Volume 45, Chapter 613.3: Submission

They could only defend, but couldn’t attack. The Taotie Godly Bull and the thousands of soul masters were now target boards for the Sun Moon Empire.

With the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion leading them, the five soul engineer legions from the Hand that Protects the Nation quickly gathered. They unleashed an all-out attack. On the ground, the soul engineers that were charging forward also quickly constructed soul formations. They then used the powerful attacks from their soul formations against the Godly Taotie Bull.

The soul masters on the Godly Taotie Bull could only rely on their own individual strength to resist the attacks. However, they couldn’t retaliate. Suddenly, they were all in a disadvantageous position.

This was even after their linked soul tools were disrupted. Otherwise, the Star Luo Empire would have incurred huge casualties by now if the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions used their linked attacks.

The White Tiger Duke was very grim now. This silver barrier had never appeared on the battlefield before. The Star Luo Empire wasn’t the only one who had a trump card. The Sun Moon Empire had a trump card too. It was thousands of years of soul tool technology! This was finally demonstrated now.

Elder Xuan couldn’t protect everyone by himself. Some of the weaker soul masters were already starting to die.

This was also Elder Xuan’s first time facing such a situation. He roared furiously, and the yellow light emanating from his body became more and more intense.

To the others, it was only a silver barrier. However, as an Ultimate Douluo, he fully understood that this silver light tapped into spatial power. It didn’t tap into the strength of the moon. Most of the attacks unleashed by him and the other soul masters were hitting nothing. Otherwise, even a Class 12 soul tool would have collapsed, given the magnitude of their attacks.

Spatial power?

Elder Xuan roared, and his horns slowly turned silver. Above him, a ball of glaring silver light slowly surfaced. Around this ball of silver light was a black halo. It was obviously space that had been torn open.

When Kong Deming saw this, he sighed in his heart. It’s a pity that he discovered it so soon. It’s really a pity. If there wasn’t an Ultimate Douluo who could control spatial power, I could have killed many more soul masters using my Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier.

As Elder Kong waved his hand, the sky shone brightly. The barrier slowly dissipated just before Elder Xuan attacked. However, the external attacks didn’t cease.

Elder Kong didn’t intend to use his barrier to trap them all. He just needed to build momentum.

Beam after beam of light shot out from the Taotie Godly Bull.

A huge golden dragon charged into the sky. Countless beams of light bore down, and the closest soul engineers from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion had no choice but to raise protective barriers and cease their attacks temporarily.

Radiant Holy Dragon True Body. It was Bei Bei!

Countless turtle shells opened up, forming a massive shield in the sky that blocked the oncoming attacks. Many beams of light were also refracted away. The surface of the turtle shell was shining bright gold. A giant snake was moving around on it. Its blood-red eyes were glaring at its enemies, as if it was choosing who to devour.

It was the Xuanwu Shield of the Eternal Defense, Xu Sanshi!

Balls of light exploded in the sky, accurately intercepting all types of attacks within a hundred meter radius. It was a man that was completely hidden in thick armor. His entire body was covered in all types of soul tools, including barrels that fired soul rays. Destructive rays were being shot everywhere.

All the heavy attacks were blocked.

Origin of Destruction, He Caitou!

A pinkish-red snake revealed itself in the sky. A dim golden halo was supporting it, and covering some of the weaker soul masters.

An Invincible Golden Body was unleashed by a Soft Tendon Python. It was the Wilddemon Soft Rabbit, Jiang Nannan!

The sound of a flute resonated in the air. Nine phoenixes rose into the sky, all flashing with different colors. Whatever attack struck them instantly penetrated them. Wherever they passed, all the attacks deviated from their original trajectories.

It was the Flute Cauldron Douluo, Ninephoenix Worshipping Flute, Xiao Xiao!

Twelve wings fluttered over. A huge angel descended, and layers of holy light surfaced. Whenever they were on a soul master’s body, they offered them a golden ring of protection.

It was the Angel Douluo, Ye Guyi!

A giant, pinkish dragon opened up in the sky. Pinkish halos spread from its body. Any attack that touched these pinkish halos was instantly destroyed.

It was the Ruby Dragon True Body of the Ruby Douluo, Nan Qiuqiu!

A long beam of sword light shot up, and a hundred meter-long blade appeared. A member of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion was killed by this beam of sword light.

It was the Sword Fanatic Douluo, Ji Juechen, and his Judgment Sword!

Yes, they came from the Tang Sect.

They were the current eight Titled Douluo of the Tang Sect. In three years, they all became Titled Douluo as they cultivated tirelessly, and after they consumed the spiritual pill. All of them were very strong now.

Right now, they were the pillars of the Tang Sect. They were also the faces of the younger generation of Shrek. However, the strongest two weren’t here. Otherwise, if all ten powerful Douluo were here, the Tang Sect’s ultimate strength would be fully demonstrated!

Apart from them, the Titled Douluo from Shrek Academy, the Star Luo Empire, the Dou Ling Empire and the Heavenly Soul Empire all demonstrated their abilities too. They flew in all directions from the Taotie Godly Bull’s back. Figure after figure emanated dazzling lights from their bodies. Not only did they resist the attacks that were fired at them, but they even leaped towards the soul engineers.

The biggest advantage that soul engineers possessed were linked soul tools. After that, it was distance! If they could close the distance, soul masters would surely be unafraid of soul engineers.

However, that was easier said than done. Even with Titled Douluo in front, many soul masters still perished from the attacks.

The four thousand who went with Elder Xuan were all elites among soul masters. They each had to possess at least five rings. Those with less than seven rings relied on flying-type soul tools. Some of those above seven rings did so too. Only those who were adept at flying relied on their own strength to remain in the air.

Given this circumstance, falling from the sky meant death.

The fight in the sky immediately became unprecedentedly intense.

From Star Luo City, Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons were furiously making sounds. Beams of light were continuously being fired. At the same time, the city gates at the front of Star Luo City opened. Giant figures started to appear on the city wall. They were climbing out using their long legs as rapidly as possible.

It was Shrek City’s Fort Soul Engineer Legion.

After many years of strengthening, the Fort Soul Engineer Legion was much stronger than before. Every all-terrain self-driving fort was as strong as a Class 7 soul tool. Three soul engineers drove one fort. Now, the entire legion had a total of five hundred self-driving forts. They coordinated with the cannons on the city walls and quickly ventured out. They were charging towards the soul formations on the ground; their job was to destroy them.

Otherwise, it would be a catastrophic disaster if the soul formations were allowed to be fully constructed.

Not only was the Fort Soul Engineer Legion unleashed, but the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion joined in too.

Three hundred figures rose above the city wall. The reason why they didn’t appear at the start was because they currently formed the greatest fighting strength out of all the soul engineer legions.

After three years of training, the individual fighting strength of each soul engineer in the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion had greatly increased. They were all equipped with the best soul tools in the Tang Sect. In the Star Luo Empire, the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion was the only force capable of challenging the Sun Moon Empire’s five soul engineers in the Hand that Protects the Nation.

Of course, this referred to the beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions. Compared to the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legions, they were still some ways off.

Ordinary soldiers were already useless on the battlefield. They were only assisting the soul formations on the Sun Moon Empire’s side. As for Star Luo City, the ordinary soldiers were responsible for moving supplies.

Everyone knew that this fight was critical to the final outcome of the war. Nothing else mattered.

The White Tiger Duke kept giving commands. At the top of the city walls, all types of soul tools were raining as much fire down as they could.

The fight in the other three directions of Star Luo City had already begun. However, at this moment, the White Tiger Duke could only be bothered with the front.

It was the most important direction. The other three directions were more miscellaneous. There were only a few stationary interference shells and linked defensive barriers used in those three directions.

At the front, many stationary interference shells were used to keep their enemies from using linked soul tools. This was why the Star Luo Empire didn’t use its own linked soul tools either. As for the other three directions, there weren’t enough people to launch linked attacks. However, linked defenses were still used to stabilize the situation.

The White Tiger Duke was taking a gamble. He had no choice. He had too few trump cards in hand. He could only choose to lay all of them out on the battlefield now. This was the only way he could win.

The situation on the battlefield was very tragic. Ju Zi was watching from behind. Of course, she knew that all of them came from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. She was even more conflicted now.

It was important to know that there were still two more people who had yet to appear on the battlefield. With stationary interference shells, they were capable of changing the situation of the entire fight!

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