Volume 45, Chapter 615.2: Invincible

Close to three hundred beams of light shone once again. However, they weren’t aimed at Huo Yuhao or Tang Wutong this time. Instead, they were aimed at Kong Deming.

A strange silver armor suddenly shone on Kong Deming’s body. This armor was like a mirror. On his chest, there was a huge gem which extended all the way from his chest to his belly. This gem was bright silver. After the lights behind Kong Deming surged into his body, they were quickly guided to that huge gem by the massive Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier. The bright silver lights made Kong Deming seem as if he were a small silver sun.

The Sun Moon Empire’s soul tool technology was so advanced. How could it possibly only have one simple trump card?

Right now, Kong Deming was using another trump card.

Yes, ordinary linked attacks were now useless after they were affected by the interference shells. However, Kong Deming didn’t just unleash a simple linkage. It was a guided linkage.

He was like an intermediary. He guided, compressed and fused the soul rays that the soul engineers fired before unleashing an extremely powerful attack. This involved very complicated knowledge of spatial control.

Such an attack couldn’t be replicated by anyone else. This was because it wasn’t just enough for one to possess immense soul power and spiritual power. It was also critical for one to understand these powers.

The human-shaped soul tools that the soul engineers wore were designed by Kong Deming. Along with his control of spatial power through his Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier, Kong Deming believed that his attack was already stronger than an Ultimate Douluo. It wasn’t even far-fetched that it was at the tier of gods.

This was the strongest strike he could unleash. He had wanted to use it to deal with the Ultimate Douluo in Star Luo City. He didn’t use it against Elder Xuan earlier because he didn’t want to kill him, and develop a deep enmity with Shrek Academy as a result of it. However, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong both threatened the Sun Moon Empire now. Without any hesitation, Kong Deming immediately resorted to his final and most powerful trump card. A powerful attack was instantly unleashed.

Huo Yuhao was expressionless as he watched everything unfold in front of him. He was holding hands with Tang Wutong as they stood there. His left hand was lifted slightly in front of him.

A strange layer of light appeared on his body.

A jade-green halo mixed with an icy-blue light projection. In the distance, the golden sun which was originally there turned into a blue, circular moon. Yes, it was a full moon instead of a crescent.

Unprecedently bright light shot out from Kong Deming’s chest. It couldn’t be described using colors anymore. When it appeared, heaven and earth dimmed. A terrifying force caused Ju Zi to exclaim. Even she didn’t know about this trump card that Kong Deming possessed.

It was so powerful that everyone was shocked.

The sky instantly turned dark. It was as if nothing could challenge the brightness of this light. Kong Deming was already grinning.

If this were classified as a soul tool, it had to be a Class 11 soul tool. Yes, it was an unprecedented Class 11 soul tool.

In fact, Kong Deming could only unleash this strike once. This was because there was no material capable of containing such immense strength currently. It was not possible even if spatial power was used as a guide. Right now, when this beam of light was fired, the gem at the front of his chest was already crushed. Once it was fired, the gem ‘expired’. It was completely wrecked.

However, Kong Deming’s smile immediately froze. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

What did he see?

It was as if the ice plains of the Extreme North had appeared in front of him. Thick snow fell, and the ground was icy.

There was a huge ice mirror. The mirror was dim-blue, and emanated a gentle glow. In the sky, a full moon fell. It shone on this mirror, making it seem like a sparkling sapphire.

The surface of the mirror was very smooth. The gentle glow was in contrast with the bright light that was approaching from afar.

When the light shone on the mirror, it was reflected at a forty-five degree angle. It was reflected away just like that.

The reflected light was like a huge pillar that could support heaven and earth. It was reflected far away, and appeared boundless.

Huo Yuhao turned slightly pale. Behind him, two figures, one white and one green, silently appeared. They both stretched out their palms and placed them on his back.

The temperature fell dramatically. Silver-white frost started appearing on the body of every soul engineer from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. They started to lose control of their bodies, and weren’t able to fly steadily in the air.

“This, this is impossible…” Kong Deming lost his voice as he exclaimed. He had lost control of his emotions even given his status. He was not composed at all.

The attack of a Class 11 soul tool had been neutralized just like that. The other party had used very simple logic, that all light could be reflected.

“Bang, Bang!” Two loud explosions rang out.

The gem in front of Kong Deming’s chest and the ice mirror were crushed at almost the same time. They broke into smithereens

“Happiness----!” Huo Yuhao shouted. Following this, the blue moon turned back into a golden sun. The sky was shining bright with golden light.

At the same time, a sonorous dragon roar was heard from Tang Wutong’s mouth.

She turned around and transformed into a giant purplish-gold Radiant Dragon Butterfly. This Dragon Butterfly supported Huo Yuhao. After this, strong spiritual pressure was exerted from both her and Huo Yuhao’s bodies.

A strange spiritual intent immediately engulfed the entire Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. Their supposedly relentless attacks were halted just like this. Their bodies shone with blinding light, which obviously came from spiritual defensive soul tools.

To build an invincible soul engineer legion, the Sun Moon Empire had invested a lot of resources and effort into the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. Every soul engineer from the legion was equipped with a spiritual defensive soul tool. This was even proposed by Ju Zi. Right now, they indeed played a very critical role.

However, while they could block the spiritual attack, they couldn’t block out the emotional undulations that came with the spiritual attack.

“Anger!” Another scream sounded. The three hundred soul engineer legions all shuddered at the same time. As they were influenced by emotions, they were struck by happiness and anger at the same time. Their soul power also became messy. They didn’t even know what to do now. Their hands turned soft.

“Spiritual Blast!” Huo Yuhao’s cold voice echoed.

The sky collapsed.

Yes, it really felt as if the sky had collapsed when he shouted. A terrifying shockwave immediately spread. It was no longer just at the spiritual level. It was on a spatial level.

The sky turned dark within the region of the Spiritual Blast. After this, the barrier started shaking. Not only this, but another golden sun shone behind Huo Yuhao’s back. It belonged to Tang Wutong.

A singing voice echoed in front of the golden sun. after this, a second Spiritual Blast was unleashed.

Two Spiritual Blasts were unleashed just like that. If Huo Yuhao was the one unleashing both, there should at least be a gap between both Spiritual Blasts. Even the Merfolk’s Duet couldn’t achieve an overlapping effect on the second strike.

However, things were different with Tang Wutong’s spiritual power. Her spiritual power also came from three soul cores. Furthermore, it was even close to Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power. The Spiritual Blasts generated by the Merfolk’s Duet achieved an unprecedentedly magical effect.

The second blast was generated immediately after the first blast. Before the first wave passed, the second wave had already arrived. They overlapped, and their effects were enhanced!

A deafening crushing sound was heard. The spiritual defensive soul tools that belonged to the soul engineers of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion were crushed. After this, their helmets and human-shaped soul tools were crushed.

Of course, there was still the Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier!

Kong Deming wanted to stop Huo Yuhao, but he couldn’t do so. When he was prepared to control his Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier, a blinding beam of black light had already lit up in front of him.

It wasn’t overly huge, and was only thirty centimeters long. It was shaped like a black hammer. However, there was a weird black glow coming from this black hammer.

When he saw this hammer, Kong Deming immediately sensed a potentially fatal pressure coming from it. This caused him to shudder.

After this, the hammer struck the air not far away from him. The terrifying pressure caused him to lose his balance. He even lost control of his barrier as his body shook. At that instant, he only felt as if he had fallen into collapsed space. He could no longer control his body.

His eyes were filled with horror. At this moment, he could only act to save himself.

He retracted the cracked barrier again. It appeared in front of him and stabilized the space around him. Even though he was bleeding, he still managed to escape from the region engulfed by the Clear Sky Hammer.

Three hundred corpses fell from the sky.

The battlefield was silent.

Whether it was the Sun Moon Empire or those from the three empires, they believed that the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion no longer stood any chance of victory.

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