Chapter 69.3: Evil Soul Master

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 69.3: Evil Soul Master

Bei Bei instantly replied, “Because mine’s bigger!”

“Bullshit.” Xu Sanshi immediately rose to his feet. “Is yours as big as this daddy’s?”

Bei Bei raised his index and middle fingers towards Xu Sanshi. “First off, I won’t compare myself to shelled peanuts.” Afterwards, he put down his index finger, which left only his middle finger extended. “Second, I was referring to my age.”

“I can’t take it anymore!” Xu Sanshi finally bared his fangs and pounced towards Bei Bei. However, it was at that exact instant that Huo Yuhao’s voice distracted him.

“The rabbit’s done.”

To a human, being ripped apart by five horses was definitely one of the most miserable tortures they could suffer. However, the most appalling tragedy that could occur to two wild rabbits was being divided amongst ten or so people.

The instant that Huo Yuhao spoke, the two rabbits were torn apart and scattered. This was a classic example of there being too many wolves, yet too little meat! The funniest thing that Huo Yuhao took away from this was the fact that his seniors even had to compete with each other in terms of strength while eating...

Ma Xiaotao was the strongest of the lot, and was also the quickest. As such,...

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