Chapter 80.2: The Eternal Defense, Xu Sanshi

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 80.2: The Eternal Defense, Xu Sanshi

Shang Yue, who had reached her waiting area, opened her eyes wide and cursed, “Bastard!” She was absolutely furious! The attack power of the six-barrelled miniature soul cannon was even higher than that of her dual blades. In particular when all the attacks were hitting the target like in this situation. However, even under this barrage, Xu Sanshi didn’t budge. Therefore, when he was running away from her before, it had just been bait.

What incredible defensive power!

Situ Yu’s pupils shrank as he felt a great pressure weighing down on him. They were both Soul Ancestors, he should have had a distinct advantage when fighting on the platform with his soul tool fortress. According to conventional wisdom, a soul master specialized in defense should have been completely suppressed and defeated. But even with this crazy barrage, he wasn’t even able to make Xu Sanshi retreat.

Of course, this wasn’t the limit of Situ Yu’s...

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