Chapter 75.2: The Start of the Tournament

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 75.2: The Start of the Tournament 

He pounded the table violently, and stood up, saying, “It means that they’re looking down on us! They think they can defeat us just with their preparatory team! This is like getting a slap in the face; do you understand that? This is the most direct way they could use to slap us in the face. According to the rules of the tournament, the registrations will end today. Therefore, they’re planning to rely on that team to fight us. Ma Rulong.”

“Here.” A male student sitting in the place of honor on the regular team’s side stood up. His face was somewhat similar to the angry old man’s. He had a large stature and short hair with curly sideburns. Both his eyes were bright, and his entire body was emitting a boundless power.

“If we manage to lose against such a lineup, you will be kicked out of the Illustrious Virtue Hall.”

“Yes.” Ma Rulong replied with one word just like before, but his voice was already filled with murderous intent.

“Elder Ma, don’t be anxious. I don’t think things are so simple.” Sitting in front of Ma Rulong was the captain of the preparatory team; he was...

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