Volume 43, Chapter 589.3: Xu Sanshi Trapped

Xu Sanshi sounded a little blue as he said, “You guys haven’t asked me for my opinion! I should have a say about my own son!”

“Go away!” Xue Lingxun snapped as she rolled her eyes at him. She pulled Jiang Nannan and stepped behind happily, and she no longer seemed sad at all.

Nan Qiuqiu’s eyes were wide open, and her jaws were slack as she stared at Xue Lingxun, whose grief had turned into bliss. She muttered under her breath, “Third senior brother, your mother must have been an actress, right?”

“Nobody in the royal family is simple. I wonder how my father managed to win my mother over back then. Now, I understand a little about why my father has refused to come. Perhaps, if he’s here, my mother will pressure him to make me change my surname.”

 Ji Juechen was standing at one side, and he hadn’t been talking at all. But he suddenly exclaimed out loud, “Be careful!”

Xu Sanshi reacted as soon as was possible, and light flashed on his body as he immediately switched positions with Nan Qiuqiu.

His Xuanwu Shield instantly appeared in front of him.

“Ding!” A crisp clang could be heard as sharp shards scattered in all directions, and the air was making sounds because it was being cut open. A black shadow glimmered into view immediately afterward.

There was a short dagger in this black shadow’s hands, and the entire dagger was dark purple as it radiated chilly light.

The black shadow shifted slightly when he missed, and he immediately moved away from the front of Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu Shield and arrived at his flank before he stabbed out once more. The black shadow was as fast as lightning.

Even though Xu Sanshi was barely able to defend against the shadow’s first attack in the nick of time, he realized to his surprise that his Xuanwu Shield’s defensive capabilities weren’t able to completely dissolve his opponent’s attacking force. Part of the dagger’s sharpness went through his shield and into his arm’s passageways, and he could feel intense throbbing pain in his arms. If his soul power wasn’t formidable enough, he would have been severely injured with that one hit.

Such formidable attacking strength. He should be an agility-type soul master. No, more precisely, he should be an agility-type Titled Douluo!

With his current defensive capabilities, even agility-type soul masters who were adept at offensive attacks couldn’t directly break through his Xuanwu Shield’s defenses with a simple attack like that. His opponent had to be a Titled Douluo at the very least to achieve that.

Xu Sanshi’s body immediately shone with faint golden light, and the golden light turned into darkness as it rippled outward. It seemed like dark golden liquid as it encompassed the space all around him.

Xu Sanshi’s sixth soul skill, Xuanwu Domain.

Xu Sanshi had a lot of experience in battle, and he used his domain-type ability as soon as he realized something was wrong.

Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu Domain meant the assassin’s speed would undoubtedly be heavily restricted.

The three others responded as Xu Sanshi unleashed his domain.

The Judgment Sword appeared in Ji Juechen’s hands. However, he didn’t move as he just stood there, and a single wave of sinister sword intent directly locked onto that assassin.

The four of them weren’t afraid of even a Titled Douluo with their cultivation.

“In the name of Holiness.” A clear voice rang out as a beam of golden light surged into the sky and covered the entire hall. Shadows and silhouettes appeared one after another as golden light shone upon them, and three pairs of white wings stretched out behind Ye Guyi’s back. A six-winged Angel!

Yes, the person with the highest cultivation among the four of them wasn’t Ji Juechen or Xu Sanshi. They were still a step away from becoming Titled Douluo, so Ye Guyi was the strongest one.

Ye Guyi went into closed-door cultivation after she had purified large amounts of avenging spirits, and she finally broke through and became another of the Tang Sect’s Titled Douluo.

Ye Guyi unleashed her Holy Light, and all kinds of concealing abilities were dispelled.

Xu Sanshi used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. Even though he wasn’t as quick as his opponent was, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track’s mystical and profound qualities enabled him to avoid his opponent’s attacks that came in quick succession. His Xuanwu Shield transformed into countless shield shadows that protected him at the same time, so that the assassin couldn’t find a target.

The assassin was also very experienced in battle. He could tell that he had lost his chance, and he could also feel the crazy sword intent coming from Ji Juechen’s body, so he chose to retreat as soon as was possible so that he could rendezvous with his own people.

The royal palace was entirely silent in this moment. Holy Light shone on everyone, and more than twenty people emerged from the shadows. They swiftly dispersed and surrounded Xu Sanshi and the three others.

Soul rings were glowing radiantly, and there were actually four Titled Douluo among these twenty people, while the rest were Soul Douluo, and only two of them seemed relatively weaker. One was a middle-aged man who looked a little over forty, and he was a Soul Sage. There was another youth who wore a chilly expression on his face, and he seemed like he was roughly thirty years old. He was a six-ringed Soul Emperor.

Xu Sanshi’s facial muscles twitched as he glanced at Nan Qiuqiu, who wasn’t far from him. “Assassination.”

Two figures swiftly returned from behind the hall. Wasn’t that Jiang Nannan and Xue Lingxun? Over ten people surged in behind them, and there was a Titled Douluo at the helm, while the rest were also Soul Douluo and Soul Sages. Xu Sanshi and the others were surrounded.

The youth with a chilly look on his face laughed coldly and said, “Don’t even try running away or asking for reinforcements, because that’s almost impossible. This lonely palace has no other survivors except for the few of you; we’ve already dealt with all your personal guards. We have used Class 8 soul tools purchased from the Sun Moon Empire to isolate this place, so not a single sound will travel out even if an epic battle occurs.”

Xu Sanshi stared coldly at the youth before him as he lowered his voice and said, “Are you Xue Leng and Xue Kui?”

The youth laughed out loud, and his laughter was overflowing with arrogance. “I am Prince Xue Leng, and this is Duke Xue Kui. You must be surprised that we have teamed up.”

He pointed at the middle-aged man beside him as he spoke.

“Xue Leng, Xue Kui. Seems like you’ve planned this from the start, haven’t you?” Xu Sanshi’s eyes turned to Xue Kui as he spoke.

Xue Kui’s physical appearance was average. He was the type who wouldn’t attract any attention at all in a throng of people, and he even seemed a little dull. But who would have expected a middle-aged man like that to be a murderous monster?

He was the one who had ravaged any city and the city’s defensive forces that he had come across on his journey, the Lord of Luo An Province, Xue Kui.

Xue Leng was the Lord of Tian He Province.

Xue Leng’s title was higher. His ancestors had once contributed greatly to the Dou Ling Empire a long time ago. Back when the Heaven Dou Empire had separated into the Heavenly Soul Empire and the Dou Ling Empire, Xue Leng’s ancestors had helped the Dou Ling Empire’s royal family successfully escape from the clutches and pursuit of the Heavenly Soul Empire’s royal family. The Dou Ling Empire’s royal family had eventually succeeded in establishing their own empire, and only then were his ancestors bestowed with a hereditary dukedom. Xue Leng’s family was considered relatively noble in the Dou Ling Empire.

Xue Kui’s status was a lot lower. Even though he was also a Lord over a province, his title was Marquis.

They had separately mustered their armies within their territories, and they raced to Dou Ling City in the name of coming to the Emperor’s aid. Xue Leng showed a lot of restraint along the way, and he wouldn’t do anything cruel to anyone unless his opponents attacked him first. Xue Kui was the complete opposite, and he rained hell on every city he came across.

The Dou Ling Empire’s inner regions were already empty, and his province’s military forces were all strong and elite. They naturally swept over everyone in their path.

Xue Leng and Xue Kui were clearly vying for the throne, but who would have thought that they would form an alliance? Furthermore, they seemed very familiar to each other, and even their appearances looked similar.

Xue Kui lowered his voice and said, “Xu Sanshi, your mistake was mixing yourself into this mess. Xue Leng would have been Emperor a long time ago if you hadn’t been here. Today is the day you die.”

Xu Sanshi stared at him coldly and said, “I don’t understand why you’re willing to ruin your own reputation. Why would you do that? Aren’t you coveting the throne?”

Xue Kui laughed coldly and replied, “You’re about to die, so I don’t mind telling you. Xue Leng is actually my son. Back when I was travelling the provinces all those years ago, I accidentally acquainted myself with a lady, who happened to be the wife of the previous Tian He Duke. There’s no need for me to tell you what happens next, right? As for why I have chosen to pillage and murder, I’m doing that to contrast against my son. A red flower will become even more gorgeous with green leaves complementing it, don’t you think?”

Xue Kui no longer had to speak. Xue Lingxun was fuming with rage, and she was so furious that she couldn’t speak at all.

“You’ve already planned this a long time ago?” Xu Sanshi lowered his voice as he spoke.

Xue Kui smiled plainly and said, “The Sun Moon Empire’s War God Empress has already promised us that, as long as she rules over the empire, the Dou Ling Empire will avoid imminent calamity as long as we submit to the Sun Moon Empire and become their vassal state. That is undoubtedly the best choice at a time like this; stubborn resistance is meaningless. The Sun Moon Empire is too powerful. We can’t fight against them at all. We’re doing this for the good of the empire.”

Xue Lingxun raised her voice. “Those two soul engineer legions that ambushed the capital – were you the ones who let them in?”

“You don’t have to splash that dirty water on us,” Xue Kui replied coldly, “we will never admit that. That happened only because the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions are too powerful. On the other hand, it happened also because the previous royal family was too weak. Now, everything is about to end. It’s great that you’re here, Xue Lingxun, because you and your son are the only remaining direct descendants of the royal family. Both of you shall die here today, and nobody will be able to stop my son from ascending to the throne after this.”

Xue Leng grunted coldly and said, “Why are we still wasting our breath on them? Go, I want them dead.” He took a step back as he spoke. Xue Kui, who seemed like he was forty years old when he was actually almost sixty, shifted backward at the same time.

They had planned this for a long time, and they had finally arrived at the time when they would reap what they had sown. 

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