Volume 45, Chapter 613.2: Submission

The powerful individuals from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect were all at the top of the city wall by now. They were all at the northern side. This was the main battlefield. The five soul engineer legions from the Hand that Protects the Nation were all gathered here.

Without defeating these five soul engineer legions, they stood no chance at all. Originally, they didn't stand a chance anyway. However, the chance seemed to have come after the appearance of stationary interference shells.

The low-pitched signals became louder and louder. As the sun shone brighter, and after the Sun Moon Empire's army left behind some troops, they began to slowly but steadily inch their way closer to Star Luo City.

Xu Jiawei personally came to the top of the city wall. He stood beside the White Tiger Duke.

Xu Jiawei smiled and asked, Dai Hao, did you know? I once feared you.

The White Tiger Duke smiled, Of course I know that. Otherwise, why do you think I was always at the western border? Given my contributions, I should have been the marshal of the three armies. Isn't that so?

Xu Jiawei sighed and said, Yes! I was jealous of you. I'm not fit to be the leader of an empire.

The White Tiger Duke shook his head and retorted, You can't say that. It's just a psychological thing. Whenever an emperor meets an official like me, I'm afraid that'll usually be the reaction.

Xu Jiawei laughed. Perhaps. I didn't expect to have the chance to fight alongside you. Do you know how I feel now? I feel honored.

The White Tiger Duke couldn't help but laughed heartily. Me too.

Xu Jiawei's eyes brightened. Let those Sun Moon Empire bastards come. I really want to see if my city falls first, or if the Sun Moon soldiers' blood will run dry.

The five soul engineer legions slowly separated. In the sky, all types of aerial surveillance soul tools were slowly moving forward. On the ground, the remaining soul engineer legions re-organized themselves. They managed to form six full soul engineer legions. Of course, this was only on the northern side. In the other three directions, there were still other soul engineer legions moving along with the soldiers. They were ready to construct soul formations.

The Sun Moon Empire's strategy was very simple. It was to construct soul formations that were within the effective range of Star Luo City. However, it was such a simple strategy that was the most deadly at this point. This was because the destructiveness of those soul formations could be relied on once they were fully built. While Star Luo City could disrupt the linked attacks and defenses of the Sun Moon Empire, it might still be unable to handle the strength of the soul formations.

The only thing worth celebrating was that the high-energy compression array soul tools were drained the previous day. At least they couldn't be used in the short-term.

Prepare the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons and stationary interference shells.

“Fire the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons!” As the White Tiger Duke shouted, Star Luo City seemed to have become a huge porcupine that shot out all its spikes. Suddenly, an uncountable number of shells was flung towards the Sun Moon Empire's army.

This time, the White Tiger Duke didn't use the stationary interference shells immediately. They were very limited. After knowing that they had these shells, the enemy would most certainly try to intercept them if they used them again. Dai Hao was well-aware that the Class 9 soul engineers among those soul engineer legions were surely well-prepared. They were going to be responsible for dealing with the stationary interference shells. This was why he needed to be invested in the fight right from the beginning.

The soul engineers immediately erected linked defensive barriers. Without the presence of stationary interference shells, these linked defensive barriers were impenetrable on the battlefield.

It was a pity that they only lasted for an instant.

Green halos silently spread, and quickly engulfed the entire battlefield.

Kong Deming, who was at the front of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, revealed an astonished look on his face. “What a cunning fellow.” As the godfather of all Class 9 soul engineers, he immediately knew that he had been tricked.

The last time the stationary interference shells were fired, they had released jade-green light. They were very obvious on the battlefield, as if they were fireworks. This time, these shells were fired without any warning.

Obviously, those shells didn't have to release jade-green light. Clearly, they only appeared that way the other time because it was an intentional ploy by the Star Luo Empire. This time, the empire had exploited the Sun Moon Empire's intention to intercept their interferences shell, misleading the Sun Moon Empire. The stationary interference shells were planted among the other stationary shells and fired with the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons. Immediately, an unexpected effect was achieved. The aerial surveillance and linked soul tools immediately became useless.

Whether it was Ju Zi or Kong Deming, they couldn't help but be impressed.

On the Tang Sect's side, Bei Bei, He Caitou and Xu Sanshi were gathered. They laughed sinisterly. This idea didn't come from the White Tiger Duke, but the three of them. As Xuan Ziwen was the one who had researched stationary interference shells, the person who was truly responsible for the production and use of these shells was the current vice-hallmaster of the Tang Sect's Soul Tool Hall, He Caitou.

The White Tiger Duke smiled before turning around and giving a thumbs-up to He Caitou.

If Star Luo City wanted to resist the Sun Moon Empire, its interference shells had to be effective first. If the linked soul tools couldn't be stopped, everything else was useless.

“First, second, third and fourth soul engineer legions, attack!” The White Tiger Duke shouted. After this, he drew a long sword from his waist, and pointed his sharp sword in the direction of the Sun Moon Empire's army.

Figure after figure rose. They turned into flowing lights and charged towards the Sun Moon Empire's army.

Exploiting one's strength was an important element in war. The only strength that the Star Luo Empire possessed was their soul masters.

When these figures flew out, a low-pitched roar sounded in the air. It was so loud that it seemed as if thunder was booming.

A giant yellow projection appeared.

This projection was almost a thousand meters long. It was huge, as if it were a giant bull. It was Elder Xuan's Martial Soul True Body, the Taotie Godly Bull.

The figures all steadily landed on the Taotie Godly Bull's body. There were a few thousand of them. The Godly Bull's figure flashed in the sky as he charged towards the Sun Moon Empire's soul engineer legions.

It was a life-and-death fight. There was no retreat for either party. This was the same for Shrek Academy. To win this fight, both parties didn't just need to combine their abilities. They also had to combine their strategies. The White Tiger Duke was relying on 'miracle soldiers' today.

This wasn't his usual style. He was normally very honest and open with his strategy. However, he had no choice but to rely on these 'miracle soldiers' now, considering that the Star Luo Empire couldn't challenge the Sun Moon Empire openly. As an ingenious military commander, he was equally as strong even if he used 'miracle soldiers'.

The first wave of 'miracle soldiers' were the stationary interference shells. In that case, the second wave of 'miracle soldiers' were these four soul master legions.

These four soul engineer legions were led by powerful individuals from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. They were here to defeat the five soul engineer legions from the Hand that Protects the Nation. The Star Luo Empire only stood a chance of victory if it defeated these five soul engineer legions.

Ju Zi was no longer in the commander's tent by now. Although she had set up measures to prevent the stationary interference shells from landing, Star Luo City would most certainly resort to any method to maximize their effects. Otherwise, there would be no fight to speak of.

However, Ju Zi didn't expect their soul tools to be disrupted so easily. However, all this wasn’t important anymore. The important thing was the head-on clash that was about to occur.

Seeing that the Taotie Godly Bull was close to the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, a ball of intense silver light was suddenly unleashed.

Silver light suddenly shone, forming a huge light barrier. This barrier engulfed the Taotie Godly Bull.

It was important to realize the size of the Taotie Godly Bull. There were even a few thousand soul masters on top of him! He was actually contained by that ball of silver light. Even linked soul tools didn't seem to be so strong. Elder Xuan was an Ultimate Douluo!

A silver moon suddenly rose into the sky. Suddenly, sunlight disappeared from the sky. As the silver moon rose, the barrier shone along with it. Elder Xuan's ferocious charge was stopped just like that.

Xuan Ziwen lost his voice as he shouted from the top of the city wall, Silver Moon Douluo. It's Elder Kong! It's Elder Kong!

As he mentioned the words 'Elder Kong', his expression greatly changed. His face was actually filled with fear right now. Yes, it was fear. Xuan Ziwen, who was normally so fearless, was actually terrified now.

Suddenly, countless rays of light shot towards the Taotie Godly Bull. Although it wasn't a linked attack, the combined strength of an attack by more than a thousand soul engineers was still terrifying.

As an Ultimate Douluo, Elder Xuan's horns shone brightly with yellow light. He was struggling to break free from the silver barrier. However, the silver light was like sticky candy. He could stretch the light as much as he could, but he still couldn't break out from it.

All the soul masters also demonstrated their powers within the barrier. They were attacking the barrier furiously, but none of them escaped.

On Star Luo City’s walls, Xuan Ziwen was dazed as he looked at this scene. He has succeeded. He has actually succeeded. Elder Kong is now a Class 10 soul engineer! He has fused his Transcendent Douluo abilities into his soul tools. This was the natal soul tool that he mentioned once before? That is, he has fused his most powerful soul tool with his own martial soul, by tapping into the power of heaven and earth. Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier. The Death God Pagoda is like a joke in front of this Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier.

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