Chapter 71.1: White Tiger Duke's Mansion

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 71.1: White Tiger Duke's Mansion

Western border of the Star Luo Empire.

It was already so deep into the night that you couldn’t see the stars or the moon anymore. In fact, it was so dark that, in the wilderness, you couldn’t even see your hand if you were to hold it up in front of your face. This time of night was the darkest part of the night, as it was right before the sun would rise in the faraway east, and a new day would begin.

But at that instant, a white light cut through the sky, leaving behind a magnificent glowing tail; it seemed as if the sky had suddenly been cleaved in two.

This white light looked like a meteor that was descending towards the earth. However, it seemed to be slowing down as it fell.

Suddenly, it grew larger, and the white light transformed into a huge platform that was dozens of meters in diameter. Afterwards, several black forms slowly descended to the earth from the platform.



The sound of people retching continuously echoed in the night air. Once the white light had disappeared, the dozen-or-so figures that had appeared were either...

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