Chapter 70.1: Flying-type Soul Tool

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 70.1: Flying-type Soul Tool

Huo Yuhao felt his heart immediately go cold. Right! If ordinary people could master the use of soul tools—even if it was only the lowest-ranked Soul Ray—then an army of over tens of thousand soldiers equipped with soul tools could be created. How terrifying would such a thing be!?

“Senior brother, then can you explain why our Tang Sect declined? In any case, ordinary people aren’t able to use soul tools yet. However, our mechanical hidden weapons don’t need soul power!

Bei Bei, who was attempting to fly, sighed when he heard Huo Yuhao’s words. “They’re trying to overcompensate. Furthermore, the army’s best long distance weapon is still the bow and arrow. Our hidden weapons have quite a short range of effectiveness, while their cost of production is very high due to the quality of the materials we use. As such, the army naturally wouldn’t equip itself with our weapons. In the past, we mainly sold our hidden weapons to large-scale sects. However, they’ve since switched to soul tools.”

Huo Yuhao suddenly felt a flash inspiration flit through his mind, but he wasn’t able to tell just what this inspiration had been about.

“Yuhao, come here. Let’s test out our flying-type soul tools. The process should be relatively smooth. Here, I’ll help you up.” Once he’d finished, He Caitou grabbed Huo Yuhao’s arm, then released two beams of white light from the flying-type soul tool on his back, which propelled the two into the air.

The feeling of one’s feet leaving the ground was somewhat mystical, yet was also terrifying; after all, this was Huo Yuhao’s first time flying.

Ma Xiaotao’s had already begun to help Xiao Xiao fly on the other side, albeit with some screeching on Xiao Xiao’s part.

To use a flying-type soul tool, one first had to gather one’s thoughts, then needed to channel their soul power from their back into the core formation of the flying-type soul tool in order to produce a propulsive force. The contraption had a few buttons on it for the sake of adjusting its wingspan. However, a larger wingspan didn’t necessarily mean a that one would fly faster; that was determined based off the change in one’s turbulence. As long as the user was able to maintain a high amount of forwards momentum, they wouldn’t fall down.

As Huo Yuhao was a soul engineer, controlling such a soul tool didn’t pose a challenge to him. Right now, all he needed to do was learn how to control his balance.

However, he couldn’t really calm down at the moment; he was currently distracted by the astonished voices of both the Skydream Iceworm and the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion, who were currently engaged in a conversation in his mind.

“The humans actually have something like this. Isn’t this equivalent to simply putting on a set of wings?” The Ice Empress asked, astonished.

The Skydream Iceworm replied, “The reason that humans—not soul beasts like you and I—are ruling the continent, is mainly due to the disparity in our creativeness! When I was in the Great Star Dou Forest, I saw even more powerful soul tools. Those weapons were truly terrifying; even hundred thousand year soul beasts didn’t dare to take them head-on.”

The Ice Empress said in a somewhat lonely voice, “The life of a human is truly much more colorful than that of a soul beasts. I’ve lived for nearly four hundred thousand years, yet I only have ice and snow in my memories.”

The Skydream Iceworm hurriedly consoled her, “Aren’t things different now? Isn’t this proof that you’ve made the right decision? We’ll definitely see more interesting things as we watch Little Yuhao grow up! Unfortunately, we can’t just spoil him. If we could, I’d have considered making him more powerful quicker.”

The Ice Empress sighed. “This is rather good, I guess. Only, I’m not to sure how the Snow Empress is faring. Her situation isn’t much different from my previous one. Actually, she might be in an even more dangerous position than I was. I’m afraid that she won’t be able to make it past her next bottleneck!”

The Skydream Iceworm replied, “Why don’t we head back and retrieve Snow Empress as well?”

“If you’re trying to die, don’t bring me along,” The Ice Empress unhappily said, “don’t tell me that you think you can persuade her. At that time, if it weren’t for the fact that you’d trapped me and threatened my very existence, do you think that I’d have chosen this sort of passive route that I can’t control? The Snow Empress can control her desires even more than I can. Furthermore, she’s the true master of the Extreme North. It’s impossible for her willing to in a state like this, where she’d be attached to a human.”

The Skydream Iceworm laughed mischievously. “That isn’t completely impossible! If she were to fall in love with me, she might risk everything to be together with me.”

“Have you no shame!? Don’t blame me for not telling you this! When the Titan Snow Devil King tried to ask the Snow Empress out, do you know what happened? All of the bones in his body, including his skull, were crushed by her! It took him over a thousand years to recover his strength. And that’s only because the Snow Empress decided to leave him a trace of his life due to the wisp of the Ice God’s bloodline he possessed. If you want to be crushed into a gallon of juice by the Snow Empress, you’d best get far away from this place first.”

“Eep, I was just joking, just joking! The only person I love is you. Who cares about some Snow Empress? She’s just some fleeting clouds, some fleeting clouds!” The Skydream Iceworm said in an extremely resolute tone.

The Ice Empress snorted coldly. “Get your evil spiritual power away from me. The Snow Empress can undergo a metamorphosis utilizing her innate skill, and she’s already managed to break through various calamities. If I’m not mistaken, she shouldn’t be to far from her seventh calamity now. I hope that she succeeds.”

While they spoke, Huo Yuhao had already begun to control his flying-type soul tool. The omni-assisting Spiritual Detection once again played a wonderful role in this: He was able to clearly detect the changes in turbulence in the air, and accurately react by changing the angle of his wings. It only took him a short while of testing to master flying in a straight line. Afterwards, he began attempting to glide through the air. On the other side, Xiao Xiao had already fallen from the air thrice. If it weren’t for Ma Xiaotao, she would’ve been smashed into several pieces already...

Even Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi, Jiang Nannan, and the rest had trembled in fear when they’d first tried out their flying-type soul tools. Despite their experience, they still needed a certain amount of time to familiarise themselves with its usage.

Good things naturally couldn’t be enjoyed by just a single person. The others were soon able to enjoy the aid of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection. After an hour of practice, everyone was at least able to stay in the air. Once everyone had reached this point, they all naturally entered a state of meditation to recover their soul power, then took flight again.

For the sake of receiving the help of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, the outer courtyard disciples all gathered behind him. Wang Yan was now above them, while Elder Xuan had disappeared off to some unknown place again. With Ma Xiaotao in the lead, the seven from the inner courtyard opened up a path in the shape of a ‘V’ and flew straight ahead at full speed.

The greatest advantage of flying was the fact that one wouldn’t be blocked by the terrain; instead, one could take the shortest path to one’s destination. Huo Yuhao didn’t know how his seniors were able to keep track of their bearings, but all he needed to do right now was maintain his Spiritual Detection in order to help out his teammates around him.

At this moment, Wang Dong and Huo Yuhao were practically inseperable. Wang Dong was flying beneath him, and had unfurled his flying-type soul tool’s wings. On the other hand, Huo Yuhao had stretched his hands out and was currently holding onto his neck.

The moment they’d started to fly like this, they’d suffered questions from the others. However, the two of them naturally wouldn’t talk about the Haodong Power. As a result, they both shook their heads mysteriously at the others’ questions.

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