Chapter 74.1: The Taotie Douluo and the Dragon God Douluo

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 74.1: The Taotie Douluo and the Dragon God Douluo

Until now, Wang Dong had been leaning against a tree with his thighs acting as Huo Yuhao’s comfortable pillow. Now, without even giving Huo Yuhao a chance to speak, Wang Dong hugged him fiercely and said, “Yuhao, do you know that you scared me to death? I thought that you would become like those corpses…” A sobbing tone crept into his voice as he said these words.

Xu Sanshi, who was standing next to Bei Bei, chuckled and said, “Look, their brotherly feelings really run deep.”

Bei Bei’s lips twitched, and he retorted, “In any case, they’re much stronger than a naturally cold-hearted guy like you.”

Xu Sanshi immediately flared up in anger, “Bullshit! How can you claim that I am naturally cold-hearted?! I just don’t want to be too compassionate towards others! Humph!”

Jiang Nannan furrowed her brows slightly, “How old are you two to still be arguing like children?”

After hearing her comment, Xu Shanshi immediately began to behave. That comment was far more effective than even consuming medicine would have been. With a righteous look on his face, he didn’t bother Bei Bei anymore.

Huo Yuhao patted Wang Dong’s back as he spoke, “It’s alright. I’m...

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