Chapter 71.2: White Tiger Duke's Mansion

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 71.2: White Tiger Duke's Mansion

Now that they’d recovered, everyone once again ascended into the air. After being tormented by Elder Xuan, they all began to enjoy the feeling of flying slowly. At the very least, their complexions improved somewhat from doing so. If one were to use Elder Xuan’s previous speed along with both his strength and his flying-type soul tool as references, they’dd be able to calculate that Elder Xuan would be able to travel to any corner of the entire Douluo continent within a week. Huo Yuhao was growing more and more curious about Elder Xuan’s true strength. The latter shouldn’t be just any Titled Douluo; it was likely that even Dean Yan Shaozhe wouldn’t be able to compete with Elder Xuan in cultivation alone.

At that moment, the sky had already begun to brighten; the sun had risen from the east and bathed their bodies in a faint golden glow.

A large military camp slowly appeared in front of them. This camp was set up right next to the mountains, while a few more camps were visible in the Ming Dou Mountain Range itself.

The word ‘military camp’ was somewhat...

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