Volume 45, Chapter 607.2: Yuhao Arrives

A few days had passed, but the imperial palace was still heavily guarded. Reconstruction was bound to begin soon. Given the power of the Sun Moon Empire, a new palace would be reconstructed in less than two years. It would even be more majestic than before, while it would most certainly be more defensively sound. This was the strength of technology.

No one could stop the progress of technology. As technology continued to develop, all sorts of problems were developing in society. This also caused changes to the situation in the continent.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but sigh heavily when he looked in the direction of the Sun Moon Empire.

Tang Wutong held his hand. “What’s wrong? We should be able to influence proceedings in the entire continent given our current abilities. As long as you’re vicious enough, we can kill Ju Zi after we kill Xu Tianran. There will certainly be chaos in the Sun Moon Empire. When that happens, they’ll slow down. No matter...

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