Chapter 78.3: A Genius Food-type Soul Master?

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 78.3: A Genius Food-type Soul Master?

Xu Sanshi had a gloomy expression on his face as he said, “Teacher Wang, why didn’t you put Jiang Nannan and me in a team together? The two of us know each other well, thus we’ll definitely work well together as a team.”

Jiang Nannan almond-shaped eyes widened. “Who’s the one that’s familiar with you? Stop trying to worm your way into being intimate with me.”

Wang Yan interjected, “This is a competition, not the place for you two to murmur endearments to one another. The reason that I’ve placed you all together like I have is because your abilities are much more compatible with Caitou’s; your focus is on defense, while his is on attack. As for Jiang Nannan, her quick-wittedness is better suited when combined with Bei Bei’s strong attacks. If she were to team up with you, I’m afraid that she wouldn’t even be able to exhibit thirty percent of her true strength.”

Jiang Nannan, who usually didn’t talk much, immediately nodded without a shred of hesitation and said, “Teacher Wang is wise.”

Xu Sanshi’s expression immediately sank at, but since this had to do with their arrangements in the competition, he didn’t think that it would be appropriate to harp on about this matter.

Wang Yan said, “The basic arrangements will thus be like this. Now then, the most favorable styles of competition for us are actually the...

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