Chapter 80.2: The Eternal Defense, Xu Sanshi

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 80.2: The Eternal Defense, Xu Sanshi

Shang Yue, who had reached her waiting area, opened her eyes wide and cursed, “Bastard!” She was absolutely furious! The attack power of the six-barrelled miniature soul cannon was even higher than that of her dual blades. In particular when all the attacks were hitting the target like in this situation. However, even under this barrage, Xu Sanshi didn’t budge. Therefore, when he was running away from her before, it had just been bait.

What incredible defensive power!

Situ Yu’s pupils shrank as he felt a great pressure weighing down on him. They were both Soul Ancestors, he should have had a distinct advantage when fighting on the platform with his soul tool fortress. According to conventional wisdom, a soul master specialized in defense should have been completely suppressed and defeated. But even with this crazy barrage, he wasn’t even able to make Xu Sanshi retreat.

Of course, this wasn’t the limit of Situ Yu’s skills. Three thick metal pipes came out of his shoulders and quickly adjusted their position thanks to his muscles. Next, several fist-sized white balls soared toward the sky with a ‘puff’ sound. These balls were moving slowly in a concentrated cluster. They assumed a parabolic trajectory, aiming at Xu Sanshi, who was hiding behind the shield.

One couldn’t attack for too long when using two powerful soul tools simultaneously. Sooner or later, even Situ Yu would have to stop. Xu Sanshi took advantage of this pause and stood up.

At this moment, he couldn’t rely on Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection. Therefore, he took action when he felt that no attacks were hitting the shield.

He dashed forward as soon as he stood up, and his second soul ring also lit up.

If those six white balls in the air had kept following their original trajectory, they would have completely missed Xu Sanshi. However, it seemed that they had locked onto their target. Now that Xu Sanshi was now leaving them behind, they changed their trajectory and started to pursue him. But Xu Sanshi, who was rushing forward hadn’t yet realized anything.

I won!

Whenever Situ Yu would encounter this situation, he had always obtained victory. All the metal pipes forming his soul tool fortress suddenly lit up. His entire body was so brightly lit up that it seemed to be engulfed in white flames. Dozens of white lights exploded and shot toward Xu Sanshi.

At this time in the waiting area, Bei Bei suddenly said to Huo Yuhao in a low voice, “Look carefully.”

His voice had yet to fade when something unexpected happened on the platform.

Facing this simultaneous attack from the front and rear, Xu Sanshi seemed to be at a dead end. If he were to use his shield to block the attack from the front, he wouldn’t be able to defend the attack from behind properly. The strength of the white balls could be easily deduced by how concentrated they were.

What could one do in this situation?

Xu Sanshi gave the answer.

He doubled his speed in an instant. The spectators only saw a flash, and his body disappeared. He left behind dozens of afterimages, and two-thirds of the light beams and artillery shells coming from the front missed. In addition, four of the white balls behind him were destroyed by the attack he had just dodged.

That wasn’t all. The Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle ‘broke’ and split into many small shields the size of a palm as they scattered in all directions. Every shield accurately protected him from the attacks he couldn’t dodge. The two white balls at the rear were no exception.

Thunderous explosions were echoing around him, and yet, not a single attack hit his body. With this sudden acceleration, Xu Sanshi had dodged the heavy fire and arrived in front of Situ Yu.

Situ Yu was extremely surprised. How could a defense-type soul master move so quickly? But he was still Cloud Luo Academy’s captain, despite being surprised, he didn’t forget to attack with his soul tool fortress.

That Rank 4 concentrated soul cannon lit up. He hadn’t used it before due to its excessive consumption of soul power. But at this time, it hardly mattered. He mustered all the soul power in his body, which was amplified by the martial soul behind his back, and poured it inside the concentrated soul cannon.

Everyone could see the mouth of the cannon starting to light up. The white light coming out of the cannon suddenly began to turn darken. At the same time, the air on the platform started to become restless.

Situ Yu had a frenzied expression on his face. At last, he attacked.

At this moment, if one could see Xu Sanshi’s expression from close up, they would notice that his carefree expression had disappeared. Instead, a cold light was flashing through his eyes.

All the small scattered shields reunited once again into the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle. Then, when the Rank 4 concentrated soul cannon fired, he took a quick step to his left.

This single step changed everything. The concentrated soul cannon could lock onto an enemy, but with this move, Xu Sanshi wouldn’t take the hit head-on, but from a slanted angle. At the same time, the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle released a black light as it morphed into a shining mirror.

The terrifying attack of the concentrated soul cannon hit the shield. However, it did so at an angle. This caused the blazing white light to be reflected towards the protective barrier above the platform.

Xu Sanshi’s feet were like two huge boulders as he stood firmly in place. But he wasn’t done yet. After reflecting the attack, he pounced forward like a lion and ruthlessly smashed into Situ Yu’s soul tool fortress from the side.

With a thunderous boom, Situ Yu, who was not far from the edge of the ring, was sent flying. The base he had dug into the earth was also uprooted. Situ Yu slammed against the light screen of the protective barrier and collapsed to the ground.

After using the soul tool fortress, Situ Yu’s weight had surpassed 250kgs. But when Xu Sanshi hit him, he was immediately sent flying without the slightest resistance.

It was truly a beautiful collision, a showdown of pure brute force.

Xu Sanshi, who was standing at the edge of the platform, had that carefree smile on his face once again. He looked at Cloud Luo Academy’s waiting area and said to the dumbfounded Ma Yingjun, “I didn’t trick you. I went easy on you.”

“Yes, yes.” Ma Yingjun nodded repeatedly. There was nothing else he could do anyway.

Xiao Xiao said in a low voice, “Senior Xu was actually this strong.”

Till now, Xu Sanshi hadn't left a deep impression on the other members. After all, he was a defense-type soul master. You wouldn’t expect him to have any explosive or powerful skills, and on top of that, he spent most of his time pestering Jiang Nannan. Only today, after he defeated three opponents in a row, was everyone able to see his real power.

He defeated a Class 4 soul engineer while being a Soul Ancestor with four soul rings. This alone was enough to make his strength clear. Not to mention that he had easily defeated three opponents in a row.

Bei Bei smiled faintly and said, “Since he always acts shamefully, you guys must have forgotten that when you entered the academy, he was already in the sixth year. If you think about it, he should have already entered the inner courtyard by now. However, he was so dead set on Nannan that he lowered his grades on purpose. I remember that his teachers were so angry that they nearly spat blood. Moreover, he is the most talented defense-type soul master I’ve ever seen. Anyone would pay the price for looking down on him. Amongst our group of seven, he ranks first when it comes to cultivation level. After all, you can’t measure the strength of Shrek Academy’s students with the number of soul rings alone, right?”

Bei Bei was speaking the truth. You couldn’t properly measure the strength of the students of Shrek Academy just by looking at the number of soul rings they had.

Xu Sanshi had entered the academy when he was very young, and when he was fifteen, he could have graduated from the outer courtyard and taken the test to enter the inner courtyard. One could imagine how high his cultivation was. How could someone that was hailed as the number one genius of the outer courtyard together with Bei Bei be so simple? When making a proper evaluation, you had to take natural talent, strength, fighting capacity, and other various aspects into consideration.

Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Xuanwu Turtle martial soul was one of the strongest defense-type martial souls in his generation. This martial soul allowed the owner to possess an eternal and everlasting defense. In all these years, Bei Bei had never heard of any fellow student being able to break through Xu Sanshi’s defense.

“Brother, you should keep your word.” Xu Sanshi told Situ Yu. Situ Yu had fallen from the platform and was slowly getting up with great difficulty.

What Situ Yu feared the most was exactly what had happened. The soul tool fortress covered his whole body, and many soul tools had been damaged after the fall. His own body had also received quite the shock as he was bleeding from both nose and mouth. With the help of his teammates, he was finally able to get out of the mountain of soul tools.

He carefully raised his head and looked at Xu Sanshi. Then, he nodded and said, “I lost, and I’m sincerely convinced. Our Cloud Luo Academy admits defeat.”

Xu Sanshi laughed heartily, “You actually kept your word. You’re a real man. Your offensive power is not half bad. However, I advise you to join the army. You won’t be able to achieve much with this technique in 1v1 matches.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he looked toward his own waiting area and raised his hands.

Shrek Academy had obtained victory in their first match. Just like last time, they had only used one person. However, the situation was a bit different from last time. This time, they had sent out a defense-type soul master with four soul rings.

This soul master had single-handedly defeated a soul engineering academy. Even if he had only faced three opponents, anyone could tell they were Cloud Luo Academy’s strongest students. The remaining team members were merely Soul Elders with three soul rings and had no way of achieving victory.

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