Chapter 65.2: Mix'n'Match Battle of the Seven Monsters!

Book 10: Shrek's Seven Monsters

Chapter 65.2: Mix'n'Match Battle of the Seven Monsters!

As everyone else released their dazzling yellow, purple, and even black soul rings, Huo Yuhao’s pair of pure-white ones naturally became the focus of the entire field.

Shrek Academy’s assessment area took up a large amount of space, and though both parties were moving quickly, it still took a while for them to approach each other. At this moment, they were only a hundred meters away from each other. Huo Yuhao’s first soul ring was the first to light up.

The halo created by the pure-white soul ring wasn’t large, and it would be hard to attract anybody’s attention with it. However, in the short period of time in which the halo expanded, the other six people in Ma Xiaotao’s team were all astonished.

The sudden feeling of having an extra brain help them calculate and detect everything around them was simply too miraculous. They didn’t even need to use their eyes to feel everything around them. The appearance of the three-dimensional image caused a large quantity of data to appear in their minds, causing them to feel much more confident. Though their opponents hadn’t even entered the range of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, its sudden and powerful effect stunned the few members of the official team who weren’t familiar with him.

Just why had Ma Xiaotao chosen Huo Yuhao? In reality, she wasn’t very clear on Huo Yuhao’s abilities, but his Ultimate martial soul had left too deep an impression on her!

The gap between her cultivation and Huo Yuhao’s couldn’t even be described using the phrase ‘as wide as the difference between the heavens and the earth’. However, even in a situation like this, he was able to rely on his weak ability to completely suppress her Evil Fire within a full day. After that suppression, Ma Xiaotao could no longer feel that evil intent burning her anymore. Though she knew that this was treating the symptoms, and not the root cause of her problem, Ma Xiaotao knew that there would be no chance of a relapse occurring even if she cultivated and battled for an entire month.

Combined with that fact that she had personally witnessed Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong escape from the encirclement of a Soul Emperor and five Soul Kings, she knew that she couldn’t treat them like ordinary two-ringed and three-ringed soul masters. Elder Xuan was extremely picky, but had still allowed the three of them to enter the preparatory team; their talent could be seen from this fact alone.

Because of this, Ma Xiaotao’s first pick wasn’t Bei Bei or Xu Sanshi, but Huo Yuhao. She hoped to be surprised by him.

And the facts had shown that Huo Yuhao had given her, Xi Xi, and Gong Yangmo an extremely large shock. The omnidirectional Spiritual Detection Sharing was essentially a fusion of a control-type and auxiliary-type skill, and its accurate scouting capabilities immediately gave them the initiative.

The midair Gong Yangmo revealed a look of surprise, then revealed his strength. After all, he couldn’t fall behind his little junior disciples.

A dazzling seven-coloured light lit up, and Gong Yangmo’s first and second hundred year soul rings lit up. He flapped his wings, causing a red and orange ring of light to soundlessly emerge from his body and envelop his allies below him.

Immediately, an astonishing scene occurred. A scarlet-red and orange ring of light appeared on the other six people led by Ma Xiaotao, and they were able to sense the strength of Gong Yangmo’s auxiliary-type skill.

The first buff they were given was an increase in strength. It was admittedly true that soul power was important, but one’s physical strength played a similarly important role. When the red ring of light appeared, the six of them felt as if they’d been given a cardiac stimulant. This increased their strength by more than 50%, thus increasing their speed as well.

However, the orange ring of light was even more miraculous. After it landed on Ma Xiaotao’s team, they immediately felt as if they’d become a source of energy. The elemental undulations in the air became much clearer to them, before surging into their bodies like a river flowing into a sea. This was actually an auxiliary skill that could recover a person’s soul power.

A supplementary ability on this level could be considered to be an explosive increase to the overall strength of their team. This was the most important use of an auxiliary-type soul master in a battle.

As an official member of the current participating team, Gong Yangmo’s cultivation level could be imagined. The reason why he was ranked last wasn’t because of a deficiency in his soul power or his martial soul, but because he was only an auxiliary-type tool soul master who didn’t have any combat strength himself. Normally, a figure like him would tend to be ranked last in a team.

In terms of simple cultivation, however, he was second only to Ma Xiaotao and Dai Yueheng.

What Huo Yuhao and the rest didn’t know, however, was that because Ma Xiaotao had been affected by her Evil Fire, she had had to temporarily leave the Shrek’s Seven Monsters, and hence not be able to represent the school. At that time, the captain of the official team was Dai Yueheng, while the vice-captain was Gong Yangmo, who was ranked last.

Gong Yangmo’s martial soul was called the Rainbow Dragon. This was a soul beast that actually existed, but was extremely rare. Its rarity was around that of Wang Dong’s Radiant Butterfly Goddess.

The Dragon race had always been very powerful, and the Rainbow Dragon wasn’t an exception to the case; after all, it had the word ‘Dragon’ attached to its name. Whenever a Rainbow Dragon appeared, it would be followed by the most powerful members of the Dragon race, as the companion of the Dragon King.

The Dragon King who was the partner of the Rainbow Dragon would generally be unshakeable. That was precisely because it had the terrifying assistance of the Rainbow Dragon.

Practically every single member of the Dragon race was powerful in battle, but the Rainbow Dragon was an exception to this rule. It didn’t have a high level of physical strength, nor did it have a terrifying innate soul skill. However, it had the highest amount of magical power. Because of this, it was also referred to as the Magic Dragon.

Gong Yangmo was an auxiliary-type tool soul master, but his martial soul was actually a beast soul.

Of the many auxiliary-type martial souls, the strongest of the tool souls was the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda that Ning Tian possessed. Once it was able to enter the realm of Nine Treasures, its auxiliary capabilities could terrify even a Titled Douluo.

Gong Yangmo’s Rainbow Dragon, on the other hand, was the strongest auxiliary-type martial soul within the category of beast souls; it was comparable to the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda. However, like the former, his Rainbow Dragon suffered a few limitations. Once he achieved the Seven Coloured Gamut, or the seven-ringed rank in other words, taking another step would be extremely difficult for him.

The Rainbow Dragon and the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda each had their own specialties. On a comprehensive scale, there were hardly any differences between their respective strengths. From this, it could be seen how strong the pinnacle five-ringed Gong Yangmo was in the auxiliary field. Ma Xiaotao had taken him as her first pick due to the 30% strength increase he would give to the entire team, allowing her to make up for the lack of an extra member from the official team.

Just as Huo Yuhao and Gong Yangmo released their control and auxiliary-type skills, the seven-man team led by Dai Yueheng began to release their soul skills.

A heaven-shaking roar rang out. The person who made the first move was the relatively unremarkable member of the official Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Yao Haoxuan. His extremely petite body suddenly accelerated, and he stomped his right foot on the ground heavily.

“Boom——” A muffled, loud sound shook the entire Assessment Area, as if an Earth Dragon was rising to its feet. It was very difficult to imagine how Yao Haoxuan’s petite body was able to release such an enormous amount of power.

Right after that, he borrowed the tyrannical amount of force from his stomp to shoot into the air. Then, Huo Yuhao witnessed a scene that he’d never seen on a soul master before.

Yao Haoxuan’s petite body released a shattering sound in midair, tearing his school uniform to bits and pieces. As if he knew this was going to happen, he wore a dark-gold shirt under his uniform. This shirt was extremely elastic; it didn’t have any signs of tearing even after his body suddenly expanded.

Normally, a soul master who possessed a beast soul would undergo a few changes when they activated them. For example, this was the case for Ma Xiaotao and Dai Yueheng. However, amongst the soul masters Huo Yuhao had seen before, a person could only double the size of his body at most. However, the current Yao Haoxuan had completely overturned his understanding.

While his body was in midair, Yao Haoxuan extended his four limbs. Then, his terrifying muscles bulged, and within the blink of an eye, he became an enormous and over-exaggerated adonis.

Every single one of his muscles swelled, and the surface of his skin was covered in a keratin and leather-like substance. His skin turned a metallic gray, and his eyes turned dark green.

Yao Haoxuan, who originally wasn’t even as tall as Ling Luochen, was now over four meters tall as he landed on the ground with a crash. Right, four meters. This was a height that ordinary humans couldn’t even grow to.

The more terrifying fact was that his shoulders were three meters wide. After landing, he became as thick as a small fortress. He took a deep, coarse breath, then raised his pectorals, which were as large as a chopping block.

He pounded his chest using his enormous, hammer-like fists, and two yellow soul rings lit up.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…” Amidst the muffled booms, everyone could see yellow rings of light spread out from Yao Haoxuan’s body. Every single member of the opposing team was covered with a layer of yellow light, and their auras became evidently sharper. On the other hand, Huo Yuhao’s team began to feel slightly dizzy after hearing that muffled sound.

This was the auxiliary and control-type soul master, Yao Haoxuan! Just what martial soul did he possess?

Following Gong Yangmo’s appearance, another martial soul which Huo Yuhao completely didn’t recognise appeared.

Control-type soul masters would always make the first move in a team battle. They didn’t just control their enemies, but their own teammates as well if they were able to. Control-type soul masters were always known as the commanders of the battlefield.

Because of this, Yao Haoxuan wasn’t the only person from Dai Yueheng’s team who made a move; the control-type Ling Luochen and Xiao Xiao made a move as well.

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