Chapter 69.1: Evil Soul Master

Book 11: The Continental Advanced Academy Soul Dueling Tournament

Chapter 69.1: Evil Soul Master

“We’ve already informed the guards from the Star Luo Empire stationed near the Ming Dou Mountains before we departed. They’ll provide us with a detailed map and accurate information in due course. If there are no further questions, we have to depart at full speed. Keep your Guardian Rings properly. You can only wear them when you’re executing a mission.”

Everyone expressed that they were ready one after the other. Ma Xiaotao then said, “The ones with lower cultivations will slow us down. There’s no way we can accommodate to you guys, so we’re going to do things this way. I’ll take Huo Yuhao along with me. Dai Yueheng, you take Wang Dong. Ling Luochen, you take Xiao Xiao with you. Let’s go.”

Ever since Ma Xiaotao started giving her presentation regarding the Guardian mission, Elder Xuan hadn’t said another word - everything was in Ma Xiaotao’s control. This was not only his confidence in Ma Xiaotao’s ability to command a group, but it was also a way for her to polish her skills. It would be no good if a dragon lacked a leader. This Guardian mission was also the final learning curve for them all before the tournament started.

“I want senior sister Ma to take me...

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