Chapter 80.3: The Eternal Defense, Xu Sanshi

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 80.3: The Eternal Defense, Xu Sanshi

Under these circumstances, one could say that Xu Sanshi had defeated a team of seven people alone!

“The winner is… Shrek Academy!”

As soon as the referee announced the winner, the audience exploded in cheers. The disappointed masses had completely changed their attitude. Even if Xu Sanshi had resorted to trickery in the first two matches, he had fought fair and square in the last one! Although they didn’t know what kind of ability he had used, the fact that Shrek Academy had obtained victory with just a single participant was undeniable.

No one sitting in Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy’s resting area dared to utter a word. When they saw that the student sent by Shrek Academy was just a Soul Ancestor, they didn’t take him too seriously. Hence, they received a huge psychological blow when they saw his domineering performance.

Xiao Hongchen furrowed his brows; no one knew what he was thinking. Then, the young girl sitting beside him, who had a very similar face,...

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