Volume 43, Chapter 594.3: Army in the Valley

Ye Xishui was the figure drifting in front. Behind her was her Blood Soul Demonpuppet, and that pointed pagoda was undoubtedly the soul tool that was hailed as the only soul tool close to being a Class 10 soul tool, the Death God Pagoda.

The Death God Pagoda had almost threatened the life of Huo Yuhao. This time, it was facing Ju Zi.

Ye Xishui’s voice traveled far and wide. “Empress, hand over all the killers and I’ll leave. You’ll still be the marshal. Otherwise, I’ll not leave anyone alive. All soul engineers will die.”

Ju Zi’s voice was transmitted through a sound-amplifying soul tool. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. There are only loyal soldiers here. What killers are you talking about? Death God Douluo, as the Supreme Worshipped of the empire and sect leader of the Holy Ghost Church, how dare you kill my soldiers? Even if you bring this issue to His Majesty, I wouldn’t be afraid of you. Do you really think you can fight me and my soul formations on your own? You’re too naïve.”

“Hmph!” Ye Xishui roared furiously. Suddenly, her voice echoed everywhere. The entire mountain valley started shaking. Another ball of red light formed at the top of her Death God Pagoda. Although Ye Xishui didn’t have Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, her spiritual power was still at his standard. She could still use her voice to find someone.

At this moment, a domineering beam of white light rose into the sky. This beam of white light instantly appeared in front of Ye Xishui.

On a closer look, it was evident that this beam of light was formed from eight smaller beams of light. It was dazzling. Wherever it passed, space shattered. It also illuminated the entire night sky.

At this moment, a low-pitched dragon roar sounded, and a huge pitch-black figure blocked Ye Xishui. It was a giant black dragon. It opened its mouth suddenly and let out its pitch-black breath, which contrasted perfectly against the beam of white light.

Just as the breath and beam of white light clashed, countless spatial cracks seemed to form within the black breath. Although it was forced back by the beam of white light, the beam of light was also rapidly weakened.

Ju Zi’s expression changed. She muttered, “Dragon Emperor Douluo, you are indeed here too.”

Yes, it was the Darkness Holy Dragon who had blocked the attack for Ye Xishui. That huge, black dragon was undoubtedly his True Body.

The terrifying collision in the air generated dazzling sparks, which only disappeared after the beam of white light had completely dissipated.

The first linked attack was forcefully resisted by the Darkness Holy Dragon just like that.

The legion commanders who had unleashed this attack turned pale. They hadn’t expected a linked attack from eight soul formations to be resisted by the strength of a single soul master. It was already beyond what they could comprehend.

However, that was only the start of their attack. Another four beams of light shot towards Ye Xishui. These four beams of light came from the four sides. They were unleashed by the four beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions.

Although these linked attacks by the soul engineer legions couldn’t compare to the linked attack from before, the strength of every beam of light was still half that of the beam of white light earlier. When the four beams of light shot out, the sky immediately changed color.

Linked attacks and defenses were the greatest strengths that soul engineers could rely on.

This was also why Ju Zi was scornful when she saw that Ye Xishui wanted to fight her army directly.

Against such an army, it was not the best choice for an Ultimate Douluo to fight head-on. She wouldn’t be able to fully unleash her strength.

Of course, that was also because the surveillance soul tools she had set up were very effective. Apart from Huo Yuhao’s special abilities, ordinary Titled Douluo, and even Ultimate Douluo, wouldn’t be able to hide from those surveillance soul tools. This was the reason for the current situation.

A dark red beam light was unleashed at Ju Zi.

The four beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions had just finished attacking, and were now frantically re-deploying their linked defensive barriers.

Ye Xishui was very good at exploiting opportunities. She didn’t even bother with the four beams of light. Instead, she exploited this opportunity to attack Ju Zi.

Long Xiaoyao started to spin in the sky as he let out breath after breath. He dispelled the four beams of light. However, upon closer inspection, the black air currents around his body had clearly become weaker.

Bloody light inched closer. No wonder the Death God Pagoda was the world’s strongest offensive soul tool. The linked defensive barriers set up by the four soul engineer legions were instantly broken, and the red light rained down towards Ju Zi.

At this moment, Ju Zi only felt her body turning cold. She couldn’t avoid it even if she wanted to. This was the terrifying effect of a soul tool that was close to being Class 10.

However, the second line of defense was instantly activated. The eight soul formations inside the mountain valley shone brightly at the same time. Another layer of linked defensive barriers was erected above them, protecting Ju Zi.

As the blood-red light and pure white linked defensive barriers collided, bright lights were released. It was as if countless streaks of bloody light had blown apart. However, they didn’t just dissipate. Instead, they turned into blood-red avenging spirits that clawed and chewed at the barrier. Piercing, scratching noises could be heard.

The Light of the Death God was terrifying because it burned countless souls every time it was unleashed. From there, the strongest force of vengeance was formed. It wasn’t just a soul power-driven attack. It also contained spiritual power.

A linked defensive barrier formed by close to ten soul engineer legions was needed before the Light of the Death God could be resisted. The blood-red lights finally disappeared. However, even though many of the soldiers weren’t hurt, they felt as if their souls had left their bodies. They were all feeling dizzy.

The Death God Douluo was actually so strong?

That was also Ju Zi’s first time facing Ye Xishui. Her appraisal of the Death God Douluo was already very high in the past, but right now, she realized that her judgment might have been flawed.

Ye Xishui wasn’t just an Ultimate Douluo. She was also a Class 9 soul engineer. Her own self-created soul tools might not be very strong, but her Death God Pagoda was one of the strongest soul tools in the world of soul engineers. 

She was even an evil Ultimate Douluo! When she unleashed her full strength, the offensive power she could demonstrate was beyond everyone’s imagination. She didn’t even defend herself. She poured her Ultimate Douluo cultivation into her Death God Pagoda. Along with the force of vengeance in her Death God Pagoda, she managed to resist ten soul engineer legions with her individual strength. This was absolute power!

Long Xiaoyao also astonished everyone. After all, Ye Xishui’s attack didn’t manage to overcome the defensive formations of all twelve soul formations. However, Long Xiaoyao had helped Ye Xishui defend against all their attacks with just his own strength. Was he still human? Could a human really resist such terrifying attacks that were even capable of destroying an entire city?

Even Di Tian was exposed by the Holy Ghost Church when he faced linked offensive soul tools. Was the Dragon Emperor Douluo stronger than Di Tian?

At a place very far away, two people were lying in an ordinary bush. Their eyes were both shut, but they held each other’s hands very tightly.

“Yuhao, don’t you think this is a good opportunity? If we…” Tang Wutong softly asked.

Huo Yuhao shook his head and answered, “They won’t give us an opportunity.”

When the Dragon Emperor Douluo and the Death God Douluo first arrived, they were already aware. After that, Huo Yuhao had brought Tang Wutong here. They weren’t observing the fight with their eyes, but through his Spiritual Detection.

Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection engulfed the entire battlefield. He was watching from a sky-high perspective, and observed every change on the battlefield.

The only feeling he had was that the two Ultimate Douluo were too domineering.

No wonder they were Ultimate Douluo!

Huo Yuhao could roughly guess that his and Tang Wutong’s combined fighting strength was around the standard of an Ultimate Douluo. However, he had a different feeling when he watched them in action.

What were Ultimate Douluo? They were the extremes of this world. They represented the limits that humans could reach. Not only were they very strong, but they were also very proud.

When Ye Xishui arrived, she didn’t think of using any other method to fight. She appeared directly above the mountain valley. She didn’t even proceed to destroy the aerial surveillance soul tools. She unleashed her Death God Pagoda just like that and attacked the mountain valley. How domineering was that?

At least Huo Yuhao didn’t think of such a method when he was pondering how he should deal with this mountain valley. It was a method that was supposed to fail!

However, Ye Xishui had relied on her abilities to carve a way out for herself. She had even almost threatened Ju Zi’s life.

Huo Yuhao was absolutely certain that Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui’s abilities were complementary.

Even though their martial souls couldn’t fuse, even Di Tian might not be able to defeat them if they were together.

Ultimate Douluo couldn’t possibly fuse their martial souls. This was because martial soul fusion at such a level would exceed the limits that this world had on power—it reached the level of gods. Humans couldn’t reach such a level. Even Huo Yuhao was well-aware that he and Tang Wutong wouldn’t be able to use their fusion skills once they became Ultimate Douluo.

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