Chapter 74.2: The Taotie Douluo and the Dragon God Douluo

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 74.2: The Taotie Douluo and the Dragon God Douluo

“However, we have one dead and six heavily injured students this time. If I keep staying by their side, would another thing like this happen again? My martial soul has guaranteed that I’m not suited to be the vice-captain of the Shrek Guardians. I’ve already made my decision. Yao Haoxuan doesn’t even have a corpse I can bury. I feel very pained, let alone the fact that they’ll have to represent the school to take part in the Continental Advanced Soul Duelling Academy now. Now that a large mistake like this has occurred, the school’s honor as the number one academy in the continent may be destroyed. This responsibility can only be taken on by me.”

The Dean of the Soul Tool Department, Xian Lin’er, spoke up, “Elder Xua, please stay your mouth. Although your Godly Taotie Bull requires you to eat things for long periods of time, this doesn’t affect your capabilities! Everyone can clearly see the contributions you’ve made to the academy during these years. We’re all sad for the death of an inner courtyard disciple, but we can’t stop eating for fear of choking. If you leave, that’ll be...

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