Volume 43, Chapter 590.1: Desperate Straits

Xu Sanshi didn’t have to guess to know that some of these powerful individuals before him were from the Sun Moon Empire. Else, it would have been impossible for those two provincial governors to gather so many powerful people. After all, Xu Sanshi and his peers were going up against five Titled Douluo, and a huge number of Soul Douluo and Soul Sages!

On the other hand, there were only six people in total on Xu Sanshi’s side. The only real Titled Douluo they had was Ye Guyi.

It was obvious that this would be a one-sided affair if they were to fight with them. The only way for them to survive was to break out of their encirclement.

Xu Sanshi took a step back and used his body to shield his mother. Even though Xue Lingxun was a princess, her cultivation was not particularly high. She was only able to attain the rank of a Soul Emperor even with her royal bloodline and the wealth of resources at her disposal. She was definitely the weakest one among all of them.

Xu Sanshi lowered his head and said, “Mother, I need you to climb onto my back. Today, both of us will live and die together.”

Xue Lingxun seemed to be enraged by his words. “What are you talking about? Just leave me and break out on your own. I don’t need all of you to protect me.”

“Leave now. Sanshi, take your friends and leave now.”

While they were speaking, Xue Kui, Xue Leng and the people they had brought along with them had begun to attack them.

The five Titled Douluo split up at the same time as they covered five different directions. The rest of the Soul Douluo and Soul Sages surrounded Xu Sanshi and his peers.

Ye Guyi’s eyes revealed a golden glow as the wings behind her gently flapped. Following which, she released a powerful holy aura as the nine soul rings on her body started to radiate an intense glow.

It was apparent that both Xue Kui and Xue Leng had gained the upper hand from the current look of things. However, all of them knew that they could not afford to become complacent. This was because Xu Sanshi and his friends were from Shrek Academy. As long as one of them was able to escape, they would all die when he or she managed to get help from the Academy. Hence, they knew that they had to keep all of them here at all costs.

The Titled Douluo assassin who had struck earlier suddenly vanished into thin air. It was apparent that he had used some sort of ability to conceal himself. The other four Titled Douluo occupied the four different cardinal directions as they released their martial souls after taking up their positions.

The Titled Douluo they were facing directly had a lion as his martial soul. The lion was radiating an intense fiery light. It was probably a Wildflame Lion. It was apparent that he was an assault soul master.

The two Titled Douluo on their left and right looked almost exactly the same. They were actually twins, and they wielded the same long pole, which was probably their martial souls.

The soul master at their backs looked a little strange. He was more than twice the size of an average human. He was more than three meters tall, and was incredibly muscular. In fact, he did not even look like a human. And this was before he had even unleashed his martial soul.

Based on Xu Sanshi’s experience, he could tell straight away that this was a defensive soul master who specialized in power and strength. His main objective was to make sure that none of them could escape out the back.

Even though there were no control soul masters—the most frightening kind of soul master—among them, it seemed like they would be more than sufficient to deal with Xu Sanshi and his friends.

The Wildlion Douluo who was before them let out a deafening roar as his long hair took on a fiery red color. Following which, his thick mane expanded as dense fire-type elemental fluctuations swept towards the six of them.

At this instant, the two Titled Douluo at the side also made their move. The poles in their hands suddenly expanded as they raised them high up in the air. After they had completed their transformation to become two gigantic pillars, the two Titled Douluo slammed them down to the ground.

If only Yuhao were here. This was a thought which everyone shared at this instant. If only Yuhao were here, they would not fear this battle at all, even if he didn’t participate directly. They would be a lot less fearful with him around to command them even if they were outnumbered by their enemies.

Unfortunately, Huo Yuhao was not here. They could only rely on their abilities.

Xu Sanshi let out a low growl as his body expanded. At the very next instant, he released a golden glow as the Xuanwu Shield took on a brilliant golden color. Golden Tortoise’s Possession!

The first person on their side to make a move was Ye Guyi. She leapt and soared upwards as she spread the wings behind her back. Following which, one would notice the countless golden sparkling particles which were concentrating towards her body.

Very soon, a golden holy sword appeared in her hand. At this instant, Ye Guyi looked just like a God who had descended from the skies.

As she slashed her holy sword forward, a streak of golden light ripped apart the flames that were coming their way. Following which, the sharp sword light raced towards the Wildlion Douluo. She did not seem to be concerned about the two gigantic pillars which were coming their way from the sides.

At this instant, a rose-colored light suddenly lit up, but it did not directly participate directly in Ye Guyi’s attack. Instead, it fused into the Holy Angel from the back before disappearing.

Xu Sanshi suddenly tossed his Xuanwu Shield upwards. Following which, it transformed into a formation of shields which protected the group of people from the incoming pillars.

Xu Sanshi also released his intense and viscous Xuanwu’s Domain to envelop himself and his peers. As long as the domain was present, the assassin who was hiding nearby would find his movement restricted. At the same time, all their enemies’ attacks would be weakened and slowed.

Even though they were going up against so many powerful opponents at once, the people from the Tang Sect were able to fight against them in an organized manner without panicking.

The Wildlion Douluo let out a low growl before he punched both of his fists forward. At the same time, his second, third, and fourth soul rings all lit up together. Only a Titled Douluo would be able to execute three soul skills together seamlessly.

The flames on his body instantly turned blue. As he punched his fists outwards, the image of a blue lion’s head surged towards Ye Guyi’s sword light.

When the image collided with the sword light, the lion’s head suddenly froze in mid-air. Following which, the blue image turned pink before vanishing into thin air. Following which, the Holy Sword’s sword light instantly reached the Wildlion Douluo.

“Huh?” The Wildlion Douluo gasped in surprise as he quickly retreated. While his massive body suddenly contracted, he released an angry roar towards Ye Guyi and the rest.

At this instant, his head turned into a lion’s head as his sixth soul ring lit up. A vortex gushed out from the image’s mouth and blocked the Holy Sword’s sword light before it started to grind the sword light away at an incredible speed.

Just when it seemed like the Wildlion Douluo’s vortex had successfully blocked the Holy Sword’s attack, the Wildlion Douluo felt an inexplicable sense of fear in his heart. This was a fear that originated from deep within his spirit.


A matte black sword light suddenly appeared at this very instant. The position where this sword light appeared was very obscure. Because of how bright the Holy Sword’s sword light was, the Wildlion Douluo was not able to notice the black sword light. However, just when he thought his Lion Roar had blocked the Holy Sword’s sword light, the matte black sword light went straight for him.

What is that? It’s so sharp!

His lion’s roar was instantly sliced apart when it came into contact with the black sword light. Even though the energy within the Lion Roar had reduced the power within the Holy Sword’s sword light, the white sword light was still invincibly sharp. After destroying his sixth soul skill, the black sword light intertwined with the Holy Sword’s sword light as they surged towards the Wildlion Douluo.

At this instant, the Wildlion Douluo broke out into a cold sweat.

Everything was happening too quickly. Even though the Wildlion Douluo was in charge of the front, he was only supposed to feint an attack. The actual plan was for everyone to execute a soul skill that was supposed to be enough to destroy all of them. They had all agreed to defeat the group of people from the Tang Sect in a stable manner at minimal cost. On top of that, because of the advantage they had in their collective strength, they were fairly confident about their chances of winning.

However, they had not expected the Tang Sect’s people to be able to release so much power at once. Even though they only had six people, three of them had come together to attack the front.

Right now, it was already too late for the Wildlion Douluo to use unleash his martial soul true body. He could only let out a low growl as he released his eighth soul skill as quickly as possible. He wanted to use his powerful soul skill to attempt to block the sword lights coming his way.

However, at this instant, Ye Guyi spread her wings out to their maximum before releasing a bright scream in the air.

Suddenly, the sky above them was ripped apart. Following which, a beam of holy light shone down onto the Wildlion Douluo from the sky.

This was an attack the Wildlion Douluo would never have been able to avoid. He felt his body tighten as the soul power within him began to burn furiously. The most frightening thing was how his eighth soul skill was interrupted just like that.

Holy Light Illumination!

This was one of Ye Guyi’s soul skills which had evolved after she had added some of the new insights she had comprehended into the skill. This was supposed to be her first soul skill. However, she had now managed to add in the silencing ability—an ability which allowed her to stop her opponent from executing their soul skills.

After all, the Holy Angel martial soul was one of the most powerful martial souls in existence. It would not pale in comparison to Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate martial soul. Ever since Ye Guyi had become a Titled Douluo, her individual fighting power was ahead of everyone except for Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. She was the third strongest individual within the Tang Sect.

Even Ji Juechen and Xu Sanshi paled in comparison to her.

Ye Guyi understood that she had no choice but to be ruthless in her methods with the current situation they were in. This was the only way that everyone could possibly survive. Hence, she did not plan to show any mercy to any of their enemies the moment they appeared before her.

The biggest mistake the Wildlion Douluo had made was to underestimate her. At the end of the day, Ji Juechen and Nan Qiuqiu had both lent Ye Guyi a hand to assist her attacks. Their attack was a combination of all three of their powers.

This led the Wildlion Douluo to believe that the three of them had only combined their powers because they were not strong enough individually. In fact, he felt that Ye Guyi was simply too young to be a proper Titled Douluo! On top of that, he could not even recognize her martial soul. He only saw how many feathers it had, and had no idea what it was.

After all, not every soul master had the privilege of studying within Shrek Academy. They would definitely not have the same kind of exposure that the students had.

Hence, the Wildlion Douluo was bound to pay the price for underestimating Ye Guyi once she released her powers for real.

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