Volume 45, Chapter 607.3: Yuhao Arrives

Xu Yunhan was no longer the little fellow that needed to be carried all the time. He had grown quite significantly, and was running around. He was very cute, and was doted on by everyone.

Ju Zi was sitting on a luxurious, high seat. When she looked at her son running around the room, there was a benevolent look on her face.

How could anyone imagine the invincible War God Empress in this state?

“Yunhan, run slower. You’re already sweating. Get some water.” Ju Zi waved to her son.

Little Yunhan ran to her side and opened his eyes wide as he looked at his mother. There was a grin on his face. “Mom, mom, I want milk.”

Ju Zi twisted her lips. “Rascal, you’re already so old. I’m long out of milk.”

Little Yunhan was just like other little kids. He was very close to his mother, who had breastfed him since he was young. He climbed onto Ju Zi and was smiling as he rubbed his mother’s chest.

Ju Zi hugged Little Yunhan tightly....

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