Chapter 76.3: I come from Shrek, and from the Tang Sect!

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 76.3: I come from Shrek, and from the Tang Sect!

Bei Bei looked carefully at the unconscious Huo Yuhao who was now lying on the sofa as he said, “Our junior brother is really talented. Back then, our moods had already changed. As we bathed in Shrek Academy’s glory, all our anxiety left us and we were only left with excitement. I told him that in the first battle under his command our objective wasn’t just to win but to win by a landslide. In order to accomplish that, our junior brother made a series of arrangements and brought about an outcome that was beyond our expectations. Even Yuhao must not have expected that our opponents would be that pitiful. The main reason for their loss was fear. Senior sister Ma was right, our Shrek Academy’s strongest weapon is our reputation.”

“According to Yuhao’s original plan, all of us had had a role to play. He was supposed to start by using his Imitation Skill to scare our opponents and follow that up by hitting...

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