Chapter 79.1: The Cheeser in the Round-Robin Round—Xu Sanshi!

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 79.1: The Cheeser in the Round-Robin Round—Xu Sanshi!

The weather wasn’t great, being gloomy and somewhat oppressive, but the clouds in the sky weren’t dark. However, the sun wasn’t out but fortunately, the air was still fresh and clean, and there was no rain either.

The start of the round-robin tournament signified the opening of the participants’ rest area. The round-robin tournament today was only the first part of the tournament and four of the eight groups would make an appearance today. However, all sixty-seven teams who qualified from the knockout round were sitting within the rest area with no exceptions.

They were here to spectate the tournament. More accurately, they wanted to once again experience the shock that occurred on the first day of the tournament. They wanted to see the youth who came from Shrek and the Tang Sect and see whether he really had six hundred thousand year soul rings.

Shrek was Shrek, the Shrek that had ten thousand years of glory. Practically every single academy had unconsciously set it as their target, yet deeply revered it. Even the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy wasn’t an exception to this.


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