Volume 45, Chapter 610.3: Takeover

The Evileye Tyrant King’s evil eye that was hovering above Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea was becoming increasingly clear and conspicuous as it unleashed its full strength and attempted to consume Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea. The evil eye could start consuming Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core once it finished consuming his spiritual sea, and when that happened, the Evileye Tyrant King could almost control Huo Yuhao’s entire body. The Evileye Tyrant King had seven hundred thousand years of cultivation, and he believed it wouldn’t be difficult to control the violent soul power. 

Huo Yuhao was in a very disadvantaged position, and he almost couldn’t resist at all. The Evileye Tyrant King was consuming large patches of his spiritual sea, and his own soul power was just starting to stabilize. Whirlpools mixed with soul power and spiritual power rushed towards his spiritual sea, but the Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual origin kept blocking them, and didn’t allow Huo Yuhao to help himself. 

The Evileye Tyrant King’s aim was very precise: he wanted to dominate Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea at all costs. When that happened, and if he could arrest Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core, he could reduce Huo Yuhao’s control to as low as it could get. Everything would become a lot easier. 

Huo Yuhao tried to break through several times before he suddenly stopped. He quietly adjusted his soul power and controlled his two soul cores’ rotations. He seemed like he was temporarily giving up on his spiritual sea, and that made the Evileye Tyrant King extremely surprised. 

Does this child not want his spiritual sea anymore?

The dark red colors continuously covered large patches of Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea. Dark red patterns also stretched to more places on his face, and his expression appeared unnaturally sinister. 

The Ice Empress’ figure behind him became increasingly illusory, though the freezing power produced from her burning her spiritual sense could at least ensure that the soul power within Huo Yuhao’s dantian wouldn’t cause him trouble for the time being. 

The entire process was very slow. Day passed into night, and night passed into day, while Huo Yuhao was facing a test of life and death. 

The Evileye Tyrant King became increasingly excited. He could clearly feel that Huo Yuhao’s resistance was becoming smaller and smaller. He wouldn’t need too much time before he could control Huo Yuhao’s entire spiritual sea, and when that happened, Huo Yuhao would have no chance to turn the tables. 

Huo Yuhao seemed completely unaware of this fact. He was just channeling his soul power quietly, and he had already completely withdrawn all his disorganized soul power and fused it back into his two soul cores. He could even absorb some of the soul power that the Ice Empress had frozen, and he fused it into his soul core. He cultivated at the same time, and allowed his Yin Yang Complement soul core’s soul power to nourish his body, and to strengthen himself. The aura that he gave off resembled somebody who was preparing to break through to become an Ultimate Douluo, and to form a third soul core. He seemed to completely overlook the Evileye Tyrant King’s existence. 

The Evileye Tyrant King was anxious about that, because the unknown would always be most frightening. No living being would voluntarily relinquish control over his or her own body, so there had to be something amiss because Huo Yuhao wasn’t interfering with his attempt to control his spiritual sea. But he couldn’t possibly ask him! And Huo Yuhao couldn’t possibly answer him even if he did ask. Therefore, he became exceptionally careful as he continued dominating Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea, but this extra care made him slow down a lot more. 


Inside the Sun Moon Empire’s Radiant City. 

Martial law was finally lifted. 

Over an entire month! Radiant City had been subject to martial law for a month, and more than two hundred thousand soldiers had stood guard at every alleyway within Radiant City. All kinds of aerial surveillance soul tools dotted the skies above, as the city spent a jittery month in sensitivity. 

All the shops and businesses in Radiant City had been temporarily closed over the past month. There was a vigorously resentful and grievous atmosphere in the air that chilled everyone’s spines. 

The reason was because the Emperor who had expanded the Sun Moon Empire’s territory by more than a third, and who had only ruled over the empire for a short while, had died for some unknown reason. 

The Sun Moon Empire didn’t announce the reason for Xu Tianran’s death; all they announced to the public was that the Emperor was dead. Radiant City descended into chaos in the following month, especially for the royal family, who were an utter mess. 

Xu Tianran was dead, and there were still many direct descendants of the royal bloodline. According to the laws, the person who would inherit the throne should be Xu Tianran’s only son, the Sun Moon Empire’s crown prince, Xu Yunhan. However, Xu Yunhan was far too young, so how could the royal family’s members not look for alternatives? 

Radiant City was in disarray. Different sides fought each other, and that was especially so for the royal family. 

The chaos lasted for half a month, and many private armies were mobilized outside Radiant City. The court was also as turbulent as could be. 

Ju Zi was the Empress, but she remained silent from the beginning to the end, as she was allegedly keeping watch next to Xu Tianran’s coffin, and she didn’t show herself at all. The Worship Hall also chose to remain silent. Therefore, everyone seemed to have tacitly agreed that they would allow the royal family’s members to determine the eventual victor through their own capabilities. 

Therefore, several royal members who were relatively more powerful began to fight among each other, and everyone started to form alliances. However, what surprised them was the fact that many individuals chose to remain neutral as they were forming alliances, like they were waiting and looking for something. 

When Ju Zi reappeared in court with Xu Yunhan half a month later, and in the moment that she placed Xu Yunhan on the throne, the royal subjects fell into an uproar. 

But this uproar didn’t last for too long. 

Kong Deming, Master of the Worship Hall, announced that the Worship Hall only supported the crown prince, who was the rightful heir to the throne. The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion also announced that they were loyal to the crown prince, along with the Fire Phoenix Legion, the Evileye Tyrant Legion, and the Terrorclaw Legion. 

The Sun Moon Empire’s armies that were stationed near the borders to readjust and replenish their ranks also announced that they supported the crown prince. 

The Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion, which Huo Yuhao had wrecked a long time ago, were all by themselves. Ju Zi turned the tides in court almost instantly, and all the royal family’s members who were most involved in conflict, especially those who had employed private mercenaries, were directly labeled as traitors and charged with treason. They were stripped of their titles and incarcerated for life. 

Ju Zi sufficiently displayed her glory and majesty as the War God Empress, and she used the remaining half month to gain control over the entire Sun Moon Empire. She aided Xu Yunhan to ascend to the throne, and she used her status as the Empress and commander of the three armies to rule in place of the Emperor. 

Xu Tianran was considered a very capable ruler in the eyes of many of the Sun Moon Empire’s citizens. But Ju Zi was also a very capable ruler, and she was also the War God Empress. 

The effects of many years of life and experience in the army, and in addition to Xu Tianran’s almost unreserved support, were on full display. Every single opposing voice was silenced within a very short period of time. 

Someone who belonged to the Sun Moon Empire’s royal family had found Elder Kong and expressed his disapproval towards Ju Zi. Elder Kong had asked him plainly, “Could you lead the empire to unite the continent, if the empire were given to you? Do you have the same status as the Empress does in the army?”

Ju Zi wasn’t just the Empress. She had also become a veteran and cornerstone within the military. Support from the military was always the most important as the generations of Emperors changed. 

The Sun Moon Empire still needed some time to rebuild their royal palace. Ju Zi handled all official business from the beginning to the end. The crown prince, Xu Yunhan, was still young, but he had already become Kong Deming’s disciple. He was introduced to soul tools at a young age, while he began cultivating soul power in the most foundational fashion. It wasn’t hard to imagine what his future would be like with top-tier soul engineers supporting him. Ju Zi believed that her son would be very talented in the future. 

Ju Zi stood quietly at her window, while her flowing yellow dress that stretched over the ground sufficiently displayed her majesty and elegance. She wore a crown adorned with all kinds of beautiful jewels on her forehead, while she revealed a single dash of white in front of her chest. 

Her hands were interlocked with her palms facing inward as she placed them on her abdomen. Her gaze went through the window in front of her as she stared at the clean night sky. 

She had been standing here for an entire hour, and she maintained this position from the beginning to the end, without moving an inch. There was some moisture on her long eyebrows, like her eyebrows were decorated with water crystals. 

“Why did you have to tell me!” She muttered under her breath. 

“Why did you have to tell me that you won’t return for another few years?”

“Do you know the pressure that you give me when you’re around, and that the hatred in my heart is also suppressed.”

“But you’re not around, and you’re never by my side.” 

“Why do you have to trust me? Why?” 

Tears rolled down her face, slipped across her exquisite chin and dripped down onto the ground. There seemed to be unlimited pain in her eyes. 

She seemed to make a very difficult decision after a long time, and she closed her eyes as her tears stopped. 

“I’m sorry, Yuhao.” 


The entire cavern had been filled with dark red colors. Tang Wutong, who was sitting in a corner with her legs crossed, was radiating a faint golden light that separated herself from the dark red colors. She was sitting there like a beautiful statue, and the golden sun and purple moon behind her flickered faintly, but were still incomplete. She was in deep meditation, and she no longer felt anything about the outside world. 

Huo Yuhao’s entire face had become dark red, and frightening dark red patterns that were like tentacles stretched from his face, down through his neck, and straight for his chest. 

The dark red hues that were permeating across the entire cavern were coming from him. The enormous dark red eye behind his back had completely turned into the Evileye Tyrant King’s appearance. More accurately put, it was a miniature Evileye Tyrant King. 

Huo Yuhao seemed to have lost all consciousness, and his breathing was so thin that it almost wasn’t there. The Ice Empress’ figure behind him had disappeared completely, and there was only some bluish-green light that flickered incessantly beneath his chest. 

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea was completely red, and there were only several fine golden patterns that could barely be seen within his dark red spiritual sea.

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