Chapter 79.3: The Cheeser in the Round-Robin Round—Xu Sanshi!

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 79.3: The Cheeser in the Round-Robin Round—Xu Sanshi!

“Beautiful!” Xu Sanshi’s eyes lit up as he stared at the military-looking girl in front of him.

Xu Sanshi outward appearance wasn’t too bad; he had a square face and a normal-shaped nose and mouth. Even though he wasn’t as elegant and scholarly as Bei Bei, he could still be considered good-looking. However, his attitude was completely different than what he looked like.

Shang Yue, who stood opposite him, was a 1.7 meter-tall lady who appeared to be about eighteen or nineteen years old. Even though she wasn’t a peerless beauty, she still had an extremely slender figure; this was especially so for her long pair of legs, which stood out.

Her form-fitting robes further served to accentuate her exceptionally beautiful figure.

A pervert such as Xu Sanshi would start observe the lady in front of him from the bottom upwards. Thus, the first thing he saw was her slender, round thighs. When his sight reached her perky chest, his pupils instantly widened. His mouth widened slightly, and it seemed like he was about to start drooling.

Fortunately, he knew that Jiang Nannan was still looking at him. Thus, he forced his perverted gaze away from Shang Yue’s chest and forcefully swallowed the saliva that had gathered to the side of his mouth.

Chang Yue wasn’t much older than Xu Sanshi, but she did have a boyfriend.

She had clearly seen Xu Sanshi’s ‘performance’ just now, thus she immediately raised her eyebrows and asked, “What’re you looking at?”

Xu Sanshi almost subconsciously replied, “Steamed buns.”

“You…!” Chang Yue immediately flew into a rage, then shot straight towards him.

Perhaps due to the fact that the referee couldn’t bear to continue watching a certain person’s vulgar display, he immediately shouted ‘start’, then retreated backwards.

Chang Yue’s fighting style was completely different from Ma Yingjun’s. She had a pair of long blades sheathed on her back, which she proceeded to unsheathe the moment that her body shot forwards. As she held one blade in each hand, the two four foot-long blades immediately lit up with a brilliant white light. Afterwards, two three foot-long beams of sword-light shot straight towards Xu Sanshi.

Wang Yan, who was in front beneath the stage, suddenly blurted out, “A close-combat soul tool! Pay attention to it. Most of the time, soul engineers who use close-combat soul tools are extremely formidable in close-combat. Their soul skills might be somewhat weak, but their close-combat fighting abilities are still relatively strong. The best way to deal with them is to not get close to them. If you do, you’ll have a big problem on your hands.”

Huo Yuhao's gaze remained fixated on Chang Yue's close-combat soul tool as he began to reminisce about his own soul tool. It was the only remnant he had left to remember his mother by—the White Tiger's Dagger.

When he’d fought against the Wind Baboon, it was precisely because of the White Tiger Dagger’s special effect that he’d been able to escape being killed by the first soul beast he’d ever met in his life.

“Clang, clang—”

Onstage, Chang Yue’s long blades viciously struck Xu Sanshi’s Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle, which caused white sparks to immediately fill the surrounding air. At that moment, Chang Yue’s soul rings were on full display. Just like Ma Yingjun, she had three yellow and one purple ring. Furthermore, her martial soul was somewhat strange, as her head was the most affected by her martial soul; her originally golden hair had begun to turn gray, she’d grown much taller, and her muscles were now so big that they were bulging. Her eyes had also turned a crystalline yellow. Her lips were jutting out slightly, revealing what seemed to be canine teeth.

A dog-type martial soul? Furthermore, this seems to be a very strong one.

A martial soul like this was relatively decent, as it strengthened its user by a large amount. Considering Chang Yue’s ability as a close-combat soul engineer, it could be said to be complement her very well. The only flaw of a martial soul like this was that her aesthetics would be ruined when she activated it.

When he saw this, Xu Sanshi evilly cried out as he blocked Chang Yue’s attack with his shield, “Ghost!”

His cry made the already-seething Chang Yue immediately launch a storm of sword-beams towards him as she slashed madly at him. Although Xu Sanshi talked a lot of shit, he seemed to simply be an airbag at this moment. The only thing he did was unceasingly adjust the position of his Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle as he cowered behind it, which made it seem as if he had no intentions of attacking.

The violent booms coming from the stage, alongside the scene of Xu Sanshi being completely trashed once again, caused both an uproar and a general sense of puzzlement to spread amongst the spectators. From their point of view, Huo Yuhao and Xu Sanshi were both from the same academy. But if that was so, why was there be such a large gap between them?

The activation of a soul tool drained quite a bit of soul power. Furthermore, the drain on one’s soul power was directly proportional to the might of the close-combat soul tool being used. Chang Yue’s pair of blades were a Class 3 close-combat soul tool, thus they were relatively extraordinary in terms of strength. As she relentlessly poured down powerful blows with no regard for her soul power, Xu Sanshi gradually retreated, step by step.

However, despite her powerful cultivation, she still eventually ran out of energy. After yet another flurry of blows, she began to feel that she was overexhausting her soul power. Xu Sanshi, on the other hand, was still ten or so meters away from the edge of the stage, despite his constant retreating.

It wasn’t as if Chang Yue hadn’t attempted to find a flaw in Xu Sanshi’s defense. However, the latter’s use of the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle was extremely clever. No matter what way she tried to attack him, he was always able to block it in time. More importantly, whenever she tried to attack him from another direction, the retreating Xu Sanshi would instead steady his footsteps, then retreat in another direction. This way, Chang Yue subconsciously chose to attack him in a frontal manner.

Due to the overexhaustion of her soul power, Chang Yue’s blades began to slow down.

At that moment, the corner of Xu Sanshi’s mouth curled into a smile. “Ah, ah… I can’t hold it anymore! Quick, be more forceful, be more forceful!”

“Bastard!” Chang Yue’s large eyes went round, then she fiercely inhaled a large mouthful of air. She forcefully gathered the soul power in her body, then re-intensified the power of the blades she was holding as she once again forced Xu Sanshi to retreat backwards.

Ten meters, nine meters, eight meters… five meters, three meters, one meter… Finally, under Chang Yue’s unrelenting assault, Xu Sanshi was finally forced to the edge of the stage. Currently, he would fall off if he took just a single step backwards.

Chang Yue’s four soul rings had continuously flickered during her previous attack, but she hadn’t seemed to use any soul power on the surface. This was one of the unique characteristics of a soul engineer: When she’d chosen her soul rings, Chang Yue had chosen ones that would increase her strength and speed. This way, she could make up for the deficiencies that her martial soul had. Furthermore, her combined fighting power after using a soul tool would be much greater than what it would’ve been if she’d remained a simple soul master.

Right when she was about to succeed and win the fight, her last two soul rings simultaneously lit up, while her twin blades that had previously emitted white light now had a faint, green luster to them. The strong soul power undulations they were emitting caused even the surrounding air to distort. Her blades then flashed forwards as struck towards Xu Sanshi with an all-out attack.

She’s won!

When Chang Yue struck towards Xu Sanshi with her two swords, every single student from Cloud Luo Academy, including her, thought this exact phrase.

They all knew how strong she was; if she were to launch an all-out attack, even a Soul King-ranked expert wouldn’t be able to take a direct blow from her, let alone Xu Sanshi, who had no path of retreat.

However, right when these thoughts of victory popped into their minds, they instantly transformed into thoughts of astonishment.

Just before Chang Yue’s blades struck Xu Sanshi’s Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle, Xu Sanshi’s body suddenly flickered to the side. At the same time, he slanted the angle of his shield, which caused Chang Yue’s twin blades to practically slide across the surface of his shield.

It was true that Xu Sanshi had been forced into the corner of the arena, but at the same time, Chang Yue herself had also been forced into that corner as well! When she felt her swords strike essentially thin air, the momentum carrying her immediately caused her to fly off the stage!

Her greatest mistake was falling for Xu Sanshi’s plan; her decision-making skills had clearly been affected when she became angered by him. Combined with the string of attacks that had given her the absolute advantage in their battle, she’d forgotten the most important thing: Even though Xu Sanshi was a defense-type soul master, he didn’t have to block everything; he could also dodge an attack!

Xu Sanshi hadn’t dodged any of her attacks when she’d gone on the offensive, yet he’d suddenly changed his movements at this crucial moment… Chang Yue simply didn’t have the time to react.

The moment that she passed Xu Sanshi, Chang Yue immediately came to her senses. However, it was already too late for her to thrust her blades into the ground to stabilize herself.

Xu Sanshi nimbly turned the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle in his hand around, then lightly smacked the flat of it against Chang Yue’s protruding buttocks. A crisp ‘pa’ rang out. Combined with the momentum that Chang Yue had from when she’d charged forward, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back; Chang Yue immediately fell off the stage and rolled forwards.

This was the second match in a row where a dramatic change had occurred! Xu Sanshi had taken a beating from Chang Yue from the very beginning; in fact, he seemed like he’d collapse at any moment, yet he was still able to turn defeat into victory. Was this really just a fluke?

After falling off the stage, Chang Yue face had turned ashen. However, she was still somewhat drained from using all of her strength earlier.

On the stage, Xu Sanshi kept an innocent look on his face as he looked towards her. He shrugged his shoulders, then said, “You can’t blame me. It’s just that you were so bouncy that you got yourself bounced out. A mistake, that was definitely a mistake.” However, his gaze was fixated on Chang Yue’s protruding buttocks the entire time he spoke. Worse, once he’d finished speaking, his gaze turned towards Jiang Nannan, who was seated within the resting area.

Jiang Nannan’s expression became frosty, and she turned to retrieve a pair of scissors from somewhere unknown. She then grabbed an elongated fruit from the table in front of her.


Xu Sanshi instantly felt a certain area of his body tighten up, and he immediately turned around. He now had a righteous look on his face as he said to the referee, “I’ve won. Let’s move on to the next match.”

The referee’s gaze towards him became somewhat strange; he’d never seen such a strange competition in his life.

At that moment, the leader of Cloud Luo Advanced Soul Engineering Academy’s team took the stage and took large strides towards Xu Sanshi.

From the viewpoint of the spectators, this leader should’ve been angry and lashed out at Xu Sanshi due to his previous actions. However, the fact that he didn’t do so astonished even the referee somewhat.

Although he had a somewhat chilly and stern expression on his face as he faced Xu Sanshi, he didn’t fly into a rage as he spoke. Instead, he bowed slightly to Xu Sanshi, then said, “Cloud Luo Advanced Soul Engineering Academy, Situ Yu.”

Xu Sanshi seemed to have felt something as well. The relaxed look on his face vanished slightly, “Shrek, Xu Sanshi.”

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