Volume 45, Chapter 608.2: Attack During the Feast

Huo Yuhao paused for a while before saying, “I hope you will keep your promise.”

Even though Ju Zi could not see Huo Yuhao, she seemed to be gazing into the distance at this moment. She answered, “I will.”

Huo Yuhao replied, “Then we have an agreement.”

Xu Tianran had been very anxious for the past few days. After the plan, which he had believed was perfect, had failed, he had been in a foul mood.

Right now, all of the higher class fighting power had been deployed to defend the temporary palace. As one became more powerful, one usually valued his or her life a lot more. That was the reason why many emperors tend to seek ways to acquire immortality after aging.

Xu Tianran was very afraid of death. He wanted to become the first Emperor to unite the entire continent. This was something he believed he had to do. Hence, he felt that he must not die.

Even though his Class 9 soul engineers, including Elder Kong, had tried to persuade him with their analysis that the two Ultimate Douluo had a near-zero chance of survival,...

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