Chapter 73.3: Third Martial Soul? Necromancy?

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 73.3: Third Martial Soul? Necromancy?

Elder Xuan left Huo Yuhao in Wang Dong’s care, “He’s fine. He has just overdrawn his spiritual power. Let him rest.”

Wang Dong didn’t even hear those words; he held Huo Yuhao tightly and started crying.

Huo Yuhao wanted to say something to comfort him. However, he was just too tired after exhausting his spiritual power. He only managed to fractionally raise his hand and wasn’t able to say anything else.

“How is the situation?” Elder Xuan, who still had his martial soul active, turned towards Wang Yan and asked with a very gloomy expression. After that incident in the Great Star Dou Forest, where the disciples of the inner courtyard had encountered a hundred thousand year soul beast and suffered heavy casualties, this was the second time that there had been so many losses under his leadership. An ordinary person would never be able to understand the pain he was feeling right now.

Wang Yan said full of grief, “Yao Haoxuan died in battle. I tried my best to piece the remains of his skeleton together, but after...

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