Volume 45, Chapter 613.1: Submission

The Star Luo Empire relied on a single soul tool to change the entire situation. They brought massive losses to Ju Zi.

Not only did her soul engineer legions lose a third of their fighting strength, but even the eight compression array soul tools were drained in the process of protecting them. That was also why they managed to minimize their losses.

The generals that flew to Ju Zi's side were all pale-green right now.

Ju Zi gritted her teeth as she said, “Retreat!” Although she knew that Star Luo City would never be able to replicate such an attack, she had no choice right now.

Although she had only seen them for a short time, she could accurately tell that the green shells' interference couldn't last forever. After the energy storm, they were already much weaker. They would disappear after some more time.

More importantly, her troops' morale was very low due to what had happened. They were in no state to fight right now. If the city had a backup plan, it would be very difficult to deal with.

A signal flare was set off into the sky. However, the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons also lit up at the same time.

The stationary shells that Ju Zi was once eagerly waiting for rained down. They quickly engulfed the entire region.

The five beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions, especially the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, played a very big role at this point.

The three hundred soul engineers in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion quickly dispersed under Ju Zi's orders. They turned into flashes of light and charged towards the ground. Every one of them shone brightly with more than ten beams of light. They were using their individual strength to intercept the shells.

Dazzling fireworks were set off in the sky. Bright lights flashed. Every time there was an explosion of light, one would feel very mesmerized.

The other beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions also reacted. They couldn't be bothered to mourn the death of their compatriots now. They all joined in, and helped to intercept the stationary shells.

The war had gone on for a few years. Star Luo City's reserves were limited too. After this attack, the Sun Moon Empire's soul engineer legions were finally out of their offensive range. However, they left behind more than four hundred corpses too.

Seeing that the Sun Moon Empire's soul engineers had retreated, everyone at the top of the city walls cheered.

To the Sun Moon Empire, this was unprecedented. As for the Star Luo Empire, this was an unprecedented victory too.

Victory left everyone excited. Xuan Ziwen's face was even flushing. His stationary interference shells had proven to be effective after a live experience!

The White Tiger Duke was also excited. The losses that they had caused the Sun Moon Empire were beyond his expectations. If only the protective barriers erected by the high-energy compression array soul tools weren't there! In that case, the soul engineer legions on the ground would have been wiped out.

However, this was already good enough. Although Star Luo City's reserves in terms of soul tools had been greatly depleted, it was important to know that there were many soul masters here! As long as there were stationary interference shells, they were still very significant.

Terrifying explosions ensued in the sky. Every beam of light formed streaks of dazzling glow. The fight entered a stalemate.

However, the battlefield was already a mess.

The soul engineers who were caught in the energy storm wouldn't have survived. Not even their corpses were left. This was the brutality of a fight involving soul tools.

Sun Moon Empire commander's tent.

Ju Zi was pale-green and silent for fifteen minutes. After this, she gave out a series of orders.

All the Class 9 soul engineers gathered in the commander's tent, including Kong Deming.

"We were unprepared this time. It must not happen again. Worshipped, we'll fight again tomorrow. Please be responsible for dealing with those interference shells. Tomorrow must not be like today.” Ju Zi said to the Class 9 soul engineers.

Kong Deming furrowed his brow and said, "I hadn’t expected the Star Luo Empire to come up with such a soul tool. With those interference shells, our strength has indeed been greatly weakened. I've checked it out. Those interference undulations can last for more than thirty minutes. Even though it's not cheap to produce them, they are as powerful as Class 7 stationary shells. Given the Star Luo Empire's ability, they can still produce them in batches. These shells are also able to cover a huge region. That's why we saw what happened earlier. If we want to avoid any interference, it's impossible as of now. Our linked soul tools will still be affected. The best option we have now is to use stationary soul tools.

Ju Zi shook her head and replied, "No, we have no time. Our research on stationary soul tools has dropped over the past few years. We won't have time to deploy enough stationary shells. We can only rely on our current strength. White Tiger Duke, I would really like to see if you can resist the Sun Moon Empire’s army with those interference shells. Elder Kong, I'll need you to personally lead the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. What do you think?

Kong Deming nodded silently.

The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion was indeed very strong. However, there were still hidden problems behind this strength. Human-shaped soul tools had to be controlled using immense spiritual power. Given the current members of the legion, this was impossible. How did the legion possess such great strength then? It was because Kong Deming had invented a secret method, whereby life energy was drained as the price to pay. This helped to increase the soul engineers' spiritual power greatly.

This was why the individual abilities of those soul engineers in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion were in fact only about five or six rings. They were able to become as strong as eight-ringed soul masters through human-shaped soul tools. However, the sacrifice was that their lives were much shorter than ordinary soul masters. None of them could live past fifty. At the same time, they were also very arrogant because they were powerful, and their spiritual power had been overly enhanced. Unless one was powerful enough, he couldn't control this legion. The true fighting strength of the legion could only be unleashed under Kong Deming's control. This was even more important after the Sun Moon Empire lost their linked soul tools.

Without linked soul tools, they had to fight with their absolute strength. Ju Zi didn't think that Star Luo City could resist the Sun Moon Empire's army with those interference shells.

After all, the Sun Moon Empire's overall abilities had grown too much over the past few years. The empire had also greatly flaunted its military strength. It had more than three million soldiers now. More than a million of them had been thrown into this war. This was at least twice the number the Star Luo Empire had. Furthermore, it had many soul engineer legions, soul tools and soul formations. Star Luo City didn't stand any chance at all. Unless the city had many more Class 9 shells, but that was impossible. Class 9 shells weren't so readily available.

The night was silent. The excitement in Star Luo City had long faded. Things were very busy in the city.

Today marked an unprecedented victory for the Star Luo Empire. However, everyone also knew what a victorious fight like this meant. It meant that the empire now shared a deep enmity with the Sun Moon Empire. Once the war ended, no one would be spared.

Given the circumstances they were in, everyone from the Star Luo Empire was united. It was only by fighting to the death, along with interference shells, that they could possibly survive.

This was their only chance.

Xu Jiawei couldn't sleep for the entire night. Dai Hao couldn't sleep. Elder Xuan couldn't sleep

When the first ray of sunlight shone from the east and bore down on Star Luo City, the city was covered by a layer of gold. A signal from the Sun Moon Empire also sounded.

After one afternoon and night of rest, the Sun Moon Empire's base was like a lion that had just awoken. That signal was like a lion's roar. It meant that the Sun Moon Empire was about to bare its sharp claws at Star Luo City.

The Sun Moon Empire's army didn't charge at Star Luo City instantly. However, the entire base was moving.

Looking over from Star Luo City, it was clear that the army was tearing down their soul tool formations.

This only meant two things. Either they were retreating, or they were going to attack!

Standing at the top of the city wall, the White Tiger Duke appeared very grim. The Sun Moon Empire was obviously going to go all-out. It was not going to retreat. The soul formations were being torn down so that they could be shifted forward. Star Luo City was going to be attacked, and the soul formations were there to protect their soul engineer legions.

Undoubtedly, the Sun Moon Empire was not going to show mercy. If all the soul formations were destroyed, the Sun Moon Empire would be in a disastrous situation. However, was that possible?

A million-man army was moving together towards Star Luo City. It was like a huge millstone was slowly turning, faster and faster. This millstone was about to grind Star Luo City into powder.

Now, the people in Star Luo City had no choice. They could only prepare to fight. If they won, they might survive. However, if they lost, they were doomed.

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