek Academy. However, why did our glory fade away? It’s true that there were some reasons behind this, but the most important one was the fact that we were washed out by the passing of time.”

“The emergence of soul tools directly affected our revenue streams--this was the main reason behind the fall of the Tang Sect. I’m sure everyone knows that very few of our hidden weapons are used in the military anymore, so much so that I can even say that they aren’t used at all. We can’t stop the passage of time, and only by adapting to it can we allow the Tang Sect to rise again.”

With that, his gaze landed on Huo Yuhao. “When my junior brother first entered the Tang Sect, Xiao Ya and I had a discussion. The future growth of the Tang Sect will only occur if we merge our hidden weapons with soul tools. If we succeed, it’ll be because of soul tools; if we fail, it’ll be because of soul tools. We will crawl up from where we fell. This is also our only path going forward.”

“As a soul master, an assault-type one, my heart tells me to reject a foreign source of power like a soul tool. However, this is rejecting the changes that go with time. As the eldest of all of us, and also the senior brother of the Tang Sect, I want to start by changing myself. When we get back, I will ask the academy to allow me to study in the Soul Tool Department in addition my current studies. Even if I don’t create them, I will at least learn how to use them.”

Bei Bei’s words were powerful and resonating, and even Wang Yan’s emotions were stirred. He was overjoyed.

There was no doubt that Bei Bei’s words carried a large amount of weight within the new generation of the Shrek’s Seven Monsters. With his approval, convincing the others would be much easier.

Xu Sanshi nodded, “Teacher Wang, what you and Bei Bei said makes sense. I can also understand where you’re coming from. However, I still have a few questions I want to ask you for guidance. It’s very likely that the strongest experts in the future will be soul engineers, but with our current levels of strength, it’s already impossible for us to become soul engineers. In other words, we won’t be able to change our current soul skills to ones that can amplify soul power, like soul engineers. Since this is the case, will we always be behind everyone else? Furthermore, it’s very difficult for us to learn how to create soul tools; we can only learn how to use them. However, we will never be as good at using them as the soul engineers. How will we contend against them? I truly do not wish to make a decision while my heart is at a loss.”

Wang Yan said, “Well said. I understand what you’re worried about, and you’re right. If you intend to purely pursue the field of soul tools, a person who started off as a soul master will never be able to catch up with a soul engineer. However, you’ve forgotten your own advantages! If there comes a day when you can become a Titled Douluo, you’ll definitely be able to get a powerful soul skill. These soul skills aren’t inferior to any Class 9 soul tools. Also, can your physiques even be compared to soul engineers who’ve chosen soul power-amplifying soul rings? Impossible. Furthermore, your physiques as a soul master will be strong enough to allow you to withstand stronger soul rings. If you get a more powerful soul ring, won’t you get more soul power? Soul engineers will never be able to compete against soul masters in terms of physique. You merely have to find a compatible soul tool; after all, a soul tool is only your weapon. On the other hand, a soul tool is a soul engineer’s everything. Due to these differences, a soul master only needs to use a soul tool as long as he himself is strong enough. When compared to a pure soul engineer, you’ll definitely possess a few advantages, especially when you consider the fact that a simple soul engineer will never be able to reach Class 10.”

“What are the requirements of a Class 10 soul engineer? To become one, you need to create a terrifying Class 10 soul tool while being able to control it. That requires the cultivation of a Transcendent Titled Douluo, which means that you’ll need to be Rank 95 or higher. You’re all soul masters, and I’m sure you’re all aware of the fact that the more you cultivate, the harder it gets. Even on the entire continent, how many pure soul engineers are able to reach the Titled Douluo rank? I can count them on one hand, I’ll give you that. How many of them are able to become Transcendent Titled Douluo? I can also tell you that there are exactly zero people who have been able to do so. Because of that, the pinnacle experts of the continent will definitely be people who focus on their strengths as soul masters while simultaneously studying in the field of soul tools. Even if a true Class 10 soul engineer were to appear, it’d be very hard for that person to fight against a Transcendent Titled Douluo who possesses a Class 9 soul tool.”

A look of enlightenment filled Xu Sanshi’s eyes. “Right! Teacher Wang, you’re truly a person who can enlighten someone else. A pure soul engineer who only trains his soul power will find it much harder to improve when compared to us. I understand, I understand.”

Wang Yan’s confidence immediately increased as he saw Xu Sanshi become convinced by his words. A look of self-confidence flashed through his eyes as he said, “During these past few days, I’ve been observing how the other academies fight. I’ve noticed that the academies with deeper backgrounds have been pursuing a fusion of soul masters and soul tools. However, a large majority of those academies are still trying to find the perfect level of fusion. On the other hand, I’ve noticed the most things from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy. Although they’ve never tried to hide anything, I’ve noticed that practically every member of their preparatory team has an extraordinary martial soul. Even though not all of them have taken the stage, I can see that their way of thinking coincides with mine from this point alone. By focusing on a soul master’s cultivation, they’ll be able to guarantee that their students will become powerful soul masters. Then, they can use powerful soul tools. Now, do you still have any questions?”

Xu Sanshi said, “Teacher Wang, you’ve convinced me. I’m willing to try it out, both for the sake of the academy and for my own sake.”

He Caitou chuckled, “I naturally have no problems with it. However, the sad thing is that I’m a food-type soul master.”

“Can a fifteen-year-old four-ringed food-type Soul Ancestor like you say anything more?” Wang Yan said unhappily, “Your talent being overlooked due to your martial soul has been one of the largest mistakes the Martial Soul Department has made in recent years. With the help of your soul skills, it’s very possible that you’ll be one of the strongest soul engineers among you seven. After all, you can focus on cultivation alone. I can say that your martial soul makes you the most suitable person on the entire continent to become a pure soul engineer.”

Wang Yan’s gaze turned to Jiang Nannan, who hesitated slightly for a moment before saying. “But, it’ll take money to buy a few soul tools later. Also, they seem to be very expensive.”

After hearing her somewhat strange words, everyone present was left stunned. Huo Yuhao reacted most profoundly to this; he still remembered the first time he had met Jiang Nannan; the number one beauty of the outer courtyard had actually tried to negotiate with him, as if she was very stingy with her money.

“I’ll pay for you!” Xu Sanshi said instantly.

As if she’d thought of something, she immediately furrowed her brows and flew into a rage, “Screw off!”

“Uh…” As if he’d thought of something, Xu Sanshi unexpectedly obediently lowered his head after being yelled at. Other than feeling somewhat wronged, he didn’t look too dissatisfied.

His appearance gave the impression as though he was a person who was getting bullied.

“Nannan, you don’t have to worry about this,” Wang Yan said warmly, “The academy will settle the issue of money. At the very least, you won’t have to worry about this before graduating. You’re already a core disciple of the academy, and the academy will even give you a generous amount of money for living expenses if you’re able to enter the inner courtyard. Even moreso, completing guardian missions will give you prize money. Students of our Shrek Academy have never been troubled because of money.”

Jiang Nannan’s eyes lit up, and she immediately said, “Then I have no problems as well.”

It was finally Huo Yuhao’s turn. When he and Wang Yan’s eyes met, he already had an answer.

“Teacher Wang, I only have a single problem. I don’t seem to have any soul tools that I can buy.” Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly.

“No, there’s something you can buy,” He Caitou said suddenly.

“Huh?” Huo Yuhao looked towards He Caitou, puzzled.

He Caitou chuckled and rubbed his bald head, “Once you enter the auction house, you’ll understand. Practically every single auction house that sells soul tools will have that thing.”

Xiao Xiao said, “I also have no problems. In the first place, I was planning to go back and cultivate diligently to buy that flying-type soul tool as a toy after I become a Soul Ancestor. It’s really too convenient.”

Wang Yan let out a long sigh after seeing that the situation was settled. He chuckled, “That’s for the best then. Wang Dong, what about you? You shouldn’t have any problems, right? Let’s go in and participate in the auction then."

Surprising everyone present, the silent Wang Dong suddenly raised his head and revealed a stubborn look as he said resolutely, “No, I have a problem. I’m not willing to use a soul tool. You guys can go ahead, I’m going back first.” With that, he turned around and took large strides in the direction of the Imperial Grand Star Hotel.

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