Chapter 79.2: The Cheeser in the Round-Robin Round—Xu Sanshi!

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 79.2: The Cheeser in the Round-Robin Round—Xu Sanshi!

Oh!” Ma Yingjun retreated with a delighted expression on his face. It almost seemed as if he had received the biggest gift of his life.

None of them was using a sound amplifying soul tool. Therefore, the audience couldn’t hear what they were saying. But from what they could see, it seemed that the student from Cloud Luo Academy wasn’t too eager to fight!

And in this case, they weren't mistaken. When Cloud Luo Academy discovered that Shrek Academy would be their opponent in the round-robin, and in the first match on top of that, they decided to conserve all the strength they could. At the same time, they decided to not put up too much of a fight to keep a friendly relationship with Shrek Academy.

According to Wang Yan’s info, Cloud Luo Academy wasn’t very strong. They had paid quite the price just to get through the first round. As a result, many of their strongest students were injured. As if that wasn’t enough, they had now encountered the strongest academy on the continent. It was no wonder that their...

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