Chapter 73.3: Third Martial Soul? Necromancy?

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 73.3: Third Martial Soul? Necromancy?

Elder Xuan left Huo Yuhao in Wang Dong’s care, “He’s fine. He has just overdrawn his spiritual power. Let him rest.”

Wang Dong didn’t even hear those words; he held Huo Yuhao tightly and started crying.

Huo Yuhao wanted to say something to comfort him. However, he was just too tired after exhausting his spiritual power. He only managed to fractionally raise his hand and wasn’t able to say anything else.

“How is the situation?” Elder Xuan, who still had his martial soul active, turned towards Wang Yan and asked with a very gloomy expression. After that incident in the Great Star Dou Forest, where the disciples of the inner courtyard had encountered a hundred thousand year soul beast and suffered heavy casualties, this was the second time that there had been so many losses under his leadership. An ordinary person would never be able to understand the pain he was feeling right now.

Wang Yan said full of grief, “Yao Haoxuan died in battle. I tried my best to piece the remains of his skeleton together, but after being used by that evil soul master, his corpse was contaminated by the deadly poison and corroded. We won’t be able to bring back his complete skeleton.”

Elder Xuan painfully closed his eyes, “How are the others? What’s the state of their injuries? Are they in mortal danger?”

Wang Yan replied, “Chen Zifeng lost one leg, but the one that suffered the worst injuries was Gong Yangmo. His chest and abdomen have suffered immense damage from the exploding toxic flesh and blood. Therefore, his internal injuries are not only extremely severe but poisonous too. Xi Xi’s internal injuries are less serious, but the poison she was infected with is still very dangerous. As, the three of them have already developed a high fever I gave them some pills to restrain the poison and lower the fever, but this is only a temporary measure. We need the best possible treatment to save their lives. Ma Xiaotao and Dai Yueheng were in the epicenter of the explosions While they were able to block the toxic blood and flesh released by the explosion due to their high cultivations, the shock waves left them with internal injuries. They’ll need some time to heal. Luckily, neither they nor Ling Luochen were contaminated by the poisonous flesh and blood. With the academy’s medicinal pills, they should be able to recover in half a month. What about the Envoy of the Death God?”

Elder Xuan heaved a deep sigh and told Wang Yan everything that Yuhao had told him. After hearing the story, Wang Yang’s cold and stern expression thawed a little, “Good, good. At least Haoxuan was avenged. Even that Envoy of the Death God couldn’t have expected to die at Yuhao’s hands.”

Elder Xuan opened his eyes again, a resolute look within them. He had already made up his mind and said in a deep voice, “Wang Yan, you’ll have to bear the burden of this difficult task. Bring them back to the military camp, and once Xiaotao and the other two are stable, make haste towards Star Luo City and join the tournament. I’ll bring Gong Yangmo, Chen Zifeng, and Xi Xi back to the academy to get treated. We can’t afford to waste any time and must move immediately.”

Having said that, Elder Xuan pointed his big hands toward the three people that were lying unconscious on the ground. Dense white soul power wrapped them up in a manner reminiscent of a giant cocoon, protecting them.

Elder Xuan took a deep breath and then looked at at the seven from the outer courtyard as he spoke in a grave tone, “The situation has now changed, and the responsibility lies with me. I’m afraid there isn’t enough time to send for new team members from the academy anymore. We can only rely on you lot for the time being. At the very least, you’ll have to hold on until Ma Xiaotao and the others have recovered. Children, the academy can only rely on you to preserve its glory. If you win, the honor will be yours. If you lose, I’ll personally bear all the shame.”

After that, Elder Xuan raised his head, trying to hold back the tears welling up in his eyes. He then brought the three people wrapped in his soul power out of the cave before he activated his flying-type soul tool and headed toward Shrek Academy at full speed. It was of the utmost importance to cure and save the three students that had been injured and poisoned. After hearing Elder Xuan’s words, Huo Yuhao also sunk into a deep slumber.

By the time he regained consciousness, the sun was already high in the sky; it was high noon. The stench of blood had also disappeared and had been replaced by the fresh mountain air.

He discovered that his head was leaning against something soft and elastic. The height was just right, and it was very comfortable. A fine and slender hand was lying on his chest, and those same long and slender fingers were also right in front of his eyes.

He didn’t even need to raise his head to guess who they belonged to, because he had already held this hand innumerable times, though this was his first time seeing them up close.

Wang Dong’s hands were really beautiful! Although they were much smaller than his, the length of their fingers was about the same. They truly resembled the hands of a girl.

After his nap, the dizziness from before had already disappeared. All the memories of what had happened previously now slowly started to resurface in his mind. Even though it had been a while, he still felt his heart skip a beat whenever he thought of what had happened.

The Divine Law of Necromancy, the Specter of Calamity, Electrolux. This was the true identity of the gray ball of light slumbering in his Spiritual Sea!

At the time, when Electrolux had temporarily taken control of his body, Huo Yuhao hadn’t been able to oppose him in the slightest. He could still feel the outside world and retained all five senses, but he had no control over his body.

This wasn’t the first time that someone had taken control of his body. The Skydream Iceworm had also done it once before. However at that time, he hadn’t been aware of what was happening in the outside world and had remained in his Spiritual Sea as a spectator. The Skydream Iceworm was a million year soul beast, and even if it was doomed to never become a god due to its special circumstances, it was still a million year soul beast which specialized in the spiritual field! Did this mean that he was inferior to a mere spiritual imprint left behind by Electrolux? Just who was this Electrolux? Moreover, he said that he could have become the Death God long ago if he had wished to. All of this combined was just too scary.

He had said that he was from another world. What was this world like? And what was this necromancy of his? It seemed somewhat similar to the power of that evil soul master. However, he didn’t get an evil feeling from it. Instead, it felt pure and holy.

“It’s not that my spiritual power is inferior to his. It’s just that I’m not as knowledgeable as him when it comes to the human Spiritual Seas.” The Skydream Iceworm admitted unwillingly.

“Brother Skydream.” Huo Yuhao hastened to say, “Elder Electro…”

“Don’t mention it,” The Skydream Iceworm said, depressed, “That guy should be a human like you, but is far from being common as evidenced by his incredible power. I suspect that he met a powerful opponent that destroyed both his body and soul, leaving behind only a small fragment of the latter. When we fused together, we created a strange celestial phenomenon, and that soul fragment was assimilated in the process. That guy should feel grateful. If it weren’t for this brother, that soul fragment might’ve already dispersed.”

“Stop making excuses. If you’re inferior, you’re just inferior. Let alone you, even I am well below him in regards to spiritual strength. He really wasn’t exaggerating when he said that if his soul fragment were complete, he might have already become a god.” The Ice Empress said. She wasn’t depressed as the Skydream Iceworm, and her voice even carried a hint of admiration.

The Ice Empress continued, “Yuhao, don’t waste time worrying about this. Elder Electro’s strength mainly lies in his knowledge and soul level with the latter being incredibly high. However, he has suffered a lot of damage, and with but a fragment left, there’s not much he can do. In his current condition, he cannot even augment your strength. When he displayed his power earlier, he used your body as a medium and Skydream’s sealed power as an energy source. He stopped us from taking action with his higher understanding of your Spiritual Sea. Since we were unsure of what to do and felt that acting rashly might cause damage to your Spiritual Sea, we had no choice but to rely on him. Elder Electro’s strength lies exactly in his knowledge. The powerful magic he used should also originate from his world, You should learn it should the opportunity ever arise. ”

“However, Elder Electro’s power and that of the evil soul master…” Huo Yuhao said somewhat anxiously.

The Ice Empress said, “Don’t worry. Elder Electro and that guy were on two completely different planes. Elder Electro gave me a feeling of purity and simplicity. His soul has already reached a realm where the words ‘good’ or ‘evil’ aren’t suitable to describe the its aura. From another standpoint, he should be an existence above this world of ours. Therefore, his power is unlikely to influence your disposition. And from his words, it seems like it won’t be easy for you to learn from him due to his exceedingly high requirements towards your moral character. If I’m not mistaken, Elder Electro’ s attribute should be the same as yours; a light attribute. And even if his light attribute was very weak, it was the purest I had ever seen.”

“Then, what should I do?” Huo Yuhao wasn’t even thirteen yet. Therefore, it was normal for him to rely on the Ice Empress or the Skydream Iceworm when he was in a dilemma.

“You don’t need to do anything.” The Skydream Iceworm said, “All you have to do is keep cultivating and getting stronger. That soul fragment will still need several years to restore itself and become self-sufficient. And until then, he won’t come out easily, because he would be done for if this only fragment were to be damaged. Moreover, you can only learn from him if you have enough strength and spiritual power. Therefore, keep cultivating.”

“I understand.” Huo Yuhao had now calmed down a bit. Even though they hadn’t completely dispelled the doubts in his heart, the Ice Empress and Skydream Iceworm’s explanations had put him at ease.

After settling this matter, he opened his eyes. Then, he gently moved Wang Dong’s hand away and sat up.

This slight movement caused Wang Dong to shake and call out in alarm, “Yuhao, you’re awake.”

When he sat up, Huo Yuhao saw that his fellow students were all nearby. They were sitting in the middle of the woods in deep meditation, trying to recover their energy. But when they heard Wang Dong’s voice, they began to wake up one after another.

From the main team, only Ma Xiaotao, Dai Yueheng and Ling Luochen were left. Their complexions were still pale due to being severely injured. At this time, even they opened their eyes.

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