Chapter 66.2: Victory! Swap!

Book 10: Shrek's Seven Monsters

Chapter 66.2: Victory! Swap!

At that moment, Dai Yueheng finally reached Ma Xiaotao. However, even though the leaders of both teams were about to collide, the latter was still under the effects of the Soulchasing Sword. In other words, she was under attack from two people at once.

A dazzlingly golden light suddenly appeared above Ma Xiaotao’s head. Once it appeared, it shot outwards, then targeted the person behind Dai Yueheng, Chen Zifeng. This golden light was from Wang Dong, who’d released his second soul skill, Light of the Butterfly Goddess.

He was currently standing atop Huo Yuhao’s shoulders, the latter holding onto his legs with his hands in order to maintain the flow of their Haodong Power.

The moment they made their move, the battle fully erupted.

A bolt of lightning suddenly flickered past Ma Xiaotao’s body. Dai Yueheng stopped his charge when he saw this, then squatted down and out a muffled roar. Sharp blades appeared atop his enormous, tiger-like fingers as he carefully guarded himself. Immediately afterwards, a series of consecutive ‘ding’s rang out. When they struck Dai Yueheng, he became unable to move even half a step forward. On the contrary, an electric light had wrapped itself around his body and entrapped him. Xi Xi had made a move, but she she had simply struck too quickly. If Huo Yuhao locked onto her with his Spiritual Detection, he wouldn’t have been able to see her clearly.

As students that’d been able to become official members of Shrek Academy’s competing team, none of them were ordinary; all of them had their own respective specialties.

The moment that Dai Yueheng slowed down, the combination attack he’d launched with Chen Zifeng was naturally broken. Ma Xiaotao let out a cold snort, then rushed forwards like a bolt of lightning. She reached for the Soulchasing Sword with her hands as she unfurled her wings, which caused a red light to rise alongside the black light her sixth soul ring had begun to emit. The patch of sky around her was almost instantly illuminated by a red light.

Ma Xiaotao’s sixth soul skill was undoubtedly her strongest one. Furthermore, the floating Gong Yangmo made his move concurrently.

Even though Ma Xiaotao thought that he had an extremely vile attitude, the two still held an extremely good relationship. It was a relationship akin to that of the relationship between siblings. Ma Xiaotao hadn’t just chosen him due to his strength, but also because of the relatively good synergy that they already had.

The midair Gong Yangmo unfurled his wings, and his fifth soul ring lit up. When he released his ten thousand year soul skill, a green light accurately shot out from his body towards Ma Xiaotao’s back.

His and Ma Xiaotao’s green and red lights fused together in that instant, as if the wind itself were helping stoke the fire. The sky was then dyed red, and enormous, meter-long balls of golden-red fire immediately began to fall from the sky and pepper the opposing team.

Regardless of whether it was Dai Yueheng or Chen Zifeng, none of the opposing team had expected Ma Xiaotao to launch an all-out attack at the very beginning of the battle. Furthermore, the might of her already-terrifying attack had been doubled due to Gong Yangmo’s help! Even though this was an attack that covered a large area, its power made Dai Yueheng and the rest’s expressions change.

If Ling Luochen had still be present, she would’ve been able to rely on her ice element to weaken Ma Xiaotao’s attack. However, she’d already been eliminated! Dai Yueheng’s team’s only choice was to endure the full might of Ma Xiaotao’s strike.

Ma Xiaotao’s headstrong temperament was undoubtedly fully manifested in her attack. In fact, ever since she’d returned to the official team, Dai Yueheng had been left in a somewhat uncomfortable state. After all, it wasn’t easy for him to accept another person taking over as the head of the team. Fine! Since you’re not willing to accept it, I’ll use my strength to make you do so!

Not only was Ma Xiaotao powerful, her mind was extremely sharp. She’d immediately thought of a strategy to suppress her opponents using brute force the moment that Ling Luochen was eliminated. She wanted to defeat her opponents in the shortest possible amount of time, thus she’d immediately used her strongest soul skill to simplify the situation on the battlefield.

The balls of fire that were falling from the sky resembled fiery meteors as they fell towards the ground. Moreover, every single one of these ‘meteors’ seemed to have grown eyes. All of them had targeted one of the six people on the opposing team, with most of them naturally targeting Chen Zifeng and Dai Yueheng. After that, they headed towards Yao Haoxuan, Xu Sanshi, Jiang Nannnan, and Xiao Xiao.

This was the Phoenix Meteor Shower, Ma Xiaotao’s sixth soul skill!

When the fiery meteors neared their targets, they transformed into the shape of a phoenix and let out reverberating phoenix cries, then immediately accelerated towards their respective targets.

Jiang Nannan and Xiao Xiao were removed from the battlefield by Elder Xuan straightaway. With this, Dai Yueheng’s team had lost another two members.

Even though Dai Yueheng and Xi Xi were both Soul Emperors, Dai Yueheng was at a disadvantage against the latter’s attacks. Currently, he could only do his best to protect himself; he didn’t have any time to care about his teammates.

Xu Sanshi was left in an even more miserable state. When the Phoenix Meteor Shower had shot towards them, he hadn’t thought of protecting himself. On the contrary, he’d immediately moved to help Jiang Nannan. Because of that, his enormous Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle was sent flying towards her with his fourth soul skill activated. However, the sudden acceleration of the Phoenix Meteor Shower caused Elder Xuan to take her out immediately, which resulted in his defensive shield landing on thin air. Almost immediately afterwards, he himself was removed from the battlefield. Now that he’d lost his shield, even a defense-type soul master like him wouldn’t be able to withstand a full round of the strengthened Phoenix Meteor Shower!

It wasn’t clear if Elder Xuan had done this on purpose, but Xu Sanshi’s entire back had been scorched by the Phoenix Meteor Shower as a result of him arriving a beat late. Fortunately, he was of the water element. Thus, even though he let out a few miserable wails, he hadn’t suffered too much damage.

In reality, even though Ma Xiaotao was extremely powerful, she wouldn’t normally have been able to take out a team of people around their level of strength with just a single attack. However, their team simply wasn’t coordinated enough. All of the people from the preparatory team had been disqualified in the blink of an eye.

In comparison, the inner courtyard disciples’ strength had been fully revealed. Chen Zifeng hadn’t let Ma Xiaotao grab hold of his Soulchasing Sword, and the moment that the Phoenix Meteor Shower was released, he’d immediately called his weapon back to him in order to defend himself. When he did so, Ma Xiaotao had no way to pursue him, as she needed to both maintain and control her sixth soul skill.

The Soulchasing Sword in front of Chen Zifeng continuously carved out startlingly bloody rainbows as the soul rings surrounding it continued to flicker alternatingly. Firstly, it easily shrugged off Wang Dong’s Light of the Butterfly Goddess. Afterwards, it slashed apart the meteors that were aimed at him. At the same time, Chen Zifeng continued to move about in an illusory manner. He flashed around at an unusually quick speed in order to dodge a few of the fiery meteors, but when he did, more continued to accurately home in on him.

Chen Zifeng had revealed a valiant level of power, but he’d become inwardly puzzled. Just when had Ma Xiaotao reached this level of control with her sixth soul skill? The level of strength that the Phoenix Meteor Shower had revealed once it’d undergone Gong Yangmo’s auxiliary-type skill was entirely real, but when it was strengthened like this, it was normally extremely hard to control it.

However, the meteors that had filled the sky seemed to have grown eyes. Every single one of them had homed in one on of them; none of them were spared. Even the meteors that had previously been sent towards Xu Sanshi, Jiang Nannan, and Xiao Xiao had immediately changed directions in midair the moment that the three of them were taken out. They’d then immediately begun to chase after Dai Yueheng, Yao Haoxuan, and him.

There wasn’t much difference in the cultivation levels of the members of the official team. The level of control that Ma Xiaotao currently had over her Phoenix Meteor Shower didn’t shock Dai Yueheng and the rest. Instead, it caused them to feel that it was strange. This had clearly exceeded the level of control that a Soul Emperor could have!

The art of controlling a soul skill mainly relied on a combination of spiritual power and soul power. Besides spiritual-type soul masters, who were rarely seen, there was practically no difference in the spiritual powers of soul masters of the same rank. Spiritual power would grow alongside soul power; a special situation occur would only occur very rarely.

The way that Yao Haoxuan blocked the Phoenix Meteor Shower could only be described as strange. He pounded his fists against his chest, which caused halos of light to appear and assist his teammates. He then activated his fifth soul ring, which caused his head to swell up. Afterwards, he opened his mouth and looked towards the sky. In that instant, his mouth swelled to an unimaginable degree. Immediately afterwards, he swallowed an entire Meteor, then spat it out towards another. He was actually able to block Ma Xiaotao’s attack by relying on a method like this.

Dai Yueheng began to feel somewhat panicked when he saw that three of his team members had been eliminated. He let out a tiger-like roar, then swatted away a few meteors. Although flames had begun to appear on his body, he didn’t pay them any attention. His first, third, and fifth soul rings simultaneously lit up.

A layer of golden-white light then covered the surface of his body, which caused his body to expand. Afterwich, the white fur on his body turned golden.

Huo Yuhao had seen Dai Yueheng’s third soul skill, the White Tiger’s Vajra Transformation, before. However, the transformation that the latter had just released was unimaginably stronger than Dai Huabin’s.

The enormous image of a white tiger then appeared behind Dai Yueheng. Its eyes flashed with a golden light, then it charged towards the Phoenix Meteor Shower in a valiant manner. It opened its palms, then either shattered or deflected every meteor that approached it. Its always-invincible aura now had a trace of desperation to it.

He only had one aim—Ma Xiaotao, who was currently maintaining her sixth soul skill. She was in an extremely vulnerable position now that she’d released her omni-directional soul skill. As such, Dai Yueheng believed that he’d be able to defeat his remaining opponents with his Soul Emperor-ranked cultivation so long as she was defeated.

Ma Xiaotao didn’t have any intentions of retreating from Dai Yueheng’s assault. She simply let out a low roar, “Golden Road.” Afterwards, she rushed forwards to meet Dai Yueheng. Furthermore, she continued to maintain the Phoenix Meteor Shower as she did so.

The scene of Ma Xiaotao accelerating with her legs spouting fire once again revealed itself to Huo Yuhao. When she accelerated like this, she collided with Dai Yueheng in practically an instant.

They were both six-ringed assault-type Soul Emperors, and they were both inner courtyard disciples. Furthermore, there was only a slight difference in their cultivations.

However, their styles of attack were somewhat different. Ma Xiaotao relied on energy-based attacks, which was somewhat similar to Wang Dong. However, Dai Yueheng was different; he relied on pure physical power.

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