Chapter 76.2: I come from Shrek, and from the Tang Sect!

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 76.2: I come from Shrek, and from the Tang Sect!

One, two, three, four, five, six… a full six blood-red soul rings had appeared beneath the seemingly thirteen or fourteen-year-old Huo Yuhao.

Red. What did that represent? It represented the pinnacle of soul rings, a terrifying level of power. It represented… a hundred thousand year soul ring!

Six hundred thousand year soul rings simultaneously appearing on a single person was something that ordinary people would never dare to imagine. Cries of surprise and alarm rang out from the mouths of several hundreds of thousands of people like a raging wave. The ear-splitting sensation coming from Huo Yuhao was simply too strong. Even the emperor of the Star Luo Empire himself, as well as his empress and officials, simultaneously stood up from shock.

The first thought that appeared in their minds was that this was impossible. It was completely impossible for a situation like this, in which a soul master was completely filled with hundred thousand year soul rings, to occur, let alone in such a young child. However, the aura of his hundred thousand year soul rings was still so terrifying, and so real. Furthermore, Shrek Academy was already an existence akin to that of a legend in many of their hearts!

One of the six blood-colored soul rings suddenly lit up, and the seven students from the Tian Ling Advanced Soul Academy let out a muffled groan at practically the same time.

The sudden appearance of six hundred thousand year soul rings was already astonishing to the spectators below the stage, let alone to the originally nervous students from the Tian Ling Advanced Soul Academy who were standing on the stage itself.

The moment they felt that completely horrifying aura, practically all of them retreated hurriedly. As a result, they were all bunched up together. However, Huo Yuhao’s mysterious Spiritual Interference appeared at this exact moment.

The students from the Tian Ling Advanced Soul Academy were originally tensed up. Combined with the visual stimulation caused by Huo Yuhao’s soul rings, their minds were only a fine line away from collapse. After receiving another tiny stimulation, they were like startled birds; their reaction to his Spiritual Interference was much greater than he had imagined. Looks of terror simultaneously appeared in their eyes, and their bodies were directly frozen by his Spiritual Interference.

At this exact moment, an enormous pair of bluish-golden wings appeared behind the dazzlingly bright Huo Yuhao. The colors of blue and gold fused perfectly with each other, releasing a beautiful golden flare. Within the blink of an eye, it was the focus of the entire arena.

The two figures instantly merged together, and the blood-colored soul rings instantly vanished. Instead, an enormous, vertical golden slit replaced it.

The resplendent colors of blue, purple, and gold covered half the arena within the blink of an eye. The ray of light struck the seven from the Tian Ling Advanced Soul Academy who were bunched up together perfectly.

An instantaneous feeling of panic appeared in the hearts of every single person who saw that golden vertically-slitted eye. Right after that, the arena seemed to be cleaved in half by that dazzling ray of light.

This ray of light neared seventy metres in length, and was three metres wide. After bursting forth, the three differently-colored halos of light slowly rose into the air. None of the seven from the Tian Ling Advanced Soul Academy were able to dodge it. When the tricolored flare finally vanished, a long, two foot-deep Golden Road that flickered with a resplendent golden light had been left on the arena.

Of the seven from the Tian Ling Advanced Soul Academy, two three-ringed soul masters immediately fell to the ground. The various protective soul tools that they were wearing had exploded, causing a series of lights to blow up. The bodies of the other five had been fully dyed gold, transforming them into golden statues. Their soul rings had vanished completely, and their martial souls had been sealed.

The golden eye vanished, causing the six dazzling blood-colored rings of light to reappear. Not only that, but another person had appeared next to Huo Yuhao; this was a youth who had unfurled the dazzling wings of the Radiant Butterfly Goddess. He looked even younger than Huo Yuhao, but two yellow, two purple, and two black soul rings flickered around his body. Six dazzling soul rings surrounded his body as well.

Huo Yuhao clasped his hands behind his back, his eyes filled with an arrogant look. He looked indifferently towards the completely flabbergasted referee and said, “This match is over.”

“Ah?” Only then did the referee react to the scene in front of him. The students from Tian Ling Advanced Soul Academy had already grabbed the two fallen three-ringed soul masters before jumping down from the stage. Traces of golden light still remained on their bodies, and as they jumped off the stage, the hundred and eight soul masters who were in charge of protecting the arena cancelled the usage of their soul power. Clearly, the match had already ended.

The plaza filled with several hundreds of thousands of spectators, including the imperial family of the Star Luo Empire and its civil and military officers, along with more than a hundred advanced soul master and soul engineering academies, was completely silent at this moment.

The people who had previously been somewhat doubtful towards the preparatory team that Shrek Academy had sent out were now left staring wide-eyed as they stared at the deep, golden ravine that was now on the arena floor.

They were almost unable to breathe, and even swallowing their saliva was hard for them.

Practically everyone was inwardly screaming the phrase ‘This is impossible!’ at seeing these six hundred thousand year soul rings. However, the word ‘impossible’ now had hesitation, astonishment, and a terrifying and hysterical excitement to it.

Shrek. This was Shrek. The continent’s number one, completely unparalleled Shrek.

Huo Yuhao slowly turned around, then looked towards the southern spectators in Star Luo Plaza. He shouted in a solemn voice, “Remember. I come from Shrek Academy, and the Tang Sect!”

With that, the six icy, blood-colored soul rings that made breathing itself difficult instantly vanished. He slowly walked down from the stage, returning to Shrek Academy’s area along with the Seven Monsters. He didn’t even wait for the referee to announce the results of the battle. The arrogance he possessed once again stunned the entire arena.

He came from Shrek! He came from the Tang Sect!

At this very moment, the most emotionally stirred person behind Huo Yuhao was Bei Bei. He forcefully suppressed the tears that were about to drip from his eyes, and thought to himself, Little Ya, how good it would’ve been if you were able to be here today to witness this scene. Right, we don’t just come from Shrek. We come from the Tang Sect!

Wang Yan took the initiative to walk up to Huo Yuhao. When he walked forward, their eyes seemed to converse with each other instantaneously. Wang Yan used a seemingly rebuking tone to speak to him, “You were too vicious.”

Huo Yuhao had already understood something from Wang Yan’s gaze. He replied coldly, “I was already showing them some mercy by temporarily sealing their martial souls. If their men weren’t able to save them in time, they wouldn’t have been able to walk down from that stage alive.” His voice was very loud, allowing the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy and the other academies behind it to hear his words.

At this moment, Ma Xiaotao, Dai Yueheng and Ling Luochen were somewhat flabbergasted. They’d never thought that this match would end in such a dramatic fashion. Although they were able to determine that Huo Yuhao’s seven would be able to win from the moment their opponents released their martial souls, they’d never expected that the preparatory team would win in such a manner.

Wang Yan and Huo Yuhao walked back, side by side. The former touched Huo Yuhao’s left hand seemingly by accident, and his gaze flickered slightly. “Do you want to stay behind and watch the other matches?”

Huo Yuhao continued putting on a cool look and said coldly, “What’s there to look at? Is there anything worth seeing? Let’s go back.” With that, he directly went outside.

When he walked past the representative teams from the various academies, Huo Yuhao swept his glance across them in a seemingly unintentional manner. Unexpectedly, nobody dared to meet his gaze. The current Huo Yuhao was like a king examining his citizens. The others from Shrek Academy all followed behind him, and they all left just like that after the first match had ended. They didn’t even greet the Star Luo Empire’s imperial family.

“Who is that person? Why have I never heard his name before? Go find out. Go find out what his name is, and do so at any cost.” The Star Luo Emperor’s gaze followed Huo Yuhao all the way out. Shrek Academy’s immediate exit following the end of the battle caused the entire tournament to pause for several seconds or so, and their exit attracted the gazes of everyone present.

A fervent look gradually appeared in every single pair of eyes in the arena. Right! This was Shrek. This was the number one academy under the heavens, the existences akin to gods in their eyes! This was Shrek Academy’s strength. One of their students even had hundred thousand year soul rings! That seemingly thirteen or fourteen year-old-youth was actually Shrek Academy’s true leader in this tournament.

The most stunned of the lot was still the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy. They currently had hideous looks on their faces. Even the extremely arrogant Xiao Hongchen had an ashen look on his face as he clenched his fists tightly. A voice rang out unceasingly in his mind.

How could this be? How could this be? How could there be a person even more talented than I am? No, absolutely not. He’s a fake, a fake, a fake!

He was naturally a fake.

Huo Yuhao maintained his cold expression as he led the students of Shrek Academy all the way back to the Imperial Star Grand Hotel, and until he opened the door. After standing in his room for a few seconds, the expression on his face suddenly changed.

Without any prior signs at all, his body went limp, and he fell straight to the ground. It wasn’t just him; Wang Dong, who was behind him, did the same as the two tumbled down together.

Fortunately, Wang Yan had already prepared himself for this. One in each hand, he caught them by the arms. Jiang Nannan and Xu Sanshi helped support Wang Dong, while Wang Yan hugged Huo Yuhao and carefully set him down on the sofa.

The previously monarch-like Huo Yuhao was now as pale as a child; he’d already fallen into a deep sleep.

Just why would Wang Yan have asked whether he wanted to continue spectating? When he had touched Huo Yuhao’s hand earlier, he had noticed that the latter’s hand was cold and trembling. He knew that he was definitely in an extremely weak state. Sure enough, Huo Yuhao immediately agreed to bring everyone back the moment he asked for his opinion. By relying on his sturdy willpower, he made it all the way till the hotel before collapsing.

Wang Yan looked towards Bei Bei and asked, “Just how did you guys plan it?”

Right! Just how had they planned it all out? This was also the question in Ma Xiaotao, Dai Yueheng, and Ling Luochen’s minds. They’d seen the strength of Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s fusion skill before, but there was still a limit to their cultivations! It was simply inconceivable that their attack had succeeded against the elites of the Tian Ling Advanced Soul Academy… and they had drawn first blood! However, wasn’t there some danger in this? Would their later opponents be so easily taken in?

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