Chapter 71.3: White Tiger Duke's Mansion

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 71.3: White Tiger Duke's Mansion

“Greetings to the lord Duke.” Wang Yan lead the inner courtyard disciples and outer courtyard disciples behind them in bowing to the White Tiger Duke. The Duke wasn’t just the marshal; he also stood at the apex of nobility on the entire continent. Naturally, they’re manners couldn’t be lacking.

The White Tiger Duke shook hands with Wang Yan, then said, “Everyone, please step inside. Let this Marshal act as a host now.”

Wang Yan smiled, then replied in a neither servile nor overbearing manner, “There’s no need for Lord Duke to be so polite. We’ve come this time to carry out our mission. It’ll be enough if Lord Duke can just give us some clues to help us out. We know that you have a multitude of problems to deal with every day, so we won’t bother you too much.”

The White Tiger Duke didn’t attempt to remain, he simply nodded slightly. “Since that’s the case, Elder Du, you’re in charge of taking care of these distinguished guests. If any of you wish to join the army once you’ve graduated, the Central Legion of my Star Luo Empire’s Western Army will always have its gates’ open to you. You might not get paid very well here. However, this is the best choice...

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