Volume 43, Chapter 590.3: Desperate Straits

Nan Qiuqiu immediately appeared beneath Ye Guyi as Ye Guyi fell from the sky. The twelve pairs of wings behind her back had vanished as she dropped onto Nan Qiuqiu’s back. Right now, her face was unbelievably pale.

After all, she had only become a Titled Douluo not too long ago, and her powers had not yet fully stabilized. On top of that, the God of Angels was a terribly demanding soul skill. Hence, she must have expended a lot of soul power to support her powerful attacks.

After unleashing that soul skill, she was definitely out of gas for the short term. However, she had managed to clear a path for everyone with the explosive powers she had displayed.

Just after Nan Qiuqiu adjusted Ye Guyi’s position on her back, a black figure suddenly appeared behind her. The figure was wielding onto a dark purple dagger as he attempted to plunge the dagger into Ye Guyi’s back.

By now, their opponents had unanimously decided that Ye Guyi—the person who possessed the mysterious angel martial soul—was the biggest threat. It was precisely because of her that they were unable to gain an upper hand over Xu Sanshi and his friends.

Hence, the assassin had decided to get rid of her first.

In fact, this assassin who was also a Titled Douluo had been hiding for a long time. Right now, after seeing how an opportunity had presented itself to him, he finally made his move.

However, just when he was about to successfully stab Ye Guyi, a figure suddenly appeared between him and Ye Guyi. This figure released a powerful golden glow that managed to block him.

The person who had helped Ye Guyi block the dagger was none other than Jiang Nannan. She had used her fourth soul skill—Invincible Golden Body.

While the Titled Douluo was momentarily stunned, a gigantic pink hand appeared before him. It was the Hand of Annihilation. Nan Qiuqiu was enraged by what the assassin had tried to do, and immediately unleashed an attack at him.

Following which, Jiang Nannan’s soft tendon python was also released in his direction right after the Hand of Annihilation. The python was able to use all of Jiang Nannan’s soul skills. That was what made it so powerful.

To be honest, Jiang Nannan’s spirit was the most practical amongst all of them.

The soft tendon python swept its gigantic body sideways to force the assassin back. Even though the Hand of Annihilation had been neutralized, it had bought precious time for the group.

At the end of the day, the Palace was within Dou Ling City—the capital of the Dou Ling Empire.

Even though they had employed soul tools to conceal the explosive battles which had unfolded within the palace, they would still have a chance of surviving once they escaped from where they were. As long as they could alert the troops who were stationed around the Palace, they had no need to fear these enemies.

Xu Sanshi slammed his shield angrily at the wall as he knocked down a huge patch of the wall of the newly rebuilt palace. Xu Sanshi had never wanted to let Xue Kui go. With his current cultivation, Xue Kui was nothing in his eyes.

A normal Soul Sage had no chance of resisting a Soul Douluo trained by Shrek Academy. On top of that, Xu Sanshi had almost attained the rank of a Titled Douluo.

And there was a reason why he was called the Eternal Defense.

Xu Sanshi raised his huge hands before sweeping them at Xue Kui. This was the mutated ability of the Xuanwu Displacement. As the Golden Tortoise behind him flashed with golden light, a gigantic golden hand appeared on Xue Kui’s body before reeling him backward in a violent motion.

However, at this instant, Xue Kui’s and Xue Leng’s bodies suddenly released a similar glow. Two streaks of silver light flashed as both of them vanished at the same time.

Teleportation? When did they get ahold of this kind of soul skill?

No, that can’t be it. It didn’t seem like a soul skill. It seemed more like the power of a soul tool.

Xu Sanshi was startled by what he had just seen. However, he knew that now was not the time to worry about it. He believed that he ought to dash out first. As he raised the Xuanwu Shield in his hand, he tried to dash out of the hall. As long as he was able to leave this compound, there was a chance he could call for help from the army.

However, just when he had taken a step forward, he was thrown back into the hall at the next instant.

A low humming sound could be heard as a bright orange light illuminated the hall.

“Class 9 soul engineer. There’s a Class 9 soul engineer outside.” Xu Sanshi growled angrily.

At this instant, his other companions led by Ji Juechen had arrived by his side. They arrived just in time to watch him get knocked back.

After hearing Xu Sanshi mention a Class 9 soul engineer, a grave look formed on everyone’s faces.

If they were going for a one-on-one battle, Xu Sanshi would not have feared a Class 9 soul engineer. After all, he would definitely be able to put up with the soul engineer’s attacks with his powerful defensive abilities even if he were not able to triumph over him. On the other hand, he might just be able to take down the Class 9 soul engineer if an opportunity arose.

However, the situation before them was completely different. After all, there were so many soul masters against them! Even though the Wildlion Douluo had died, there were still four Titled Douluo in the hall. While two of them might have been injured and weakened by Ye Guyi, they still had a fair amount of fighting power. Besides, they still had an assassin who was also a Titled Douluo, as well as a Titled Douluo who specialized in defense.

Now that a Class 9 soul engineer was waiting for them outside the hall, it was near impossible for them to escape.

How? What are we going to do?

After releasing a series of powerful attacks, Ye Guyi’s soul power had been completely sapped. Even though the others still had a substantial amount of soul power, it was going to be very difficult for them to repeat their previous performance.

Now that Ye Guyi had lost her fighting power and they had to protect the relatively weaker Xue Lingxun, things had started to look very bad for them.

Xue Leng’s cold voice could be heard from the outside. “All of you are going to die here. If not for my teacher’s teleportation bag, all of you might just have been able to escape successfully. However, we have planned for the worst. Hence, all of you are bound to die here. Kill them all. They’re out of energy.”

Right now, there were still more than twenty soul masters alive. The assassin had also revealed himself as the four Titled Douluo gathered the soul masters towards the group of individuals from the Tang Sect.

A look of despair started to form on Xu Sanshi’s and his friends’ faces. Nan Qiuqiu gritted her teeth as she put Ye Guyi down onto the floor gently. Following which, she put on her Icy War God’s Armor.

Even though her Icy War God’s Armor could not be compared to Huo Yuhao’s, it was still able to give her powers which would put her almost on par with a Titled Douluo.

Xue Lingxun might not possess a wealth of battle experience, but she still knew what to do right now. She understood that she would only burden the team if she were to try to get herself involved in the fighting. Hence, she stepped back to look after Ye Guyi.

Right now, Ye Guyi was sitting on the ground with her legs crossed. She was holding two milk bottles, and completely ignoring everything that was happening around her. She was trying her best to recover as much soul power as possible. It was already quite difficult to break out from their encirclement right now. All they could do was to try and win their fight with these enemies.

It seemed like the Class 9 soul engineer was not planning on coming in. After all, it was best for him to fight in a spacious environment. It was definitely not wise to fight a powerful soul master within a confined space like the hall. On top of that, everyone believed that the soul masters inside would be sufficient to deal with the remaining people from the Tang Sect.

Xu Sanshi revealed a cold look on his face as he wielded his Xuanwu Shield and moved in front of Nan Qiuqiu. Ji Juechen and Nanqiuqiu stood by his side, while Jiang Nannan stood right behind him. The four of them had taken up positions to form a simple battle formation.

The four Titled Douluo moved forward slowly, not wanting to rush into things. After all, the group before them had left a deep impression on them after witnessing their explosive power.

In just a few moments, they were actually able to take down a Titled Douluo! Even though their Titled Douluo had also lost her fighting power temporarily, it was still completely different from being taken down directly.

In addition, the powerful Titled Douluo was still trying to recover her soul power. Even though they did not want to give her too much time to recover, they did not dare to be too hasty. After all, everyone only had one life. If they were to take a risk with their lives, they might just die. Now that they had established an absolute advantage over them, they would definitely not do something so foolish.

The Soul Douluo and Soul Sages behind the four Titled Douluo started to unleash their martial soul true bodies one after another. It was only when they had unleashed their martial soul true bodies that they could release their strongest powers.

This was something they had to do—to bulk up their overall fighting power with their martial soul true bodies. At this instant, an exciting battle was about to unfold.

The tension in the air was palpable. The four Titled Douluo did not unleash their martial soul true bodies because they wanted to be more agile and flexible with their moves. After all, they simply had to block the attacks from Xu Sanshi and the rest. The rest of the attacking work could be done by the Soul Sages and Soul Douluo. Their attacks would be more than sufficient to overwhelm and kill them. Their tactic was truly vicious and powerful. After all, the group from the Tang Sect could not even retreat.

All sorts of strange and peculiar martial soul true bodies started to form before their eyes as the atmosphere got even tenser. Xu Sanshi’s body radiated a powerful glow as the Xuanwu Shield in his hand radiated a brilliant golden glow. As long as his opponents made their move, he would instantly unleash his Xuanwu True Body. He was confident that he would be able to hold off his enemies’ attacks for a substantial amount of time with his Xuanwu True Body. After all, they did not call him the Eternal Defense for nothing.

While they wanted to kill their enemies, they were not sure how many they could take down before the enemies killed them. Since they might not be able to leave, they had decided to take down as many of their enemies as possible.

Just when the battle was about to break out between both parties, a cry could be heard from the outside the hall.

“Huh?” After hearing the sound, a worried expression formed on the four Titled Douluo’s faces. After all, everyone in Xu Sanshi’s group was in the hall. The only possible source of the scream was from their own people. That also meant that Xu Sanshi’s reinforcements could have arrived.

Under such circumstances, none of them dared to withhold any of their powers. The four Titled Douluo let out a battle cry in unison as they charged towards Xu Sanshi. The Soul Sages and Soul Douluo behind them also released their soul skills with every ounce of strength they had in their bodies. At that very instant, all sorts of soul skills swarmed towards Xu Sanshi from all directions.

After all, Xu Sanshi was the only one with respectable defensive power. The rest of them might be strong offensively, but they were definitely not as skilled as Xu Sanshi in terms of defensive power. After Xu Sanshi was taken down, they would definitely be able to kill the rest of them in no time.

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