Chapter 77.2: This Daddy has a Rough Cigar!

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 77.2: This Daddy has a Rough Cigar!

Dai Yueheng said, “The same goes for me.”

Ling Luochen also nodded and said, “I’m recovering as expected.”

“That’s good,” Wang Yan said. He then looked towards the seven members of the preparatory team, who were led by Bei Bei. “In your first match, you showed your opponents just how powerful Shrek Academy is. To be more accurate, you increased Shrek’s reputation even further. I’ve been observing the other academies’ matches during the past few days, and listening to the reactions brought about by your first battle; the effects you all achieved were much better than we could’ve expected. Our Shrek Academy has become the manifestation...

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